Conservative journalist Andy Ngo responds to criticism from left

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo responds to criticism from left

a journalist who was attacked during a clash between the proud boys and an tyfa in portland oregon last month is on capitol hill this week andy neo is in DC in order to discuss the extremist movement this comes just days after two Republican senators introduced legislation that would label Antipa quote domestic terrorist and he was one of three people who ended up in the hospital after being beaten in the june brawl police later made three arrests in connection with the incident and andy joins us now to discuss his visit to Capitol Hill as well as continued clashes between and Tifa and the far right he's an editor at Colette Andy it's great to have you here thanks for coming it's a pleasure thank you first of all how are you doing as your viewers can see the cuts and bruising in my face have mostly healed the most serious injury to me what's my brain and in the course of the mob beating so going forward I will be having various forms of neuro physical therapy and speech therapy to address some of the no neurological challenges that I'll be having Andy spent three and a half weeks since you've been attacked has the mayor of Portland the city of Portland done anything to bring anybody to justice you mentioned in the introduction that there were three arrests that day those people who arrested with those who had assaulted police officers in regards to my beating and robbery in the robbery there's been no arrests three and a half weeks later and I don't want to be cynical about pronin police but even before the beating on the 29th of June I had been attacked and dogs by an Tifa before all of which were reported to Portland police and nothing was done even when a suspect was identified I had a name no arrest was made so I it's hard for me to remain confident they're going to do a thorough investigation and bring these criminals to hold the counts for that yeah for what they've done yeah and yeah I wanted to talk to you about your work just explain to our viewers who main some of whom many of whom I'm sure do know you but some of whom don't what you do is your work and how you see that work like what it what do you work on what's your beat and what do you want to accomplish with your journalism so right how about some pretty potentially hot topics particularly where I live and work in Portland hot hot topics being all right about far-left militancy anti-fun this particular incident and as well as hate crime hoaxes and because of how politicize these subjects are in in Portland I've become in many quarters persona non-grata my writings have been published in the Wall Street Journal and you know posts a National Review so I have I mean what one of the things after I was beaten and robbed I saw that there was disinformation and misinformation put out by an Tifa accounts and sympathizers trying to deal eejit too much my work as a journalist because I think even they recognize that it's a very egregious thing when a person of media gets a tax of brazenly when anyone is yeah especially yes and that's that's the thing is and ease to them your only crime is putting a camera and showing us all exactly what they are that's all you've ever done is you showed up you took a video of these people acting like the jackasses that they are occupying the city beating people up old elderly citizens in many ways they're the ones who are provocative and who are violent they're organized and they're the darlings of media you have CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon defending these people and then they go and attack you and what we hear nothing about it and I think it's it's infuriating to me to watch what has happened the the smearing of you I want to give you a chance to to respond to that because so many so many left-wing journalists came out after you were attacked and they basically said he was asking for it and I wanted I want to give you the opportunity to respond to that i doesn't call them writing so i understand that people may not like the opinions expressed on a number of issues in a functioning liberal democracy we cannot normalize political violence and my concern with an tyfa is in one aspect concern of course about the street hooligans who go out and do these almost ritualized forms of violence on the streets however I'm not concerned that they're going to succeed in their goal of revolution that's what they're agitated for that's not going to happen however what I do see is aspects of their ideologies and methods and tactics being mainstreamed and normalized for example the carelessness that people use accusations of not calling somebody a Nazi for example and then cheering on violence against that person and the most recently we saw how milk shaking was seen is seen as a cute non violent form of political dissent I mean these people who were beating me on the 29th of June when I thought they were done they weren't then came this hailstorm of milkshakes and eggs and other liquids in my face and in my eyes and you can't see when that happens the milkshake comes out you is very insidious because it mocks you and to everybody in the mob this is a person you go out Sam Harris said this I said this on the show at the time which is that milk shaking is a mock assassination it is an act of where you it's a I can invade your space I have marked you as an enemy of me you're not able not safely and that is what that is what the implicit message is yeah and that's why it's so insidious how it took what a week of widespread celebration of milk shaking to your brutal assault in the streets of Portland right any one thing I do want to ask you though is do you worry look if we just look at the numbers outside of Portland nationwide right and Tifa whatever leftist principles they think they're accomplishing they're they're a bunch of assholes who are completely counterproductive and there's no excusing their behavior it's not something I would ever do but do you worry that by focusing exclusively on violence on the Left you're creating a sort of false equivalency because an Tifa for all their horrible inexcusable behavior to our knowledge they've never killed anyone whereas on the right and the white supremacist movement another fringe movement you actually have people who have been murdered by white supremacist Chris Wright director the FBI was just on Capitol Hill saying that is the number one threat in terms of domestic terrorism in the country so do you worry that your work provides a false equivalency I'm so glad you brought up this point thank you you know I'm not working for to bring some type of parity in in this yeah you know violent extremism is violent extremism we obviously recognize in this country due to this nation's history what far-right white identity violent extremism looks like very recently we had the sentencing of the murder of Heather hire in Charlottesville right my concern is there's a blind spot when it comes to fallouts militancy and was in recent years we don't mean we don't may not have the same body count parity in this country my parents came to the United States as political refugees from Vietnam and they actually lived through a Marxist revolution and were sent to labor camp and re-education camp so barring some of the language of my detractors I have a lived experience that informs me of my coverage of auntie fun yeah which is a real thing yeah and to your point about there's been no deaths related to Nancy foot unfortunately that's changed now just a week and a half ago this didn't get very much attention and on teeth a militant in Tacoma Washington which is close to Portland fire bombed a government facility that's right he attempted to according to police ignite a 500 gallon propane tank and he had a rifle that he allegedly aimed at Tacoma police and was killed in the process and he left a manifesto so there has been a casualty so far no and I think that's important and and I having you know having followed you you know knowing your relationship with sagar having listened to you on the road and podcast which was really interesting I kind of expected that your view of your work is that you're filling a hole right mainstream media is covering white supremacist violence but this thing that is important and dangerous which I agree with you is not getting sufficient coverage the thing that I worry about though is that because mainstream media has been soda legitimized especially on the right people are often not getting that whole context they're not seeing the whole picture they're just seeing the lens that you're training on this one part of political violence is that something that you think about or that you grapple with I've been trying to work hard to not to make sure that I don't frame my story you know in a partisan way I mean stripping away the views that I have at the end of the day what happened was somebody who works as a journalist was attacked and it just it has to be on unequivocal on both sides regardless of views like this is not something we tolerate right right absolutely I'm talking more about your work though with your larger body of work which is your beat is is left-wing militancy I mean you don't you don't cover the other side and is that something that you worry about that you're not creating complete picture of what's going on throughout American politics I think as you mentioned a bit ago I do think that I'm filling a certain spot that there's a general ignorance about I think particularly for journalists in media who are based in DC or New York City they don't go to Berkeley or Seattle or Olympia or Portland and they're not face to face with the violent extremism yeah i vant to find their allies and I think and because police here do a much better job actually enforcing a law I I think with mainstream media it can create a certain perception that these are just Street hooligans who come out occasionally and wreak havoc and then things are back to normal Portland and I've been speaking about what Lynn particular is really a harbinger because our political system in Portland is unique in that you want to pause you there because I want to get more into Portland and specifically what's going on so let's take a quick break we got to stop down we're going to be back with more with Andy

48 thoughts on “Conservative journalist Andy Ngo responds to criticism from left

  1. What a liar. There's a reason that Antifa only ever shows up when far-right (read: fascist) groups show up. If you don't want to get attacked by an anti-fascist, don't associate with fascists.

  2. Why do people keep saying Andy is a conservative journalist? Is this some way to make his opinion count less? Poisoning the well?

  3. these two hosts dont know the first thing about what has been going on in portland for the last 2 years this is embarrassing

  4. Smoking is a bigger problem than say lack of sleep. If everybody is talking (rightly so) about the dangers of smoking, and one guy dedicates his time to explaining how lack of sleep is also a problem, that doesn't make him a smoking-apologist. Rather than blaming him for not doing what everybody else is doing, we should be happy that somebody spotted the danger we are more likely to overlook.

    All evil should be called for what it is. As a person right from the centre, I have no problem admitting that right-wing extremism is a bigger problem. It is evil and it is not my evil or evil of *my side*. It has nothing to do with me whatsoever and I condemn it and reject it unconditionally. Reversely, id someone on the left is confronted with the evil of left-wing extremism, and the first thing he cares about is balancing things out, all he is saying is: "yes, this evil is mine. But your evil is bigger!" That's just down-playing of one's own guilt by blaming someone else for bigger transgressions. What an unproductive and unhealthy way to deal with this.

  5. Andy Ngo, go get stuff you Nazi sympathizing
    troll…you got what you deserved trying to be a antagonist.

  6. I love when she flat out calls them “assholes” at the 6:45 mark. That’s what you call people who have flung bike locks into skulls or commit terrorism against ICE facilities. Just like “assholes” who drive cars through people.

  7. If one sees the comments, the naysayers are mostly just lying and mimicking talking points. Andy I’ve never once heard antagonize or taunt Antifa. I haven’t seen other footage where it becomes obvious Andy’s in favor of the far right (as a gay Asian conservative, why would he?). He mostly just films Antifa. That’s pretty much all I’ve seen, and I and many others appreciate him for that because he’s “filling a hole” as the interviewer says. Andy says here, “What I do see is their tactics being normalized.” In a healthy democracy, you want a spotlight on that movement.

  8. He’s literally a Far Right/Alt Right Apologist troll. Look at him he’s literally playing the victim and loving the attention, and talks about “covering both sides” when 😂. I have to see a article of his where he covers Right Wing/Far Right extremism but obviously he won’t because majority of his followed are Right Wing/Far Right/Alt Right supporters and apologists

  9. "i need speech therapy" i'm surprised he didn't come in with a wheelchair and neckbrace. dude says he had brain bleeding, but was released by hospital same day?

  10. and lastly krystal herself stated “antifa whatever leftist principles they think theyre accomplishing theyre a bunch of assholes who are completely counter productive and theres no excusing their behavior its not something i would ever do”

    little does she know that antifa literally protects communities when theres right wing protests and in case she forgot the defenition of their name, the leftist principles that they represent is that theyre willing to stand up to facists hence the name anti facists and although of course a few people did act unnecessarily act violent towards andy ngo the majority do not act this way and to call the entire group of people peacefully protesting and standing up for a good cause unlike the white supremacists calling antifa “a bunch of assholes” is just very dissappointing and i really believe krystal and sagaar can do better

  11. and the cherry on top is when sagaar utters “sam harris said this and i said this on the show at the time is that milkshaking is a mock assasination it is an act where it is i can invade your space i have marked you as an enemy of me youre not safe and that is what the implicit message is, it took what a week of wide spread celebration of milkshaking before your brutal assault in the streets of portland”

    first of all to quote sam harris, a verifiable racist who promotes phrenelogy and hatred against muslim people, to qualify your statement is embarrassing but again incorrect information is provided because the first instance of milkshaking goes back to at least 2 months ago in may where nigel farage was milkshaked in the uk and its a symbol of resistance against facist actors whos actions and policies are literally killing people and causing human suffering

  12. sagaar goes on to say “occupying the city beating people up, old elderly people in many ways theyre the ones who are provocative and violent and theyre the darlings of media you have chris cuomo and don lemon defending these people and then they attack you and we hear nothing”

    again simple research will find that the story hes referencing was of an elder mam who was attacked because he was actually chasing a woman with a stick theres video and photos of that event so thats either a willful misrepresentation of events aka gaslighting or just lazy and incompetent journalism

  13. saagar stated “to them your only crime is putting a camera and showing exactly who they are, thats all youve ever done you showed up you took a video of these people acting like the jackasses that they are”

    a simple research into articles andy ngo has written youll find him promoting racist pseudo science and phrenelogy as well as general hatred toward innocent groups of people. so to say “your only crime is to film” to andy ngo is not only absurd and hilarious its simply wrong and shows a serious lack of having a grasp of reality.

  14. i really had high hopes that this show would be a progressive and dare i say even a leftist show with a serious understanding of political situations and why leftist policies are the best solutions but the following words that saagar and krystal uttered on this episode are simply innaccurate and irresponsible and im sadly disappointed. at best maybe they were trying to butter him up so he can open up but at worst they actually believe these lies.

  15. Civility and political violence is bad on both the left and the right, however the left is the one that seems to get more of a free pass. That is a big problem

  16. This comment section is a dumpster fire of confirmation bias and erroneous, popular positions. Ngo does valuable work and The Hill did a great job with the interview.

  17. White supremacy? Where do you see skinheads and KKK other than on TV shows and in movies? Talk about real false equivalency. Leftists keep bringing up Charlottesville as their only evidence of widespread white supremacy, yet they totally ignore how the dozen or so "white supremacists" there were all dressed the same, had the same haircuts, and had freshly unfolded Nazi flags. They were patsies and most likely feds.

    Also ignoring the fact that a police helicopter mysteriously crashed and 2 officers died that day because they had footage of what actually happened: a false flag attack that gave the left and mainstream media something to point at and attack the right with. Meanwhile, totally pretending like 3+ years of leftist violence doesn't exist or isn't a problem.

  18. Has anyone ever thought that Antifa might just be agents provocateurs? This was a big thing during the Vietnam War protests. Protesters wanted to protest peacefully, but some members (who later turned out be LEO's) were encouraging other members to "kill the pigs". I've noticed how these Antifa people don't get arrested that much. Could it be because of the "Blue Badge"??? Just a thought, but it does clear up some things.

  19. Hey Krystal, why don't you take a look at leftist violence against Trump supporters and conservatives across this country? It's been happening for over 3 years. San Jose, Berkeley, Seattle, Philly, and many other leftist cities have had riots where Antifa and other leftists have committed crimes and acts of violence. False equivalency my butt. has it all documented. MSM and people like you just ignore it all.

  20. The question was if there had any deaths relating to antifa. I'd say a member of antifa being killed. In order to thwart his terrorist attack. Is a death relating to antifa.

  21. They don't like the truth. Because it tampers with their oppression Olympics. Keep doing what you do, Andy. Expose these fucks for what they are. Cowards in masks. Main stream media just loves those pieces of shit.

  22. in fact there is evidence that portland police is working with far right groups so antifa only shows up to peacefully counter protest if youre gonna cover this stuff its important to push back against ngos characterization of antifa and also the way he says the left here is the same as where his parents fled from that shouldve been a simple push back for a false and innscurate comparison

  23. oof i seriously disagree with krystals co host about the way he described antifa in portland he obviously has them confused with the proudboys and all the rightwing militant groups there i mean its the home of the bundys so give me a break and yes ngo writes opinion pieces for center right newspapers thats not journalism

  24. Let me make one thing abundantly clear. You will need Antifa if Trump is re-elected. You will need Antifa when at the end of that term, Trump refuses to step down from the presidency.

    You will need Antifa when those who support Mr. Trump, stand by him at his side when he attempts to usurp the rights of the American people as they are written within the Constitution.

    You will need Antifa when Trump amplifies his message of racism.

    You will need Antifa more than you care to imagine.

    Liberals have no idea of the power of oligarchy and what they will do to maintain and increase their power. Look at Chile. Look at Brazil. Look at Russia. Look at Red China. Look at the pain the ruling elite have created.

    "There is class warfare and it's the ruling class that is winning." Those are the words from Warren Buffet.

    If you want to see where we're heading, then I suggest you watch this film, The Edge Of Democracy:

  25. I guess the beating gave him a fake British accent? What a joke. LMAO Brain damage? Speech therapy? Not buying it.

  26. I feel bad for this man but I don’t see an equivalent between left and right wing violence. No I don’t support Antifa because they use violence. Of course they haven’t been involved in mass shootings or mailing bombs or torch marches or running a woman over with a car.

  27. Holy shit I mean I do feel bad that the guy got beat up but it seems pretty obvious that he is imbelishing here. Please tell me that Saagar had on someone from Charlottesville who saw a right-wing militant run over and kill someone and make an impassioned speech about how immoral and terrible it was.

  28. I hope that the next president will form a commission and have both Antifa and The Neo-Nazis sit down and see what can be done. Marianne Williamson might be great in this role…

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