Congressional Leadership: Crash Course Government and Politics #8

Congressional Leadership: Crash Course Government and Politics #8

42 thoughts on “Congressional Leadership: Crash Course Government and Politics #8

  1. "I voted for that guy yeah! and now he's on the T.V yeah!" except for Republicans in Massachusetts I feel bad for all three of us

  2. World leaders will one day have a decision to make and the job will intimately pass the flag onto someone in the future who has charge of world sources. Then they will be in charge of possible peace of the world.

  3. Hey man…. I'm from upstate NY!!! Also Yes, people do come here and its better than down state. Gezzzzzz

  4. 2:14 I thought the leader of the Senate is the Vice President, aren’t Vice Presidents considered the “President of the Senate?”

  5. Eight videos into this Crash Course series and a lot of the comments are about passing AP class exams. I’m over here, out of school and not in college, just watching this series because I enjoy learning.

  6. I hate the idea of the congressional leaders being ones that have been there the longest. I know it still requires a vote but without term limits, the most senior senator or house rep is also the most likely to be corrupt, mentally unfit, as we've seen with Pelosi, Leahy. Their time has long come and gone.

  7. Why does it take me so long to google long wondered about questions? Seems I forget about the power of the internet. And thank you PBS.

  8. "… media will not waster resources on a first term congressman from some district in New York"
    Oh Craig, if you only knew.

  9. Its ridiculous how they have all the power. The whole point of the Constitution was so the people possessed the power. We don't. Thats why most people are upset about how are government is treating us and the country. We do have power, we just need to voice what we want and need.

  10. I'm super late to this course, but the learning I'm experiencing!!!! So informative. Of course, being Australian, I probably should focus on our government, but the more I watch this course, the more I realise how good Australia's political system is. Great course!

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