CNN Calls Out Cowardly Republicans Who Wouldn’t Come On The Air

CNN Calls Out Cowardly Republicans Who Wouldn’t Come On The Air

On Sunday morning, Republican politicians
were running scared because none of them wanted to go on TV and actually have to talk about
the atrocities that happened from Saturday to Sunday. They had no answers, they had no solutions,
they had NRA talking points. And so they did their best to avoid the media
thinking. Okay, that’ll be the end of it. Well, see it in decided they were going to
call these people out and that is exactly what they did on Sunday morning. Take a look. “That we invited the Republican governor,
Lieutenant Governor and both Republican US senators representing Texas to join us this
morning. They all declined. The Republican governor of Ohio also declined. We also asked the White House to provide someone
to discuss these shootings. That request too was declined.” Now it’s important to also point out the Jake
Tapper there while calling out Republicans and I do applaud him for that. Uh, he later on when and kind of compared
Arab, uh, countries and their promotion of hate to what’s happening here in the United
States, a very horrible, uh, parallel that he was drawing here. In fact it, it was kind of shrouded in a little
bit of bigotry itself. So that was pretty awful. Jake, and not to mention the fact that CNN
has helped prop up white nationalists over the years, so CNN is not without fault here. I do like that they took the time to call
out these Republicans, but at the same time they’ve been really horrible on this issue
up to and including what happened on the network after he called out these Republicans. But let’s be honest here, the reason these
Republicans are ducking the media with the exception of Fox News, because even some of
the people on Tapper’s list later on in the day didn’t go on Fox News is because they
know that their talking points don’t hold any water with anybody who’s going to actually
question them. They know they can go on Fox News and say
something about, oh, it’s because of the video games and those hosts, especially like those
on Fox and friends this morning are sitting there telling us, yeah, it’s, it’s the video
games. Those video games are bad. They’re ruining kids’ brains. They’re making everybody go out there and
be violent because yep. America’s the only country with video games. That’s right. We’re not. But we are the only country where this happens
regularly. You know, exponentially more than any other
country on the planet. And the reason Republicans refuse to acknowledge
the truth here, which they know, I let it. Let’s be clear about that. Republicans know what the problem is. They 100% absolutely know what the issue is. They just don’t want to do anything about
it because they are afraid of the NRA. For some reason, an organization that if you
look at their success rate and giving money to candidates and whether or not that candidate
actually wins, they’re success rate is actually one of the worst in the country. The NRA is absolutely one of the most politically
impotent organizations in the United States today. Yet Republicans are terrified of them for
some reason. Even when you look at the majority of people
in the NRA, they actually support stricter gun laws here in the United States. They want regulation on guns and they are
the NRA. But Republicans are so terrified of Ollie
North. You know, before that it was Wayne Lapierre. They didn’t want to piss those guys off. They didn’t want to make him angry. So they would go on TV following every mass
shooting. Of course, after offering their thoughts and
prayers on social media and just spout these nonsense NRA talking points to anyone willing
to listen. Well, the good news is that there are fewer
and fewer people willing to listen to those NRA talking points today. There’s fewer people today than there were
on Friday, willing to listen to them. We’re getting tired of this. We’re tired of being terrified every time
we send our kids off to school, and now we have to be terrified every time we walk into
a grocery store. You know, places of worship has been, have
been targeted for years. We shouldn’t have to walk around afraid every
single day just because the NRA doesn’t want to lose any money. And yet that is the America we live in today. And we live in that America because Republicans
are absolute cowards.

100 thoughts on “CNN Calls Out Cowardly Republicans Who Wouldn’t Come On The Air

  1. The irony it all a step up done by democrats so they can ban gun like in christchurch. I see the link 🤔😂😂😂😂

  2. I don't blame the NRA, the Republican party but I blame the very issues to our country, the leaders, the government and the law makers, lawyers, our educational system , the professors and teachers and even the parents that have put the mighty dollar in front of our family, our moral, the ethics, the values of religious teaching, values of right, values of doing good, being fair, to which the people of America no longer teach or abide by. America have gone away from the basic teachings of the Ten Commandments of loving God, loving our neighbors, If we have no principles of honesty, righteousness, then we are no better than the barbarians. Whats been happening is the symptoms of sickness that is deep insides of "We the People …"

  3. DONALD TRUMP MUST RESIGN HIS FAILED AND DANGEROUS FOR AMERICA PRESIDENCY! ~ IT'S NO SURPRISE THAT DONALD TRUMP IS OK WITH WHAT HAPPENED IN EL PASO, and AS HE SAID, GETTING AWAY WITH IT IN THE PAN HANDLE! ~ WHO'S RAISING THESE MASS SHOOTERS? WHITE HATE RAISED THESE KIDS! ~ NOT MENTAL ILLNESS, IT'S WHITE HATE CULTURE AND HATEFUL WHITE LEADERSHIP IN OUR GOVERNMENT (Donald Trump and Republicans)! Stop raising these kids on hate Kool-Aid! ~ A powerful gun in the hands of a weak teen, with a xenophobic and hateful mind, that's why mass shootings happens. They chose hate instead of love and to be open minded. Let's put the laser target right on the exact cause and reason these mass shootings are happening! Ready? It is because these kids are growing up hearing their parents, and their white supremacist leadership, bitch and moan about all the reasons they should be angry and standing up for their country, jobs and futures. Hate rhetoric. These kids only know one toxic channel and they take it all in and it dominates their sense of being, the hate is so overwhelming it wants to get out, so they act out and do something express that hate, they attack the people they blame for all the self-inflicted hate inside of them. Hate is a dis"ease", meaning it puts a man in an not at ease state of being. But typically a man is mad at one thing or person at a time and then eventually exercises better judgement and becomes more reasonable and grows as a person beyond their disagreement, the problem is, they are angry at an entire race or group of people, and it's all the product of one hateful idiot's imagination passed on to another idiot. The hate inside them is self-inflicted, and then they want someone to blame. Yes, that's idiotic. Even some racist grow out of it and learn to live and let live. When there is an entire culture of hate, a news Networks like Fox News fostering and promoting hate and supporting and justifying the ideals that feed this anger and anti-immigrant propaganda, make no mistake, there will be a bunch of young angry white men and they will want to matter in that broad scope of their hate culture, especially when they hear the president's dog whistles and red meat. Their hateful parents, hate mentors and hate leadership is to blame and anyone else that feeds the American white nationalist hate culture and agenda. I've heard someone express compassion for these mass shooters, saying they lived a difficult life. Yea, living in Allen, Texas, having a home, education and job to pay for a car and an assault weapon. That's not difficult. Hard working immigrants getting up every morning to risk it all and for the hope of having a better life in America where there is no guarantee of making it through the week without being deported and having to leave their children behind, that's a difficult life. DUMP TRUMP! ~ BETO/MARIANNE 2020! ~ BIG HEART AND MORE LOVE FOR AMERICA IN 2020

  4. So let's talk about the atrocities that the Democratic party supports, infanticide, see 2500 babies are murdered everyday in this country, how many of those babies are black, but seems no Democrat wants to step forward and denounce this policy ,could it be they are racust

  5. So american's, please, when you next get the opportunity to ELECT representatives of yourselves, please remember who is actually willing to offer help, and who ducked anyone with questions beyond softballs rolled directly into their unmoving hands…and there are definitely ppl on both sides of the aisle who have been bought by gun lobbyists, I'm not condemning 1 over the other as wishy washy spineless sheep…from Canada though, it does appear there are a whole lot more democrats who are trying to get some traction on gun laws. But they do have their yella bellies too, so actually pay attention to their actions as well as whatever sweet words they use during their campaigns. There really does not seem to be a lot of people actually representing their constituents these past few years, and that is sad…it leaves around 3oo million out of 329 million citizens across your country being left out of any conversations, and that is DEFINITELY NOT HOW A DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC should function. Good luck. I just hope he doesn't totally meltdown before 2020, and wind up bringing a trump-made catastrophe to your front door.

  6. All gun owners have to lock up their guns very securely, and never let any one borrow them or know the combination, or where the keys are! That is something that would help right away!

  7. stop shitting on cnn, pretty soon there will be no other middle of the road news outlets if trump the autocrat has his way… and you are a video blogger with 393k subscribed to you.. a bit shy of cnn's MILLIONS of viewers…. so you should be more concerned about what fox non news and the rest of the alt right news says and what the orange turd does, rather than what cnn might say.. believe it or not, they are YOUR friends

  8. Hell(Fox)won't tell the truth when it Comes to who's really the blame for what happened this past weekend,we all know the W.H guy is the leader of the White national groups,don't believe he what he says(denounce's)hate he doesn't believe the lie's coming out his own mouth,he still has(Families)locked inside Cages see he's distracting got y'all looking one way while him and Mitch are trying to take away our Healthcare,cutting Social Security,keeping the Minimum wage at 7.25 a hr while rent's are going up every where and theirs more(Kim-jun)still has NUKES so don't be fooled whn the W.H guy whn he doesn't believe his own words we know who's behind the Mask don't believe the Lie's.

  9. All the Republiklans and Agolf Twittler had to get their talking points from the NRA first before they could go on air and start blaming video games… instead of looking in the mirror or recalling the hateful words of the orange shit gibbon and their party have been spewing.


  11. It's bad parenting cause of the laws that don't allow parents to parent. It's opioids, it's being the kid that was bullied. It's the young person that thinks he or she doesn't amount to anything. We need self worth. We need Andrew Yang 2020. It's not the guns fault. Their are better solutions to the problem than taking guns away.

  12. The thing people keep missing is its not just the NRA it's also the defence contractors because if we can convince people guns are bad they may start to think war is bad and they can't have that.

  13. People with brain…move to Canada…Canada can send their morrons to USA..?than Trump can build a wall all around US …

  14. The Republicans weren't running scared it's always been that way COWARDS BECAUSE IF DADDY TRUMP AND THE HEAD OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TELLS THEM TO KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT.

  15. Wouldn’t say NRA is that impotent. They do have success with knocking out gun control candidates and their fear onto politicians does work well

  16. Come on they cannot say anything it will cost them votes which to them is more important than lives young and old,I always wanted to go toAmerica but I shall never put my foot in that country it is worse than most Arab countries

  17. Oh no, I played the video game Dark Crusade this morning. I was then terrified about what, as a result of that, I might do in the afternoon. Then I realised that I am in the UK. So luckily, unlike the Americans, I am unaffected by video games. That is a relief.

  18. Yeah that's it you moron. I haven't heard any comments from Democrats about the Warren supporting socialist shooter in Ohio.

  19. The video game Dark Crusade is probably ok even for Americans because it is actually incredibly religious. It often starts with dogma from the Imperial Chaplain such as: A small mind is easily filled with faith.; An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.; Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.; Be strong in your ignorance.

  20. We’ve been here before, and Congress ain’t gonna pass any legislation that will have any effect on psycho mass murderers. Let’s move on.

  21. I appreciate you brought up what Tapper said later on. The pencil necked dweeb was desperate to find a comparison, so that he pretend neutrality on tv.

  22. Wow breaking news CNN calls out Republicans😂🤣😅🤪 stop the presses this is unbelievable!.. even fake news is losing it😂🤣😅

  23. blame everything they can except themselves, not a single acknowledgment from republicans that their president triggers the crazies who support their party

  24. I remember playing pacman and eating 3 boxes of twinkies till I was stopped by a ghost.
    Video games do have real world consequences.

  25. Reality is we had the Brady Bill, which Bill Clinton signed, and on that same day, he signed a ban on assault riffles. The NRA took it to court, and won. The NRA are the Republicans largest source of donations. O course the Republicans don't want to upset them, or they will loose those donations.

  26. Yes sir you are totally correct in saying that CNN was an enabler in this agenda, they were thinking about ratings, I peeped that more than a year ago, which is why I stopped watching CNN.

  27. The question is…what are these Republicans getting under the table from Russia and the NRA? Let’s get beyond the money because bribery can’t be far when this many people are afraid to fight for the lives of the people they say the serve through oath of office…especially after the head of the NRA pimp Daddy Wayne la pier 🧛🏻‍♂️ was known to be embezzling money from its organization and members.🧐🗣🧠

  28. "All that is necessary for evil to triumph…
    Is for the pieces of shit in the GOP to sit there and watch the world burn"

  29. Why are they cowardly? They are smart enough to know that it is not guns that kill people. It is people who kill people. They are not going to come on TV and lie like the looney left does all the time. Democrats come on TV to "get into the spotlight". Who ever heard of O'Rourke before this year? They guy would have never gone on air and point fingers and blame, if he wasn't running for office. Same with Booker and Buttigeg. They are "nobody" people that want to grab their fifteen minutes of fame. This country has a society filled with a mental illness. These people are liberal Democrats. They are the ones that are causing this chaos. The left does so much fear mongering, spreading of hate, racism, lies and division. Democrats have blood on their hands. Liberals need to be exterminated from this country. This show is part of that racism and hatred.

  30. Of course they refused to defend their own dogma. It's indefensible. There's absolutely NOTHING they can say that relatively intelligent people will swallow.

  31. Of course absence of guncontrol have to be put in question, in this head scratching equation. Although to solve this great mistery, you have to ask yourself what other countries do have, and america does not. Because every country have guns, video games, internet… but no country have as many mass shootings as america. So what is the difference? Well the difference is social system. People in america are showered with stress and fear and frustration and feelings of injustice. Those feelings are leading to nevrotic behaviour and are the dangerous mix of the most possible violent cocktail. And so every day, another lunatic just loose it and snaps all at once. And you know to well how it goes, it starts with innocent people cut in the prime of life, then comes the thoughts and prayers and then stupid allagations on what caused this and repeat as "needed". But, make people feel comfortable and safe and protected and supported, and soon those tragedy will disapear. Keep your guns video games and internet but demand national health security and free college education and decent minimum wage, and not only will america be great again, but it will soon be greater it has ever been. The brave people of america diserve no less.

  32. Basically any NRA Spokesperson after a shooting: Thoughts and prayers go out to all, BUT SERIOUSLY GO FUCK YOURSELVES .

  33. I do not want to be accused of French collusion here but please people can you find a better president next time. I did not get any sleep since 2016 with WW3 coming our ass tweet speed. I am soooo tired 😵🤯

  34. The R's aren't afraid of the NRA politically… they are afraid of not having their bank accounts filled by the NRA (and the Russians) for their next election campaign!

  35. Actually Farron I don't agree with you that Republicans are cowards. They have been brought off and even Mitch has said so. The cowards are the Democrats who keep allowing this stuff to happen, because they are scared the donors will cut them off completely. They (Democrats) are being paid to lose and most of them seem to like it, because they get a little bit of the donated money. While the Republicans get like 80% of it.

  36. Think about it. I'd be scared of the NRA too.
    They probably have assassins on standby in case somebody says anything against folks from the NRA😂😂😂
    Funny not funny tho….
    Come on guys, y'all can't be that daft!
    NRA? Why are they afraid of the NRA?🙄
    Isn't it obvious? They are a gun and ammunition organization…foh

  37. It's TRUE many of our politicians are thick skinned and shameless. And many of them realize what's HEADLINE NEWS today… more than likely could be TRUMPED tomorrow by some other devastating incident. So… the GOP'ers are playing a waiting game. They're waiting for the repercussions of these nightmarish tragedies to blow over. And yes I believe some of them are tht heartless. And believe this… I'm not in anyway trying too down-play the senseless murders of those innocent people. What happened is horrendous and unforgivable. But the Republicans have been at this game a long time, and they're just waiting it out.

    We should be taking our lists of grievances to our representatives. We should flood their twitters, mailboxes, emails with our disgust at their lack of representation. Nothing thts happened during this administration should be placed on a back burner, nothing should be overlooked.

    Unfortunately… we are guilty of following the HEADLINES.

  38. 4:15
    This white guy says,
    "That is the America we live in today"
    TODAY???? TODAY????
    We (Blacks, Hispanics, Natives and every other minority group) had and have been living "This America" for years.
    I'm sure when the Native Americans were slaughtered it was at the hands of both Democrats and Republicans….. BOTH
    I know this dude is trying to be all "pro-people" and shyt.
    But he's a turn-off with that blind azz rhetoric he's spittin….FOH



  41. Farron please call out CNN on the hard strike they did to David Pakman. He can't livestream for over 3 months and they called him out on twitter.

  42. Dayton Shooter's Twitter account promoted:

    -Bernie Sanders
    -Elizabeth Warren
    -Strong anti-ICE rhetoric
    -He called the terrorist who attacked the ICE facility in Tacoma a "martyr"

  43. If anyone goes to FOX videos on their YouTube channel, they will find many have their comment sections disabled , some were previously enabled, but have since been shut off. Republikkkans want to control the narrative and protect their militant hate branch, the NRA

  44. I watch "Face the Nation" and "Meet the Press" every Sunday.
    They had Republicans making statements but weren't using a tragedy as a political issue.

  45. Now the NRA is in deep, deep trouble over the Russian agent scandal; their political power is weakened considerably.

  46. It's nothing new the Republican party is a disgusted party of our nation. we need democracy back in our nation vote democratic 2020 at all cost for peace and love

  47. Maybe the two Career Criminals would come on or are they hiding from the FBI out of the country? Hope they get arrested on LIVE TV, then executed by a Military Tribunal! Biggest pay per view in history! You're NOT getting our guns, Baldy! Forget it! 🖕

  48. Support you guys … bit too collective in the fruit salad of what x did and what y did etc. A little too much opinion ?

  49. USA is living in the 19th century thanks to Thrump and the republicans ,Fact ,,, guns kill , gun control saves life's but maybe natzi boy wants his follows to kill his opposition so he can re elected


  51. I dnt know what’s his problem with immigrants WHEN HES A PRODUCT OF IMMIGRANT PARENTS but according to him it’s only people of color and Hispanics …….but he’s ok marrying immigrants from other countries like his previous wife and the current one who both look like EUROPEAN MEN……UGLY JUST LIKE HIM

  52. Vote all the spineless Republicans out on office do you want any gun laws and Common Sense laws vote them all out

  53. Snake Flapper is a complete Zl0nist shill. lsraHeiIis are the biggest racists (“land of the Chewish people”) and supposed “chosen” supremacists. They stole the lands of the Semitic Palestinian people through genocide and ethnic cleansing. Hundreds of thousands have been massacred by the lsraHeIIlies, hundreds of Palestinian villages obliterated. 2 million Semitic Palestinian people have been locked up in the Gaza Concentration Camp – the world’s largest open-air prison. Millions of Semitic Palestinian are subjected to Apartheid. brutal military occupation, land theft and daily assaults. Snake Flapper is a complete and utter idiot!

  54. why are you demons pushing up the gun violence and all over the fake news about this President Trump fault because your all running out of time and Christ will be our redeemer

  55. What about the cowardly Dems who will not go on FOX to be interviewed.
    I don't hear you talking about those losers.
    Why don't you go on FOX. Farron Cousins!

  56. Is this the hate speech page ? Cause that's all I see in your lovely Democrat comments .. This entire page is proof of how sick, hateful and hypocritical you are 👍

  57. Yes, you right tough guy…and CNN is the most respectful network in America…Taper is always telling the guys are so full of class….:)

  58. We only need TWO senators from the GOP to leave that party, and #MoscowMitch is out of power!!! They don't have to become democrats, just stop being part of the party that is destroying America. Obviously it wouldn't be Cruz, but there has to be someone…

  59. Until they and their families start losing their protection and comfort lives to gun violence they might get a clue because it's coming.

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