Cobrapost Expose! – Bollywood For Sale – Ep.69 #TheDeshBhakt

Cobrapost Expose! – Bollywood For Sale – Ep.69 #TheDeshBhakt

“BJP can give any amount. They can give one crore a month.” “What more can a hermit possibly ask for?” “Don’t worry about that” “We should appear genuine” Usually when someone does a sting operation, media broadcasts the ready-made content on their channels. But when Cobrapost does a sting operation, everybody seems scared. Media also gets scared because they could be next on the list. A similar situation arose after the latest Operation Karaoke. Even after being a successful operation media did not give it the hype it deserved. because there are rumours that media could be next on the list. So let’s discuss Operation Karaoke! This was a very interesting operation. Generally, sting operations are very boring but this one is very interesting. The names featured are the celebs you have been watching for so many years. But the problem is, they currently don’t have work in hand They need some work as they have not invested in mutual funds. These people do paid posts on social media as part of their retirement plans. Let’s have a look at the top 10 celebs who were caught red-handed in Operation Karaoke! There is controversy. There is a sting operation and there is a cobra. So it becomes imperative for Rakhi Sawant to get featured. Let’s start with Rakhi Sawant because she can easily trade her ideals for a few bucks. Former Yogi Adityanath’s critic Rakhi Sawant also gave a sample ‘Free of cost! If you give me money, I will post this. ‘I want to say that the Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath Ji has done a commendable job in UP ‘My previous take on him was very wrong’ Once upon a time, she was known as an item queen and controversial queen and today look what has happened to her. I can’t see this. ‘How can girls stay safe in India? I have the solution- A Lock! Once upon a time Raju Srivastava was more popular than Kapil Sharma. Today, he can propagate anything you want in exchange for a few bucks Raju Srivastava- “Modi Ji and Rajnath Ji are raising my hands while I am joining” “It’s not only about sharing the same ideology” Reporter- “So you are a member on paper as well” Raju- “My form was filled by Jaitley ji” Raju Srivastava makes a lot of political videos on YouTube He makes videos on Lalu Prasad and Mamata Banerjee. You must have known his source of inspiration by now. No.3- Vivek Oberoi From hero to a villain after which he seems to be in a bad condition But look at his professionalism He will tweet as if he genuinely means it Vivek- ” It shouldn’t look like we were told to write so” “People should think that I mean it” This is the quality of a true artist. No matter who is the director or the script-writer. Everything should look genuine. But Vivek, you could not figure out that two artists were acting and doing a sting operation. Maybe that is why your career graph tanked down. No.4- Amisha Patel Kaho Na Pyaar Hai Not with Hrithik, with cash! A common thread in this sting operation was that everyone likes cash. They can say anything for cash but Modiji’s demonitisation is a big flop in front of them. Amisha Ji says she is already involved in this, no need to worry… Amisha- ” I did all this in Atal Ji’s funeral, and I’m already active in all these causes’ “You don’t worry about that” Yes Amisha Ji you are involved in this, There is hardly anything left. No.5- Shakti Kapoor Shakti Kapoor wants the entire amount in No.2 He doesn’t want it a little fishy The entire process can be fraudulent. and then whatever you want, Crime master Gogo will say it. Reporter- “Sir because we are politically funded, No.1 will be a little difficult” Shakti- “Don’t even consider No. 1” Reporter- “No Sir, we have to show some amount in the contract” ‘10% will be given in white” Shakti- “So how long should we do this? Reporter- “For nine months, quote your price” Shakti- ” Nine crores’ Crime master Gogo’s plan was a failure. Cobrapost ensured his plan fails yet again. How many times Shakti Kapoor will be caught in a sting operation? No.6 Kailash Kher Don’t think that everyone does copy-paste on Twitter Everyone has become smarter. So the artist will be allowed to use his talent to mould the message ‘Saar’ won’t change and the ‘bhavarth’ will remain the same. This is called artistic theft, creative licence. Kailash- “We will mould it that way.” Reporter- We won’t change the meaning Kailash- ‘Saar’ and ‘bhavarth’ will remain the same Oh yes Kailash Sir, bhavarth will stay where it is just like your career. You are begging all over social media after Allah Ke Bande song. No.7 Singer Abhijeet He spurts out a lot of abuses on social media As a matter of fact, he was banned from social media for the same Abhijeet says that tweeting is quite normal He can make a song on GST Abhijeet- “Shoot the Rohingyas and their supporters” Reporter- “We want this, we want to amplify these issues.” Like GST and Black Money are issues Abhijeet- I will compose a good song on GST Brother Abhijeet, no one listens to the Jumla of the Government similarly, no one listens to your songs Collect a few bucks through social media because your reputation is already spoilt. No.8-Jackie Shroff He doesn’t get any roles in the movies seems like this is his bread and butter Lets listen to him Jackie- ” We are talking about good things and getting money, what more could a ‘fakeer’ ask for? You have ‘fakeeri’ in your nature Where did this come from? Were you always the same or this has been a gradual transition? Bravo! Bravo! Absolutely, there is a strange kind of ‘fakeeri’ happening on social media Take the money and tweet their narrative. The source of money decides their narrative No.9 If we are talking about big expose, we have to talk about Poonam Pandey You must be thinking Poonam Pandey does not have brains Look how closely Poonam is understanding the conversation and how everything will be put out on her famous social media platforms. Poonam- ‘The entire conversation was already in my mind” “You have already made it clear that this shouldn’t look very obvious” Wow, how clearly she understands the instructions. She is so pure and simple. We need more people like her. who understand the narrative and get the job done No. 10 Everyone doubted why this was an anti-BJP expose Although the list includes Congress and AAP but the majority of the cases was BJP Why? Why are people using BJP’s name for this expose? Mahima ji has the answer Reporter- You understood the content and agree to it? Tell me your charges. Mahima-“BJP can give any amount. They can give one crore a month.” Such divine thoughts! BJP has so much money. If they have money, they should distribute it. One crore is not a big amount. Mahima Ji loves the country so much. She is charging a small amount for the country’s welfare! If you love India, If you are a DeshBhakt then stop trusting these people blindly Be it media, politicians, Bollywood celebs or me Stop trusting people blindly. We are Indians We believe everything after proper examination Even if we buy a vehicle, we consult 50 odd people talk to so many dealers and then we buy it Why do we believe people and Whatsapp forwards so easily? Don’t trust anyone. Try it, test it and question everything. Only then you will be called a true patriot. Thankyou so much for watching. and as always thank you to the patreons Only because of them we can talk on topics which mainstream media doesn’t even want to touch Drop a like if you loved the episode If you didn’t like it, comment section is always open for feedback Do subscribe and spread the word We will continue to inform and educate you on the DeshBhakt

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  5. I don’t understand why the f*** the sting operation has been done on only those actors and actresses who were speaking in favour of BJP? This is where you exposed yourself Mr. Akash Banerjee. Please ask your cobra gang to do the same with Swara Bhaskar, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and all librandus. Then we won’t believe on anyone blindly as you said. Height of Hypocrisy.

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  8. You raise such critical issue so lightly, which make sure is understood by all. I suggest you should change gear at the end and be serious in telling your message. It should not go as 'just a sarcastic show'.

  9. We are the people who give these "celebrities" the power they don't deserve. Don't ever follow any of them.

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