Congressional Decisions: Crash Course Government and Politics #10

Congressional Decisions: Crash Course Government and Politics #10

44 thoughts on “Congressional Decisions: Crash Course Government and Politics #10

  1. It currently 12:02 in the morning and I am taking my ap government exam in a couple hours!!!!!!!!! Pray for me

  2. That last part sounded very nice, but it still feels like the largest main effect on voting decisions for a partisan politician is party membership.

  3. I'm really impressed with how Craig teaches, wile it would be east to let his personal beliefs on on politics effect how he teaches politics, he's doing a gr8 job staying unbiased. 👏👏👏👏

  4. The major disagreement I have with this is the claim that congressmen "won't be around for very long" if they don't vote the way their constituents want because they can check their voting records. That sounds like pure bull. Few voters check their representatives' voting records. There is no evidence that US government does what the public wants. That is a empirical claim which has been falsified by the empirical evidence.

  5. I figured out why I get a form letter when I write my congressman. It is mostly due to the number of people writing & talking points. The rest has to do with the lack of money I give to their election campaign. If I gave enough for them to care, I get a signed form letter. If I gave enough to warrant face time, I might get a call. If I had money & influence, there would be a good butt kiss. Sadly, I just have an opinion.

    Side note: When Mr. Smith goes to Washington, he gets nowhere. You got to do the dance if you want to make a difference. If you doubt this, look at the one off persons up there. They vote as their constituents would like, but they do not really get on committees or make a dent in how the government runs.
    People do things for a reason, they work. What is the power of majority, if you cannot count on it to work in your favor?

  6. 3:38

    Govern-mental! Dennis Hastert is a pedophile!

    …there's no joke there. The man is actually a pedophile. Look it up, folks

  7. I'd never listen to this communist speak about government when he is trying to turn us all into fascists. Keep hitting eagle you sicko. #StandwithEagle

  8. You are quick to claim that there are many complex reasons as to why Congressman and senators and the way they do sometimes, but then label Republicans obstructionists while engaging in the great American tradition of compromise. You sir, and your producers, are partisans.

  9. I understand it is your right, but please cease showing violence towards the eagle. I is offensive to my culture as an American. The eagle is a powerful symbol of American freedom. I enjoy your educational videos, and am grateful of your efforts and hard work putting together your program– but I am left with a sour taste when I see the eagle disrespected. Again, I understand you have the freedom to do what you like, but I hope you consider my request.

  10. Hey, satan here. I would like to apologize to everyone here. I created this annoying bag of flesh you all know as Craig to further my goal of spreading pain and suffering across the land.

    I now see that I have gone too far. I knew that putting this much annoyingness into one nerd would cause problems, but… sheesh, I wasn't aware it would cause a show this cringy.

    Once again, I'm sorry.

    See you all in hell,


  11. "… they're probably not going to be in office for very long." Oh, if only that were the case. People here complain about our Senator nonstop, both Conservatives and Liberals, but he gets re-elected every time because of that R after his name on the ballot and this being a very deep red state.

  12. Did this idiot just say that there is no empirical evidence that interest groups buy votes with campaign contributions?

  13. You'd BETTER circle back to interest groups and 1. paint the full picture of how they work with Congress, 2. discuss how THEY influence policy at the PARTY LEVEL (as opposed to differentiating the two types of influence), 3. talk about the revolving door, where interest groups and Congressmen and women tend to be the same people, involved in incestuous relationships between government and industry, where feeding one another becomes a priority over servicing constituents (who are, in fact, the least important factor in Congressional Decision process. If we don't touch on that in the future, I'm branding this a bogus spin off of crash course world history.

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