Climate 101: Ozone Depletion | National Geographic

Climate 101: Ozone Depletion | National Geographic

(upbeat piano music) – [Narrator] 15 to 35
kilometers above Earth’s surface a gas called ozone surrounds the planet. The ozone layer acts as a barrier between Earth and ultraviolet
radiation from the Sun. However, pollution has caused
the ozone layer to thin exposing life on Earth
to dangerous radiation. (upbeat piano music) Earth’s atmosphere is
made up of six layers. The second layer, called the stratosphere, contains the ozone layer. The ozone layer is made up of a highly reactive molecule called ozone which contains three oxygen atoms. Ozone is a trace gas in the atmosphere. There are only about
three molecules for every 10 million molecules of air but it does a very important job. The ozone layer acts as Earth’s sunscreen, absorbing about 98% of damaging
ultraviolet or UV light. But the ozone layer has gotten thinner. Chemicals called
chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs are the primary culprits
in ozone layer breakdown. A CFC is a molecule that
contains the elements carbon, chlorine and fluorine. CFCs are mostly found in refrigerants, aerosols and plastic products. When CFCs are exposed to ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere, they break down into substances that include chlorine. The chlorine reacts with the oxygen atoms in ozone and rips apart
the ozone molecule. Areas of damage in the
ozone layer are often called ozone holes but
that name is misleading. Ozone layer damage is
more like a thin patch with the thinnest areas near the poles. The ozone layer above the
Antarctic in particular has been impacted by
pollution since the mid-1980s. There the region’s low
temperatures speed up the conversion of CFCs to
ozone-damaging chlorine. About 90% of CFCs
currently in the atmosphere were emitted by industrialized countries in the northern hemisphere. In 1989 the Montreal Protocol
banned the production of ozone-depleting substances. Since then the amount of chlorine and other ozone-depleting elements in the atmosphere have been falling. Scientists estimate that
chlorine levels will return to their natural state in about 50 years. By then the Antarctic
ozone hole will shrink to smaller than eight
million square miles. (slow piano music) (upbeat synthetic pop music)

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  1. Earth's ozone layer is gradually thinning out due to pollution. What do you think can be done to slow down the impact of CFCs on our ozone layer?

  2. No such thing as ozone hole at geographic poles. What we actually have is atmosphere going in and out of polar openings in vortex style just like all other planets with atmosphere. Polar openings are located at 90 latitude, at geographic poles, rotation axis of earth. Read Marshall B. Gardner's book pdf for compelling evidence of polar openings. Ozone = O + Zone. O is a symbol for polar opening. Zone means area. Read between the lines.

  3. Does the fact that there is 6 months of darkness at the south pole contribute to lack of ozone there?

    Why doesn't Clorox, pool chlorine, or chlorine from seawater (NaCl "salt water) deplete ozone?

    Why do CFC's only deplete ozone at the south pole?

    Why are CFCs the only source of high-atmosphere chlorine?

    Being heavier than air, how do CFCs reach the stratosphere, which starts 6 miles up?

    Being heavier than air, what happens to CFCs when released into the atmosphere?

    If the ozone hole was "discovered" in the late 70s with satellite imagery, how do we know it wasn't there all along?


  5. What about the effects the chem trails have , seems to me the vapor traps in more heat , sun rays are intense now , gets worse each year ..

  6. What a coincidence, the "ozone hole" only covered the one part of the world humans don't occupy, how amazing! Imagine believing this propaganda.

  7. superb still research about ozone layer . when the whole will cure . no no no no no words to tell really really very very awesome

  8. If CFC causes holes in ozone layer or makes it thin, why on the poles? Who uses AC, Refrigerator, Sprays in the artic circle?
    So CFC emission from NY, Tokyo, HK etc all traveled across the globe to the artic circle where it breaks the ozone molecule.. someone explain this. By this logic ozone holes should have been created on top of temperate zones where CFC should be high.

    Ozone (o3 molecule)'s lifespan is very short, 30 mins. So does it matter?

    'Most ozone (about 90%) resides in a layer that begins between 6 and 10 miles (10 and 17 kilometers) above the Earth's surface.'
    Why flights which fly in the same area not affecting it?

  9. Hey.CFL does not make ozone depletion in Antarctica. it is due to lack of sun light does not reach the poles.Ultra voilet ray cleaves the oxygen molecule of O3 to produce O2 and this radical combine to other oxygen molecule thus ozone regenerate by the UV rays.. it does not harm the ozone.

  10. Wait!, why rainbow exist, is the rainbow is an Ozone Depletion?, Or it's just there for no Rison.

    I Want to spell reason wrong, cause i dont want every planet hate me >:c

  11. By saying humans are not the problem for pollution is like saying when Adam and Eve was around the world was polluted

  12. CFCs are just a blame! The real reason of why theres a hole in our O zone was from the nuclear warhead testing and powerplant emissions! As far as pollution, they blame the diesel trucks. As a penality, diesel fuel prices remain high!

  13. The Ozone layer is actually recovering, and should be fully recovered by 2050-2060! And that’s a fact 🙂

  14. If only i could be a president XD…Id declare ''none shall use fireworks and any more products that can cause great pollution…Or else i will bring back the military base (batas militar)

    Im glad tho whenever its night time


  16. China releases 7,000 tons of Chlorofluorocarbon a year without permission ! We must stop it for the Earth !

  17. All life on Earth is coming to an end due to the Ozone Layer ( blue sky ) Depletion. One can see how thin the blue sky is becoming. C.F.C.s have a life span of between 50 – 100 years. One C.F.C. molecule kill 100,000 Ozone Layer molecules. We are all stuffed.

  18. I haven't heard about the Ozone in a few years so apparently the alarm isn't a big money-maker anymore.

  19. Please call for leaders and business companies or any concern agencies to act every minute to save our earth

  20. This need to be either updated or taken down as its misleading.. China have been illegally using/making cfc gases again and there has been a big spike in its use.

  21. Yeah we are DUMMED I do get scared I don’t wanna die but I know in the next 1,000 years earth will be bye bye

  22. People are always responsible for the destruction of nature. And the destruction of nature means that life on earth will no longer exist. People are dependent on nature, Nature is not dependent on human.. people have forgotten it now. As a result not only humans but every living creatures on Earth is suffering the deeds of human being today. The Earth has become increasingly fragile For some types of people and political leaders and politician. One of the main cause of this situation in the World today is human being.. At present, Human being will be one of the leading cause of destruction of the Earth…….
    If all the people on Earth were not United to save the Earth and Nature now, it would be too late………..

  23. Let’s not forget that the scientist Dobson found out about about the ozone layer in the 1950s and CFCs weren’t really used then so.

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