Concerned Society Groups in Edo sue for urgent resolution of Crisis in EDHA

Concerned Society Groups in Edo sue for urgent resolution of Crisis in EDHA

[Applause] [Applause] spokesperson for the group a man like booboo said it is disheartening that a purely constitutional matter has been toyed with because of alleged impurity by some peasants in the states they say the receiver society group cannot for the arms and watch in legality based on the British by some Surfside human rights activists to the detriment of the larger society beside Babu who said the integration of the National Assembly in the crisis was in other verses backed by relevant constitutional provisions other that's the rise of our citizens must be protected by the civilized society groups at the same time of pudding usual of law the issue relating to the National Assembly intervention and Industry House of Assembly crisis is purely in constitutional matter and any action operated within the ambit of the Constitution laws must be respected the president-elect our Parliament Mascola a'dope ie Ananda astute human rights activist comrade loses a fairly civil society group will not relent on the legality returns to the state they stated arm of governments all the members that have not been overrated should be inaugurated that is our stunt all we are interested in is the development of a new street the piece of a decision are the masses you all follow a deeply barely flotsam and jetsam who have a sense of belonging as far as the legislative business is concerned in other states those of us who happened to be a human rights activist our responsibility is to ensure that the rule of law so food and if any person or group of person is taken advantage of the democratic infrastructure of the states and as well as a democratic infrastructure of the civil society organization to satisfy our personal interest is our responsibility to come out of Amity resist those person apostates stands in the entire issue to have out of to four members of the DCF assembly have so far been overrated Tomas Sutter reporting

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