28 thoughts on “CNN treats politics like sports — and it’s making us all dumber

  1. Politics is sport, but ESPN and CNN branch into commentaries that some (including me) find saturates the story to fill air time. When news was just at 6 o'clock you would never see things like this.

    If you want a true comparison to politics and sport, think C-SPAN or beIN. You watch these channels to see the players in the arena.

  2. ronald reagan broke the news when he killed the fairness doctrine: there are photos of him online standing in between roy cohn and rupert murdoch – each of whom were key players in bringing about the end of the fairness doctrine. then came ted turner ~ whose unbridled greed and monstrous ego brought us a 24/7 news cycle, whether we wanted it or not.

  3. Man, look at that… Even the "SJW" News network: Vox hates CNN… JK, but CNN sucks!
    And for those who say that Vox is "SJW", it's not. Look at their channel, and you'll see that they are just anti trump. With some other news videos of the world.

  4. CNN put The Jerry Springer show out of business. It is disgusting. They pay Republican liars to tell the same lie all day long.

  5. 2:00. Admit it. Since you don't have to believe what you are saying, at least some part of you would be open to making silly or outrageous comments on television if it paid well enough.

  6. Great point of view, I don't watch CNN much, too much split screens not enough news coverage for me

  7. I get my News From CNN and MSNBC and other news Channels and not Fox News…why? because they report what Trump is saying and so on and talk about the Issues that are the Result if Trump..even IF they are Paid by CNN..it does not Matter…they Report on the news and not Sugarcoat anything. Unlike other News sites like OAN and Fox News, they are Propaganda for Trump…teh facts are CNN does News and they Report on things and talk about what is happening while Fox news calls everything an Attack or some Bullshit. SO go ahead call CNN "Fake" News….they report the truth which people cannot handle these days.

  8. News programs used to be done at a loss (financially) in order to deliver the news. Then in the late 80s/early 90s (can't remember exactly), someone decided that the news can be profitable. This turned the news into entertainment and not just CNN.

  9. What news channel do I watch then? Sorry I’m dumb, honestly just wanna watch the most honest, unbiased channel (that’s in tv cuz convenience)

  10. CNN is officially garbage now. I only watch then now when its election time and when I'm in the doctors office.

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