Clear Proofs of Fascism in Ukraine! – ENG SUBS

Clear Proofs of Fascism in Ukraine! – ENG SUBS

„Russian provocateurs“ employ any means available to destabilise the situation in Ukraine… …and to show that Fascism or rather Nazism are “SUPPOSEDLY” prevalent in Ukraine. Here is a fresh video from Kiev underground metro, shot yesterday, obviously by Russian provocateurs [ crowd riding escalator chants ]
NOVOROSSIYA SUCK MY DICK! Let’s not dwell in sad things, let’s be positive and think of those who defend us, the battalions… …the warriors, who are irrationally feared… …by the dumb, zombified by Russian TV, residents living in territories temporarily occupied by separatists. Let’s talk about the positive. Stop the Propaganda!
There is no Fascism in Ukraine! (as you just saw…)

16 thoughts on “Clear Proofs of Fascism in Ukraine! – ENG SUBS

  1. After the liberation of whole Ukraine it would be easy to find all of this Nazi scum and hang them in the Maidan square! Long live free Novorrusia!!!

  2. Omg. 😀 … they were speaking Russian, therefore they must be Russians! The half of Ukraine can speak Russian. Your logic is kinda twisted. That footage from Kiev's underground is nice but I can not see anything on that footage what would say those are Russians, therefore you have no validation, there ware Russians. However I don't say there was no Russian or it just could not happen that there were Russians, but unless you have some bullet-proof validation these people were Russians this is just blaming. 

    On many pictures you DO show images from Pravij Sektor, the UKRAINIAN neonacism party not Russians (especially ). So make some clear statement where and how did you find those pictures and how you can really support your strong claims those people are Russians.

    I'm critic to this kinda videos.

  3. The title says clear proof of fascism in Ukraine. what could possibly be sarcastic about that? that is exactly what the video shows. No the title is not sarcastic, thank you for posting this. Any time press talks to azov troops they make excuses and pretend they aren't nazis , sellouts. They all seem pretty proud in the pics, fucking cowards. Remember Odessa. Never forget!

  4. Echt grausig ist das ! Wem das als Beweis immer noch nicht reicht, der verschliesst seine Augen und WILL es nicht sehen ! Ich habe einige ähnliche Videos schon kommentiert, Das kann man auf meinem Google+ Account ja sehen. Aber der traurigste Beweis ist dieser hier:

  5. This is a purely propagated video. I have been to both Russia and Ukraine nine times. Are their fascists in Ukraine?…yes. But I will add there are far fewer in Ukraine than in countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, etc. What really shocks me though is when I see swastikas (graffiti) in Russia knowing what the Nazis did to Russia. What is equally abhorrent is how many Russians love Stalin, young and old. Russian "patriotism" today is akin to the American lunatic fringe the tea party. There is little reality in their extremist perspective. Russia has its propagated media. Stupid Americans watch (and believe) Fox News.

  6. Таких дураков везде есть немного, но в России их в изобилии. В три, четыре раза больше чем в Украине. Добавлю, что обе страны довольно хорошо знаю. Пусть русские сами начнут быть нормальными людьми, тогда им будет меньше интересно в других странах фашистов разыскивать.

  7. If we are to believe George Soros the Nazi connected American billionaire who is much behind what is going on in the Ukraine we have to recognize the Nazi connections.  Exactly what that means can certainly be debated.  I understand the people presently running the Ukrainian government are the same people that ran the last government, which was supposedly overthrown!  There are those saying this is a false flag operation. It certainly is changing global politics and not for the better.  I do not pretend to know, but my humble prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine.  They do not need this war destroying their loved ones and their country which they nearly all seem to love.  Put the politicians up front and see how quickly it comes to an end.

  8. from Jeff

    You would think that people would rise up and smash a tyrant.
    George Bush smashed the tyranny of Saddam Hussein,
    but now George Bush is a villain and not a hero.

    Think about that, as well. And we ought to ask what happened in
    Beijing when people stood up to protest the communist regime almost two decades ago?                         

    Tanks rolled over the protestors. And what happened after that?
    It was the same in the Third Reich.                                                 

    Hitler killed his opponents, destroyed Germany's democratic
    constitution and governed in a lawless fashion.                     

    And what did the Western powers do?  

    Stalin starved the Kulaks, arranged Kirov's murder and purged the Red Army.            

    But people closed their eyes. They denied the seriousness
    of the problem. If Hitler and Stalin had not turned against each
    other the West would not have survived.

    The sad truth is, we refuse to recognize evil because we don't
    want the responsibility and the risk involved in fighting evil.                      

    To see a great evil makes one responsible for doing something.
    The moral choice is clear. If you see a baby crawling towards a cliff,
    you have a responsibility to pull the baby from danger.                                    

    What sort of person would argue that the baby's safety is not
    your responsibility? We all know what is expected of us under the
    circumstances, and the problem of great political evil forces us into the realm of responsibility.                                                

    And so, I believe, it is to avoid responsibility that we are so willing to
    confuse the moral issues by dwelling on the errors of Western governments
    while we ignore the totalitarian East. Have we forgotten what totalitarianism signifies?

    How about hundreds of millions of dead: by famine, war and forced labor.
    Look at Saddam Hussein, for example. His two chief heroes were Hitler and Stalin.                          

    He killed hundreds of thousands of people, and the only reason
    he didn't kill tens of millions was due to the small size of his country, and his lack of opportunity.

    Nonetheless, he committed acts of military aggression against two neighboring countries.
    He used chemical weapons on civilians. His people suffered decades under a regime of
    arbitrary arrest, torture and murder.                                                       

    And so, when the Americans arrive and put women's clothing on Iraqi
    prisoners we are instructed to lament the horror of American power.
    Saddam didn't force men to wear dresses.

    He cut off their testicles, or ran electricity through them. I am sorry for being graphic,
    but one must say such things to the adult children of our time.                        

    There are scales of comparison, and too many fools don't know how to weigh things at all..

    What if the world had acknowledged Hitler's evil in 1933? How many lives would've
    been saved? How much destruction and loss and heartache would have been prevented?  

    This only goes to show that we've learned nothing from the twentieth century.

    We are prepared to repeat all our old mistakes – from the Great Depression and the world wars themselves.                                    

    Deep down the U.S. president knows that his "partner" in Russia is a dictator
    who murders journalists, who uses radioactivity to poison critics in the West,
    and yet President Bush will not say that Putin is a dictator.                                               

    President Bush will not say that the Chinese leaders are killers
    who mowed down their own people in Tiananmen Square.              

    He cannot say it, because appeasement is king and George W. Bush
    is in the doghouse. America has compromised its economic system and
    therefore its political system.

    Goethe once said, "Despite all the powers closing in, hold yourself up."

    And yes, even now, there are powers closing in.              

    end excerpt, from:      


  9. Go to the RT website comment section & see how many Jew hating comments you find then talk to me about a few lost souls in the Ukrainian army

  10. Ублюдок, который говорит о том, что все хорошо и в то же время показывает нацистких тварей, которые обстреливают Донбас, для тебя в аду уже котел закипает.

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