Climbing The Americas (Road Trip) – vlog #1

Climbing The Americas (Road Trip) – vlog #1

So these are.. two 80m ropes.. and we got also one of the TeFIX but it’s 9.7 mm All packed! Cheers! How many kilos is that? About two and half tonnes Cool ride! Since our bags didn’t arrive seems like we can only go bouldering. I could find a few lines on that So it’s like 15 minutes since we arrived
and despite spending one and half months in the Valley last time, I still
didn’t get to try this. It’s called Midnight Lightning. I think it’s fair to
say it’s the world’s most famous boulder problem. So now it’s time to try to flash
it. I’m quite nervous. Try hard, come on! That would be embarrassing to fall
from the flash on such a super important and historic boulder problem
but.. I was stressed No bags? No? Somewhere on a plane right now, I guess Oh you lost it? We had a like one hour transfer in Paris, so it got stuck I think we’re going to Book of Hate To that? Today? Yeah, you wanna… ? Oh, hell yeah! Yeah? Let’s go then Yeah! I’ll get ready.

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  1. I really like the video and i love the fact that you are making vlogs from this amazing trip! If you want some constructive critique: Make longer vlogs, tell us more about what´s going on, and in general add some more effort with recording and editing. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Sucks that you had to start out w/ that luggage hang-up… GEEZ!
    But you Soloed a sick boulder! It's always nice when someone in your sport/art (they're all ART), etc…., help out.

  3. Yo big fan i have been climbing 8 months now and got my first v7 and 5.12a what would you recomend i do to get more

  4. I love that Adam approaches Midnight Lightning with genuine respect and trepidation that he might not actually flash it. Watching, I knew he would but it shows humility on his part that he didn’t necessarily expect it would go. Can’t wait to see the rest of theses vlogs!

  5. You guys are soooooo hard-core! I can't say enough about how inspirational it is, just to watch! LOVE IT!!!!!
    I'm an Artist, & I love seeing Extreme Street Art & really sick Graffiti in the most insane spots..
    Recently I was thinking about how much I'd love to see a world-class climber that happened to love Graffiti as well, pull off the sickest pieces in the most insane spots… (there are some INSANELY HARD CORE guys that have been doing Pichação in Brazil for a long time. They're so beyond insane I thought. These super poor kids that live in the favelas, standing on eachother's shoulders, sometimes 3 or more high, on a ledge, soooo many stories up… just to paint their own graffiti that is one of the only kinds that had little to zero influence from Philly/NYC (where all modern Graff started). They get shot off ledges by the police who call them rats, they fall to their deaths all the time… yet they love the thrill of the climb, the painting in insane spots, risking their lives for this…(regardless of your views on graffiti), its Amazing. These "pichadores" are just having a blast!
    — If you're not familiar w/ this, definitely check it out. THESE KIDS ARE INSANE!
    There have been several Hard core Graff-Writers that paint in crazy spots, that would be NOTHING for a seasoned climber. That started mainly in LA b/c Graffiti on the street was getting buffed out so fast..
    So…… As a person who loves EXTREME SPORTS, visual art, lettering, and all phenomenal achievements, I can't help but think about this. I'm learning more about climbing, I'm no where near am I an expert..
    Skateboarding and Art were my big things growing up. Skating, nearly went Pro, won every contest I entered… which was only a few LOL…. unfortunately partying and getting Crohn's when I was 19 kinda ruined all of that for nearly a decade…
    I still love to do what I can. I am a professional Artist, but I can't really skateboard anymore and I never got into serious climbing.. So I'm living that vicariously through people like Adam… I F*ckin' Love This!

  6. If this video is any indication of the production values and direction that this channel is about release regularly, then I am a very excited climber.

  7. Adam I was the guy who was working on Midnight Lightning when you arrived! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me and give me a spot, you're one of my climbing heroes and it meant a lot to me. Also my camera caught you from a different angle, hope you don't mind me sharing:

  8. if you are Adam Ondra, I don't think you actually need to bring gears with you.. just go in a climbing place ans show your face around : )

  9. I love bouldering just as much as everyone on the planet but it blows my fucking mind that a European "professional climber" would go to California, look up at El Cap, and then go bouldering? That would be like a city kid driving up to the Daks and looking up at Spider's-Web and not getting on the wall? If I climbed "five fifteen" I would spend my life down climbing the hardest rts. on El Cap third class and setting speed records. Well then why don't I? Hmm. I don't climb five fifteen..

  10. Hey Adam, I'm really excited about you're visiting Chile next week. It's amazing to get to know the world's best climber. See you soon 🙂

  11. Love how that guy is like "Hey, I'm climbing book of hate today, wanna go?"
    Adam looks around "Oh, you mean ME? Oh HELL yeah" LOL
    Adam is obvious a class act dude

  12. Please don’t cut the climbing bits! These are the ones I’m here for!
    Pretty great video, very dramatic theme. I’m surprised to see so much editing efford in climbing!

  13. Enjoying the video and you have done a great job on the edit! If you have time let me know what you think of my latest video just need some feedback! 😃

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