100 thoughts on “Congressman Crying About Racism Caught Doing Racism

  1. Your reporting is profound, insightful, sandwell paced. Minor suggestion – from my base side – you're so easy on the eyes. Please shave.

  2. Call republicans racist and they cry scream and deny. Literally you could say they have feet and knees and they might as well deny that with sad tear eyes and a big mouth. YOu are what you pigs are, never back down because they rant and cry when you tell them

  3. Thank you Hasan for being a person who cares. Apathy is a plague on humanity. It's nice to know that there are people out there with a platform who are able to feel compassion for others who don't look like them or live where they live.

  4. Someone should post a pic of that black woman with a price tag on her chest because thats what was happening and every right wing nut is in denial. He paraded her out and it was disgusting

  5. Hello you Racist Race Baiters!!! This Gay Nazi can’t return to Turkey for he would be thrown from a roof. This doesn’t stop this Commie from speaking ill of the country that gave him and his family refuge.

  6. Yep big deep south bigoted bible belt area he is talking to and you have to know the local Evangelicals were out there in force….lol

  7. You're coming at this from the wrong angle. In his mind, and the mind of his peers, he's not racist. The right has re-defined the word, just like they redefined rape, elitist, and even the word Christian, to suit their agenda. The new definition of racist, according to the conservatives, must involve a form of violence, or in some cases, destruction. The word bigot has also been redefined, but has special cases when republicans/Christians are involved.

  8. You triggered my trap card "I have a black friend" lmfao the 1 card rasict keep in their deck just in case they get hit by a burn deck

  9. Liberal Democrat Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam caught doing racism in black face and KKK Hood dress up party. Still governor. He and his wife caught handing out cotton to black children visiting the governor's mansion on Black History Month. still governor. Lmao!

  10. TYT stays silent on the genocide of white people happening worldwide. Whites are the most oppressed, downtrodden and victimized race historically.

  11. Where can I get me a: 'I've a black friend' Yu-Gi-Oh! trap-card? I need it for my: 'I'm not racist' spell-card.

  12. The beauty of having a conscious and subconscious is that you get to say many things within your head that you normally do not dare to say in public, or sometimes not even whisper to yourself. However, alcohol and other substances that make you relax and feel much better, especially during stressful moments, tend to open a window between your subconscious and your mouth getting you in big trouble. Dementia has similar effects too.
    It seems that this is not big deal in American politics because you can always apologize and go back to work. However, psychotherapists consider the words you say under influence as gems expressing your true self. This is another example to prove that democracy is a beautiful theory but never stopped failing in practice.

  13. Hasan! i haven't caught a video in a while (sorry), but you have on normal-ish clothes! Nice brudda! lol great video!

  14. I would personally like to think Mark Meadows for flawlessly demonstrating the typical white supremacist go to response to any accusation of them doing something mad disrespectful to black folks.

    PS: Dear white supremacists.
    Black folks are not just from Kenya and Africa. Our DNA is rooted all throughout this planet. Including this land here you call America.

  15. I'm in Meadows district. He is a TOTAL PACKAGE PIECE OF SH*T. He wound up in western NC after being run off from every other place he's ever lived and now he's here spewing his Godless, condescending, insulting, elitist, hypocritical, "You need me!!" drivel. If you don't measure up to his "standards" then you're a nothing as far as he's concerned. The mountain people he "represents" are either as slimy as him or inbred and just too stupid to know any better.

  16. Mark Meadows is following the textbook defense that racists use. Become super offended at being called racist, then call the accuser the real racist. If you want to read the textbook that lays out this strategy conservatives use, read Dog Whistle Politics by Ian Haney Lopez.

  17. Wow. Trolls are slacking today. Normally Hasan brings them all out of the sandbox to cry and throw temper tantrums 😘

  18. He is one of Elijah Cummings closest friends and several of Meadows nieces and nephews of children of color. Elijah Cummings came to his defense during the Comey hearings saying he is definitely not racist. I think you guys need to be concerned with the accusations on AOC funneling almost a million dollars to private companies.

  19. Waiting to hear about Ocasio Cortez and her crimes of laundering 1 million dollars in illegal campaign contributions to LLC bank accounts and other personal accounts……..waiting

  20. Trolls are really out to get you. No logical responses but lots of hate and diversionary plugs from them.

  21. Holy shit Hasan the Yugioh clip. That certainly got my attention
    But in all seriousness, I don't understand how people can say this man isn't racist given all of the things he's said. He's not fit to be a representative.

  22. Right wing conservatives are the most priviledged class on the face of the planet. You even call out their bigotry they get sensitive.

  23. Aren't these fools supposed to be in favour of personal liberty and small government? So, where do they get off saying they are going to "send back" any American citizen anywhere? Don't Americans have the right to live anywhere in the 50 states, or the wider world, if they have the right documentation, that they wish? Couldn't Obama live right opposite the White House, if he so wished, and what business would it be of Mark Meadows if he did? Would they advocate "sending" a white American, or any Republican, anywhere? Ted Cruz to Canada? Marco Rubio to Cuba? Mitt Romney to Mexico? One thing if they had said they wanted to "send him back" to Illinois or Chicago, but this is pure partisan racism!

  24. Identity politics is literally the politics of props and pawns, which is what MLK described as "judging people by the color of their skin". Conservatives judge people by the content of their character, which is why the regressive left has such an adverse reaction to anything related to Merit.

  25. Most of Barack’s family is from Kenya. It may be illogical, but how is it racist to think he was born there?

  26. I love that meadows said i have nieces & nephews of colour, jerk SLAVE OWNERS had plenty of biratial children by raping their slaves i suppose meadows wld say slavers werent racist they were entrepaneurs. Rep are a racist party top to bottom its plain to see

  27. Slick rock is a TOTAL. TRUMPTARD hey slick I think a better nick name for yourself cld be 300 lb brain fart or maybe skid mark do u enjoy wearing trumps balls on ur chin?

  28. That woman should be extremely ashamed of herself for playing token black for that old racist wank stain

  29. I'm white and proud of it. If a black dude racially targeted me i would offend me absolutely zero people only get offended when they are not happy with themselves?

  30. I like how when he got called out for his racism he tried to have it stricken from the record. Yet I bet he says he's all for free speech. Seems a bit off right?

  31. So if I find a fake birth certificate for Trump them people have to listen to me right? I cam always say when someone brings up the fact they have a different one I can say "Well that doesnt match the one I have"….

  32. Our president is doing Russia’s bidding and his wife literally came here on a tourist visa , worked illegally and stayed here on an Einstein visa…how about we see her extraordinary ability and no the nude pic on GQ doesn’t count neither does her ability to lie face down ass up.

  33. I think a lot of slave owners in pre-Civil War US South knew some black people personally and had them working for them. I'm pretty sure they were still racist…

  34. What's interesting is they didn't need to "think" to "realize" we're going in the wrong direction. They just had to look at his skin color. Or name.

  35. You can even be racist with a black friend.
    You can still be racist if you're not racist against black Americans.

  36. It's not even the "I have a black friend" excuse, it's the "The Dear Leader has a black employee" excuse.

  37. Not to mention the black woman that they used as a prop her job literally depended on her agreeing to going up on the panel and saying Trump isn't racist and they're shocked and chagrined that they would be called racist LOL give me a break

  38. someones catching the mentally ill disease .. not knowing whats right from wrong..or just not caring..!! they wonder y murica is so dumb now compared to the rest of the world

  39. Southern plantation owners were racist as all hell and they had LOADS of black people working for them.

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