Communism vs. Socialism: What’s The Difference? | NowThis World

Communism vs. Socialism: What’s The Difference? | NowThis World

This might come as a surprise, But in the history of the modern world, there has never been a communist country. While a number of countries have
Described themselves as communist, for example China and North Korea. By definition, there has never been a true communist country. So what exactly is communism, and how does it relate to socialism? Well it may be easier to explain what the two have in common. Both ideologies originate from a desire to limit worker exploitation And lower or eliminate the influence of economic classes in society. There are dozens of variations on both communism and socialism. Based on the different ways these ideologies are implemented in different countries. There’re Stalinism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism and others which are essentially all versions of Marxism. Couple with various styles of revolution. Karl Marx was an economist and philosopher who co-wrote the communist manifesto. Among other foundational books on communism. In short, his theory centered around the idea that as Europe transitioned from centralized monarchies to quasi-democratic capitalist economies Workers were being exploited by those who owned the means of production. So if you work in a factory or on a farm as many at the time did Whoever owns the factory or farm is getting more out of the worker than they’re putting in. This creates an inherent inequality giving the owners whom Marx called the Bourgeoisie, power over the workers called the proletariat. In Marxism, to fix this inequality, society must shift towards a model, where the proletariat hold this power instead by collectively controlling the means of production. That’s where socialism and communism come into play. According to Marx, Socialism is a precursor to communism and the next logical step after capitalism. In Socialism, a democratic state controls the means of production rather than having private companies hold ownership. Instead of competing with each other as in a capitalist society, socialism has workers contribute as much as they can to the greater good, and then they all share equally in that good. Variations of this idea are already popular within capitalist societies in the form of universal health care or social services like fire departments and schools funded by taxes. While the use of these services is unequal and Everyone Is equally responsible for contributing to them based on their ability or level of income. So that’s socialism. But once the state controls all the means of production, the next step is total collective ownership. Not just of production, But all aspects of society and economy, including private property. The intention of abolishing private property is a classless, moneyless and stateless society where everyone works towards the same collective goal of being healthy happy and free. Everybody does what they can to contribute and takes only what they need in return. As I said before, there are no true communist countries and there never have been. Every so-called communist country is actually a socialist country, with the state controlling employment and economy to some degree. Even the widely referred to communist Russia was actually called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In short, Socialism and Communism are not altogether different. Rather most schools of economics consider- Socialism to be a precursor to communism once the state has enough control over society and economy. But this total control is a major reason that socialist countries struggle to reach this ideal. Corruption is rampant in countries like the former USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam and North Korea Largely people due to people in power, abusing that power instead of using it to help the society they control. And refusing to give up that power to the people Nonetheless, Socialist ideals have seen incredible success when paired with capitalism. In countries like Sweden and Canada The human hurdle of overcoming power and greed and government is the biggest reason we’ve never seen a true communist country. So which countries have been labeled communist? And how do they actually live up to their reputations? Find out in this video to the right. Thanks for watching NowThis World! don’t forget to Like and subscribe for more videos like this every week.

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  1. You know he is lying because he's moving his lips. Communists view the world as a hall of mirrors and see tyrants everywhere, when it is they themselves who are tyrants.

  2. if there never been true communism country , so let's build it , is it true target of this video?

  3. Communism and socialism ignore human nature and therefore don't work. What does "not working" look like in practice? Millions upon millions of unnecessary, tragic deaths. Socialism can only "work" by being a parasite on the wealth created under capitalism. Why does capitalism create wealth instead? Because it respects human nature. To go against human nature is to go against life.

  4. Socialism is when idiots, loafers, outcasts and savages take away money from workers.

    Socialists can not explain anything because they are aggressive morons.

    They need to be killed physically until it is too late and they have not brought down civilization.

  5. You have just describe a society that is only possible when there is no human greed…to bad my friend, whenever socialism is tried, those with power gets greedy and takes over everything.

  6. Marxism is the ideology that has by far caused the most death and suffering in history. 70 million under Mao, 20 million in Russia/Soviet and about a quarter of the population in Cambodia to mention a few (yes, a few). I also think it's wrong to view initiatives such as public health care and schools as "Socialism vs. Capitalism", since it's the capitalist economy who is financing all this. It's simply a little socialism, built on top of a solid fundament of a strong capitalist economy, which is probably the only way that socialism will work.

  7. So what do u do w the millions of people in America who just refuse to work and contribute nothing? (But crime of coarse)

  8. the difference interests not at all, but they have in common that they are obsolete and whites will crush both like in the past, they are not at the end of the road, the fight hasnt begun yet, you all will regret it to mess with us. Once they have pushed us too far, there will be no mercy!

  9. "USSR was not real communism"
    yeah but it gave millions of reasons ( and dead people) to avoid implementing real communism at all

  10. people: communism cant work cause of people's egos and how mean they are its totally not like communism simply doesnt work
    smart people: ColLeCtiviZeD fArMinG wORkS

  11. Communism and Socialism are the same: They are both cancerous tumors that require a bullet.

  12. I see where the young people are getting this idea.

    Socialism: Government control over the means of production.

    The workers have no control over the means of production under socialism or communism. The government has complete control.

  13. What's the difference between workers owning their labor (concept of private property) vs owning the mean of production (abolishment of private of property)

  14. When a video starts with the "True Scotman Fallacy" you know it's propaganda. It doesn't matter whether there has ever been "true" Communism. History's attempts at Communism having resulted in the genocide's that defined the 20th century.

  15. This video is insane. Dude talks about socialism like it's just another form of government. Totally leaves out the MILLIONS of people killed/ exiled/ imprisoned under socialist governments. No wonder kids today think socialism is cool.

  16. tells us also who was Marx? and where he lived his entire life? was he benefited by others? "There was no communist country" lol wot…."and there are knigths in white horses and fairies"

  17. Once government have full control you will people or groups within that government become greedy and corrupted, its human nature. Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  18. Anyone who wants a "communist" or according to this video incredibly socialist country should move to China where there are cameras watching you everywhere. On a New York Times podcast a man was on the bus on the way to work and counted 200 cameras on the way. Barely anyone has credit cards so they use one card provided by the party that allows them to keep track of everything people buy. The party completely wipes out Chinese history if something happened that went against the party (look up tank man China 1984). There are re-education camps where people who say things against the party are put to be filled with propaganda and have to read and sing songs. People who spread information against the party have gone missing. Yeah… socialism in the United States… lets do it guys!

  19. " 'Communist' countries have people in power who are corrupt, refuse to help their citizens, and abuse said power." Hmmmm? Turns head towards Washington and shrugs shoulders Glad we're a "capitalist" country.

  20. Saying that communism cannot work because of human greed and envy so we should not implement the system is like saying the judiciary system and police force are useless and should be abolished because Humans always lie and do wrong things. Based on this argument you are not against a utopia but anything that holds human soceity together.

  21. Communism is based on enough of social goods and service productions and people don't have to work for it. People just work for pleasure. It's not happening foreseeable future.

  22. Not ONE word has been changed on Das Kapital since 1867 NOTHING Has been corrected on a manuscript based on the mores of the time. AND these are some the "FACTS" in 1867:

    The Black Death was caused by bad air

    Sleep paralysis is caused by demons
    Child labor was legal.
    Doctors began using "soap" as a disinfectant
    LIfe expectancy 45 years old.
    Women did not have the right to vote.

    As science is disclosing,Darwin was NOT the genius we thought he was
    BUT NO ONE is talking about the idiocy of Karl Marx when see under 21st century light

  23. So, basically, this video was put together after reading a couple western articles, huh? Socialism doesn't have a set definition. Period. Full stop. Communism is state capitalism.

  24. How can you be free if no one owns anything? 2:20–2:42 There is a trick here. He's saying that no one owns anything in a Communist state but the State would own everything because they make the laws and govern. If nobody owns anything then you can't be free. You'd be a slave to whoever owns everything because when you need something you have to get it from the person who owns it. If they say "no" then you don't get it.

  25. Deductive and Inductive Reasoning:
    In a system void of private property, by definition, no individual person or persons can own anything. Since people can be owned, people are property. They can be owned by them selves, another (EX: slavery/servitude), or no one (death). If individual persons are allowed to own themselves (typical defenition of freedom or liberty), then private property exists, for they are their own private property, and can trade themselves, their labor, or the products thereof for other property in voluntary exchanges with others, as these are extensions of themselves, thereby allowing them to own private property, which is capital, and thus, there is capitalism by its literal definition. These include food, houses, factories, but not necessarily land. Capitalism requires self ownership, for without it, the individuals that do not own themselves are incapable of owning capital. Hence, as previously defined, Capitalism requires freedom / liberty. If the abilities of there individuals are inequal in certain societies, and each persons “wealth” is dependent upon their abilities, then wealth inequality is inevitable in these societies under Capitalism. If all property is owned in common (by the community collectively), then there must be an entity capable of owning property belonging to, or in behalf of, the community, and capable of enforcing that ownership over and making decisions about the property. It must be capable of absolute ownership of all (public) property in a communist system (def: all property is held in common). This is a totalitarian state (def: state with total control); without it, the community can not govern what it owns, nor to defend from theft. Hence, a totalitarian state must exist in a communist system. The state owns all property; people are property: the state owns all people. This can be considered slavery, and not freedom, nor liberty. Hence, communism requires the absence of liberty. If the community through the state decides that each individual must have equal status and allowance (access to property that is owned by the community), then equality is inevitable in that community under Communism.

    In conclusion,
    capitalism requires freedom / liberty and allows for inequality;
    communism requires an absence of freedom / liberty and allows for equality.

  26. In socialistic country there is no private ownership of the means of production, and thus no classes, so Canada and Sweden are not Socialistic countries at all.

  27. cloak dagger wrote
    “In socialistic country there is no private ownership
    of the means of production, and thus no classes,
    so Canada and Sweden are not Socialistic countries at all.”
    (Sports Fans: that comment is a good example of the embarrassment
    and humiliation that you can bring upon yourself and your family
    when you are too friggin’ lazy to watch the video, and the explanation,
    and instead, vomit your ignorance in public for everyone to laugh at).


  28. In America, I think we should listen to the words of the very wise Chinese former leader Deng Xiaoping. We have to seek truth from facts, without letting any ideology get in the way. Too many people in my country (America) blindly adopt wholesale identities and align themselves completely with it. Just forget all the names and accept reality wholeheartedly and objectively. Only when we accept reality and go via a scientific approach can we see meaningful success.

  29. False. There has never been a socialist country. Socialism is just the final obstacle in the way of full government control. If you want to see real socialism, join a credit union and work at an employee-owned business. Socialism is COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP of the means of production, and the state (aka the "God" figure in communism) is the one thing standing in our way.
    Remember to support your local workers' Unions!

  30. Let's see. Communism is totalitarian control of the people. It is a governmental system, therefore, it's desire to centralize power is solely to control it's people. Capitalism is totalitarian control of the people. It is an ECONOMIC system, therefore, it's desire to centralize power is solely to control the people who work for them.

  31. seriously, nowthis world, why don't you advocate individual, self-sufficiency. Not group dependency, SELF-sufficiency. This means you are not getting money from anyone, you are producing the means to survive with your own hands.

  32. So let me get this straight…
    True socialism never happened because a human wanted to get over…
    But capitalism also helped humans not get over as much….
    But try socialism…

  33. in Britain we have a perfect balance between socialism and capitalism, and it works very well, better than any other country I can think of. the U.S. spend most of their money on making wepons to kill millions of people. maybe they they should spend that money on free health care for the unemployed or sick. or the tens of thousands of homeless people who line the sidewalks of every major city in the country. governments are supposed to be there for the good of the people, instead we have had government after government after government who do everything according to their own agenda! and their own selfish ambitions! I don't understand why the people just let these sociopaths abuse their positions year in year out. it's the definition of insanity! and it's this that has led to trump getting into office. they elected him because he was "NOT" a politician. .. slowly but surely the people are waking up to the realisation that the government's of the last 200 years have been a cabal of criminal political crime families. yes year in year out, the people have been voting for which gangsters they would prefer to have in power. .

  34. Socialism should be paired with the free market. Not with capitalism. We can have a free market without being a capitalist country.

    In a capitalist society, capital gives ownership of production/service, and this leads to the exploitation of workers. Instead, the workers should have the right to ownership of their company. This is called a worker cooperative.

  35. basically, communism needs the unity of all the people and the ones in power to make the state equal and fair.
    however, abuse of power and lack of care for the country has true communism out. we have to get all the people work for the greater good of the country and, the government will be responsible for everything else. but, we need a government with fair leaders, without the greed or need for power, because if our leader is, a power-sucker, he would lead to the collapse of the country.

  36. 2.05 "they share equally in that good" ….. no, that has never been what's written.

    To each their need, or contribution depending who you read, but there will not be an equal share, ever….. need or varying levels of contribution will ensure that. Fact.

  37. Sweden is not a socialist country. They tax poor people at 50% and business at 20%… that’s why Sweden is successful. They don’t tax business

  38. Communism makes everybody equally poor , while capitalism makes everybody unequally wealthy .
    Inequality is not wrong , equality is .

  39. Jesus ! That is like asking what's the difference between: being raped and murdered VS being raped and killed.

  40. Like giving people opportunities when they go to college and our tax money pays for that and everybody working and getting paid the same. That's what socialism is am I right? I don't agree with that. Cause how much money do you think is being taken to pay that? You. And if you tax the rich to much then the workers won't get paid as much. also raising the Minimum wage to much will cause unfairness, inflation and loss of business and jobs. The economy would crumble

  41. They seam to omit the almost 100 million deaths trying to impliment such a system. Also trying to compare social welfare and other social programs to a communist system is truly dishonest, the money generated for the services we share is from the capitalist system.

  42. The only difference between socialism and communism is the caliber of the gun they put to your head to steal your money, home, and rights. And eventually your life. All the rest is just yak.

  43. capital= money / points/ rewards
    socailizum= taxing on money/ points/rewards
    communizum= you only seek out to help your family, with no rewards/points/or money
    your not family if you only seek rewards

  44. While there's no complete democratic country at all democratic countries are so called democratic also

  45. You should have mentioned that the workers are suppose to own the factories and farms and have a democratic vote on changes

  46. Nothing is difference between socialism and communism , it is time to tell the truth, both are evil, both are about slavery and both are about the destruction of freedom…

  47. This inadvertently supports the criticisms of communism as being utopian.

    We are beasts molded by a cruel world to be adapted to it. There is no communism in nature. Communism is unnatural.

    And anyone who brings up bees and ants must realize they are all hive mind slaves to a queen. What a nightmare.

  48. Say that capitalism produced communism, because capitalism is so oppressive. It was worse back in 1850-1950 but it’s still bad: many earn $10 an hour where rent is $2000 and up.

  49. There never should have been any unequal wealth. It started thousands of years ago. Capitalism is just another name for slavery: controlled by someone or something.

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