Conservative journalist Andy Ngo explains how political violence could spiral out of control

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo explains how political violence could spiral out of control

we're back with my friend and journalist Andy new editor over at Colette Andy we were right before we took a break we were talking a little bit about the unique system of the city of Portland now you were attacked three-and-a-half weeks ago viciously by antiphon what is it about the what is it about the political system in Portland in particular that has made it it seems that they are just not pursuing this case with any vigor whatsoever when I see the mainstream media covering what happens in Portland there these journalists are not in Portland so they don't they're not really aware of the the context of where why these this violence keeps happening Portland is a harbinger of what happens when politicians turn a blind eye to fallout militancy for political reasons and Portland's governance is quite unique in that the position of the mayor is a dual role he's also he or she is also the police commissioner so in a city that's a progressive monoculture where people by and large have adopted very anti police neg narrative you have that as one variable you have a mayor who's up for reelection and you have a mayor who's also police commissioner yeah so you can see how it's such a unique system right now think about think about that there are political incentives to policing that's insane yeah not the way the law enforcement is the potential for abuse is unbelievable with that how people understand that what is going on in Portland because you have these clashes occurring fairly regularly between sort of right fringe groups and left fringe groups give us a sense I mean how much of the population is participating in these clashes what's it like on a day to day basis and draw out the implications of what this means in terms of where the country might be happy yeah the number of people participating in the street violence is small the people need to keep in mind that you only need to have a small number violent extremists to be potentially very destabilizing in the case of Poland because of the other political conditions that I just mentioned it literally is destabilized destabilizing I would say so you have a individuals very small groups right-wing groups who come in and host events that progress the Portland views as provocative it can be something as simple as a flag waving American flag waving event and these events are intentional a state should be promoted yes the rhetoric is absolutely in Sunbury provocative and the reaction it elicits from portlanders is one of you have a very small group of people the mt4 black box who come out and have their pre-plan violence they call it self-defense by the way yeah but it's actually premeditated violence then you have a much larger number of people who don't cover the face but I have believed that they are participating in protests against fascists I think some of that their information is wrong and I think is inflamed by the progressive local media there and so so you have these two groups that are ideologically opposed to one another and then you have police who are essentially not allowed to I mean it's like they're mostly standing I'm sure there's limited resources right and so I want to be fair to them but from the video it doesn't look like they're intervening in the way that they should there was an interesting quote I think this was in the BuzzFeed profile of you that I read where the journalist who wrote that piece quoted another journalist who basically described what was going on in Portland as information warfare because you've got everybody there with their cameras trying to win the narrative that serves their political interest you I wonder if you agree with that assessment of what's going on I think what was fascinating about that profile on BuzzFeed of me is it focused on this rapidly changing media landscape and those who work in establishment or legacy media I think are having a difficult time cope coping with how things are changed so now with Twitter and social media anybody with the camera and a data plan on their phone can potentially attract a large following so there's an aspect I think of information warfare out there I think it's to the benefit of the public the more people have cameras out there because before you had almost literal gatekeepers of you know just do to read they were the ones to have the cameras right right so now you get and if it wasn't for this focus of all these citizen journalists in local journalists having that mobile phones out recording the attack on me wouldn't have been caught on camera that's right so I'm very grateful for that I can understand how when anybody when you work for yourself and you don't have editors above you keeping you making sure that you're an ethical journalist those are certain issues as well that going forward also doesn't journalists as well you know we'll have to grapple with sure with these questions final question for you Andy you're here in Washington DC meeting on meetings on Capitol Hill what are you trying to accomplish what do you want lawmakers to take away I am here just to share my story of what happened to me and the knowledge that I've gained from covering activist since 2016 being all the way on DC or New York it's easy to sort of dismiss what's happening in a small town but with 20/20 coming around and depending on the election outcomes we could be seeing a lot more political violence and I don't we've already had one answer if I related casualty the I mean I don't want to do do policymakers have to wait until there's more dead people for something's done I mean the beating with me was it should all have happened in a major American city steps away from the central police precinct yeah this is what it looks like why mark Germany some of these some of these scenes it's insane and one last thing there should be zero tolerance your political violence no matter where where can people support you my twitter please yum there's a legal defense fund my twitter handle is mr. Andy no MRA and DUI and Jia well thank you so much Andy yeah Andy hope you'll recover fully and quickly thank you for being here we're really grateful it's my pleasure thank you sir coming up on rising we've discussed the media and political angles what about the legal perspective former federal prosecutor Joseph Moreno will weigh in when rising returns

44 thoughts on “Conservative journalist Andy Ngo explains how political violence could spiral out of control

  1. This guy lied about what happened to him in Portland. Its been pulled apart by everyone who investigated it. Every incident he gets into, he starts off by provoking antifa individuals. This guy is a fraud. Antifa is no where as organized and destructive as far right groups in the country. Where as far right groups are a major domestic terrorist threats, antifa does, well vandalism. I'm disappointed KB didn't do a burnout on this fucko the way she did Buttigeg dirty the other day.

  2. Next up: an informative discussion with citizen journalist Mike Cernovich on pizza and child trafficking

  3. I love how Krystal says: There should be zero amount of political violence no matter where it comes from ", cause Andy Ngo's victimizing behind is a total provavateur professional victim.

  4. I am so sorry for what happened to you Brother. Any hate is questionable and any violence is vile. It seems the more a society splits between extremes, the more down the toilet it’s leadership goes. I am thinking of a few heavily polarised places with shithouse leadership.

  5. Ngo works for Quillette, which defended the American Nazi Party, and numerous other white supremacists, as simply "conservatives", against supposed Twitter liberal bias. Ngo's personal favorite fascist group is the Proud Boys.

  6. But didn’t he himself say that the 1 Antifa casualty was an Antifa guy himself? And how can he compare throwing milkshakes at ppl to hitting them with a car & killing them? Or shooting up a church or synagogue & murdering everyone in it? There’s no comparison. This both sides thing is just not right.

  7. Ngo was on INFO WARS. That tells you everything you need to know. Another phony, fake outrage, Reich Wing hack who deserves to be in jail for purposely lying constantly, like the rest of his knuckle-dragging peers.

  8. If you're against what ANTIFA stand for, then you're the enemy of democracy, the lap dogs of the 1 % and dear Pootin and are supporters of Nazis and their fellow bretheren. You will be known as traitors. Hopefully will be treated as such.

  9. "Krystal Ball" WHUAT asshole parents named their child that? High-lariously enough the presstitute twat is living up to the carnival sideshow name! xD Yes, maggot do continue on with your BULLSHIT 'stat' that claims 'DAT so RASIS' 'white nationalists' make up the most violent political group. Obviously, she's never actually bothered to read crime stats, let alone counted number of #MAGAbots who get routinely PHYSICALLY attacked for donning the stupid MAGA hat, let alone the Black Lives matter mass shooter. But whateves. Do go on with false equivalencies and how Andy covering the never covered (in practical terms, compared to the sheer volume of Lefty narrative nonsense coming out of regime MSM who coddle Islamist terrorists as well as commie 'AntiFa' ones), and pretend ONE actual journalist covering their history of violence is somehow painting an overwhelming bias in favor of one side.

    Whuat a fucking MSDNC lying sack of shit cunt. Yes bitch, 'cause you sitting comfy in an A/C studio in DC or NYC makes you a fucking 'journalist' living in a bubble surrounded by your other presstitute whores and politico govt terrorists dildofucking whores, that you deem 'journalists'. xD

    By the way, to all the commie moron monkeys in the YT comment section: your idol just quoted BuzzFuck profile, as a legitimate source. pause. BUWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Yieah… and this twat is the 'journalist' and Andy Ngo, isn't?? FUCK OFF commie cunts. Your ideology already mass murdered almost 300 MILLION people during PEACE TIME alone in the 20th century. No one is about to let you add few million more:

  10. Oh, Poor Andy Ngo, a fascist journalist that gets beat up by a militia that is tacitly supported by the Government. wow! there is a God!

  11. There are hundreds of videos of AntiFa violence. They are a domestic terrorist group, and they should be thrown in jail when they commit violence. Pretty simple.

    The fact that 99.9% of this comment section seems to support them just shows how delusional the left has become. The left hates everything, and just wants to tear everything down.

  12. Geez this guy certainly looks beat up – not.
    Compared to what has happened with mass shootings or the murder in Charlottesville etc etc this is a nothing burger.

    This whimpering boy needs to harden up.

  13. Please do your research on this guy.
    I'm willing to bet he's funded by dark money.

  14. F this guy. This piece made me so angry. One related death from Antifa. Look at shooting stats from Right Wing Terrorists, and this dude wants to cry about people organizing literally in response to Fascists!!!!! Why doesn't he focus on Gun related deaths in the country? Such a piece of pieces man.

  15. Before anyone quickly takes the side of Andy Ngo, I recommend to read this:

  16. Weak interview. This guy is a grifter. He really said he doesn't want any more people to die because of antifa. Although no one has. On the other hand people have died as a result of right wingers.

  17. Krystal again remaining balanced, nuanced, honest, and open. She currently is the best mainstream host on the left.

  18. What a fraud, not 1 mention of those men who lost their lives in Portland because they protecting the lives of 2 Muslim Women by White Supremacist on a train, a true propagandist.

  19. Please make better decisions about who you have on as a guest in the future! It’s imperative that journalists not give people with far-right beliefs platforms to perpetuate their falsehoods and porto-fascism from. It’s no better than what MSNBC and CNN do by enabling Fox News talking points.

  20. If you don't like portland, don't go to portland. The snowflake cucks who call themselves republicans are free to leave if they don't like it….

  21. did everybody forget how heather heyer was murdered by nazi and proud boys extremist…..Im sure her death equals a milkshake

  22. This guy is a joke, a crypto fascist who got what he wanted when Antifa threw milkshakes at his wittle head and he made 200k off of it.

  23. I love this channel. It's like the two very rational people with opposing ideologies, calmly, professionally, genuinely, and objectively, hosting a show with people from "both sides", who may or may not be qualified to state and/or defend opinions. BUT PLEASE let's not pretend the Left is as intolerant, abusive, dangerous, etc, as the Right. The right can point to James Hodgkinson…..and ummm, anyone? anyone?  The Left can point to……Geezus, where do I start. Trump encouraging his crowds as a start. Charles Rispoli, Angelo Varisco, Facebook group I'm 10-15, Christopher Hasson, Nick Sandmann and his ilk from Covington Catholic High School, James Fields Jr., Robert Gregory Bowers, Cesar Cyoc, Dylan Roof, etc…..This is not the same as this reporter getting attacked, although it was uncalled for and it's not the same as some conservatives getting their MAGA hat taken away or getting milk shaked. I WILL SAY, I'M HOPING RISING WILL DISCUSS THAT THE INTOLERANCE AND VIOLENCE FROM BOTH SIDES IS NIGHT AND DAY.

  24. Hey! Antifa has swarmed your video. Don't let them make you think they are the majority opinion of your audience. As always, love your videos. Always refreshing to see a nuanced, intelligent take on things. So much of the media shouts delusional nonsense. So phony. And its clear many of the pundits are complete dummies.

  25. Nobody’s going to call out equivocating throwing milkshakes with running people over, punching vs lynching? Piss poor job guys, and I’m a big fan of the show.

  26. far left militants? How many people have died by far-right extremists this year alone? The idea left extremists is the same is crazy. Yes they are stupid people on the left but the idea the left even like antifa is teh same as KKK or Nazi's or white extremist is a lie. I don't agree with Antifa in many things but the idea they are is wrong.

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