CLASSY! Putin: The United States Is A Great Country, And Russia Has Always Respected It

CLASSY! Putin: The United States Is A Great Country, And Russia Has Always Respected It

I believe that we have many interests in common with the United States. The United States is a great country, and we have always respected it. We were allies in two world wars. It is our common history, and it is a positive history. Of course, we also want to maintain cooperation with it in technology and the economy in general. However, under President Obama – I think I have mentioned this before – our trade plummeted to $20 billion. Over the first two years of President Trump’s term, it increased to $25 billion. Is this a lot or a little? Our trade with Turkey is $25 billion, and we have the same volume of trade with the United States. This is little, of course. We have common interests in the economy, not to mention energy. We have common interests in the field of international security, because Russia and the United States are the world’s largest nuclear powers. This is the case, for now. This factor must be taken into account. We are cooperating, one way or another, in the fight against terrorism, and we maintain operational interaction in Syria. The same is true about our fight against organized crime and in the field of environmental protection. Our colleague just mentioned that the United States has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. I believe that this is a mistake. But I can understand the logic behind this decision, because the previous US Administration assumed obligations regarding [carbon emission] limits that were difficult for the United States. Paris Climate Accord is a framework arrangement that is not binding, and the US Administration could have adjusted its obligations within this framework. But the current US Administration has decided differently. Nevertheless, we should try to involve the current US Administration in these matters. It is another area for our cooperation. I believe we can do this. President Trump has said more than once that he is not planning to destroy the global environment but that balanced solutions must be found, in the interests of the American economy. I believe this is something we can discuss as well. In other words, there are many common platforms where we can work together. We are ready for this as long as our American partners are. But we see what is still going on there. Thank goodness we are no longer being accused of interfering in US elections; they are accusing Ukraine now. Let them settle this matter between them. However, the factor of internal political struggle is still having a negative effect on Russian-US relations. I hope this will end at some point. We are ready for this.

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  1. Then why does Putin always threaten the West with nukes we don't do that to Russia sorry that NATO is at your doorstep they have no interest in invading Russia these little European countries are afraid of Russia that's why the United States is there to reassure them that they will be okay because they're like little babies crying sure would be nice if Russia and the United States could get along I am glad that President Trump pulled from the nuclear treaty deal with Russia they have broken the deal by manufacturing weapons that they should not have been and so is China so the United States backed out and is developing state-of-the-art weapons such a sad world we live in

  2. both US and Russia always is empire and see the world just like a chess to play until everything destroy and rebuild

  3. I'm sure Trump would like to have more discussions with Putin but if he does so the liberal media and the Democratic party will say it is collusion this is what we have to deal with as Americans the world would be a much better place if we could get rid of all the liberals in it by any means necessary

  4. If any country should be blamed for carbon emission it should be it should be China it produces more carbon emissions then all countries in the world combined

  5. Dear americans, this is true, not just "blah-blah". There is no conflict between Russia and USA, there is only conflict with satanic liberal "democrats", who want destroy any strong sovereign independent country. Take them to a bin for garbage, at least for your own interests

  6. As an AMERICAN I often wonder the same things and why America is not closer to Russia. The Russian population just seems to be the closest to the Americans and it also seems like we have so much in common.. Its just the elite who have their own agendas that they put before the interest of the nation for a few bucks..

  7. It's because the climate Paris treaty was a joke. So many countries had to do nothing yet the United States was supposed to do everything once again. Thank God for President Trump. If Russia wishes to join it and crippled their economy feel free. But be willing to have all of the same in positions placed on you at the Accord that would have been placed on the United States or you're all talk no action

  8. Only the crazy left accused of Russia of tampering in the elections and that's because they actually had tampered in them so much so that they thought they could not lose and did not even bother covering up many of their crimes. They were shocked when they lost and their crimes were starting to get uncovered so they needed a scapegoat.

  9. I have always said Russia is a great country the Russians and Americans are very much a like but our two great nations have been plagued with third world country’s that who have one agenda to keep us at each other because they no if we were strong allies we would control the world and there would be peace and freedom and all war mongers would be broke and out of business. I do hope the younger generation of Americans and Russians can come together and emerge as a one supper power and bring peace freedom to the world

  10. I’m British but I have become anti American since the Hong Kong issue.
    Also British government specially Tory party, As we are still acting like a leader / second leader of the world.
    I have been asking questions about Vladmir Putin for a while about, opposition party for him, people he jailed, people he poisoned , country’s he put direct pressure like Ukraine..
    Now I understand that if he doesn’t use’s the absolute power there is 99.9% chance America will play a dirty politics to break Russia into pieces.
    For the first time I’m admiring Putin.
    Let’s see how it goes in the future.

  11. According to Russia's foreign strategy that Russia must spread Anti-Americanism and Anti-Westernism everywhere: "the main 'scapegoat' will be precisely the U.S and the West."

    In the United States:
    "Russia should use its Intelligent services within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism, for instance, provoke "Afro-American racists". Russia should "introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics."
    P.S. Trump is doing exactly that. Russian spy in the White House. According to one anonymous Russian special agent that Trump's victory in a presidential election was the greatest Russian espionage operation that was ever performed in the US.

  12. Of course the United States is a great country, your puppet and his herd of dumber than sheep supporters have made it “Great Again”. Thanks to our deeply corrupt two political Parties our government is in almost $30 trillion debt, 45% of our working class lives under poverty level and even many more lack a basic health insurance. Plague of greed has giving a new meaning to greatness of America.

  13. Don't get carried away with your love for the United States. The United States is working towards democracy and free elections in Russia. This is the ultimate goal. When Russia has free elections, when the corruption is expunged, Mr. Putin will be arrested and stand trial, in front of his own people. There is a lot of charges against president Putin: corruption, embezzlement of state funds, abuse of power, murder of political opponents.

  14. Mr.Putin is very much so, Class Act, I myself am Swedish and Scottish that is Viking blood. Western Russia is Viking to me, we are brothers. As Americans, yea we broke from our Kings and Queens both countries have very similar history. Ok the little Communism things, I can forgive we did not act right either. GHW lied to Borros, he did that himself the evil piece of s hit he was. But the fact is we are NOT at war and leaders thus far didn't destroy the planet. Our new President is an honorable man, Who is doing what he promised us. We The People our national patriotism was almost destroyed in the last administration.I don't blame Vladimir for taking advantage of the corrupt stupid individuals, that pay to play only to sell our country out. It's, ok, "Treason". Now we show the world what we do to treasonous Mofos. We are not so different believe me. I drank Vodka with Soviet sailors in Barcelona Spain, in the 1980's. I never laughed so hard nor ever drunker in my life, I love Russian people, they look like me, maybe I will learn Russian even, the women hands down beat these American. Crazies. They are ao Beautiful beyond words, is all I can say. So who is it again saying Russia is our enamy? Oh, those liars in the Deep Rape State. The corrupt Government that GHW built. He's dead it's over we are not putting up with these losers amy longer.
    It's not gonna be any civil war, we are a constitutional republic that's how it's gonna be, if us northerners have to kick there ass into line one more time ok. This time it's with ropes and trees get it? We The People are gonna shut down the BS because of our 2nd amendment the right to bare arms, a gun behind every blade of grass? Na, maybe more, that ain't changing, lol God Bless everyone. We are brothers we do not want to be Enamies if there is any politicians talk I g that crap a year from now, I will be surprised hahahaha right? The Right to be Right, that's what's up tired of listening to none s3nse from idiots. Free trade with Russia. Back off on any B.S., get this. Him a trade thing worked, we will get JFK Jr. I'm right after Trump that's what 16years guaranteed to clean this mess up and we will because we are honorable men who have respect for others. These scumbags dont represent me but TRUMP DOES.

  15. I don’t remember who said this. I was a young girl but the pastor of my church said that when us children were much older that Russia would open the churches and become Christian. I pray this is true. Maybe that’s why so many Dems hate Russia and want war.

  16. Much respect to President Putin and Love to Russian people – From Los Angeles, California, U.S.A

    P.S. I would love to teach English and live in Russia even for 1 year period.

  17. I know without a doubt that all the anti-Russia talk by the witch Hillary Clinton and the media controlled by the elites comes from their fear of a Russia-USA alliance. If the US and Russia developed a true and strong alliance, evil, lying and unjust powers would not be so bold and would be more likely to lose influence and their people would be encouraged to seek freedom from tyranny. This is the time to shatter the control of the global elite, to expose their lies and abuse of billions of humanity and to pursue truth and hope not division and propaganda. I pray for President Trump. I will pray for President Putin. God would have nothing less.

  18. Allies?
    Bullshit, its just as smelly as "Barack Obama's scandal free administration'
    Anybody who buys that line is a fool.

  19. The only enemy and an obstacle to achieving peace and good relations between the US and Russia are the Democrats which are the embodiment of evil!

  20. 2024.2027 cycle of war going up so after Trump coming again somebody from deep state carrier politician for president of USA. Bad years 2032.95 and 2039. Botom of cycle of war.

  21. Russia has an international arrest warrant for Soros. The US could help, at least offer some assistance, in seeing that Soros is arrested. He is wanted in Russia. Banned in Hungary.

  22. I do think after Trump gets re-elected in 2020 the businesses and cooperation are gonna go thru the roof we will also need to take back the house but we working on it..

  23. Russia and America are like brothers…. they may argue and they may not get along… they are joined at the hip via the past … but like all brothers…. Americans will not allow their brother Russians to be catastrophically attacked by bad actors and I really believe the reverse would be true.

  24. I wouldnt mind if america and russia could finally get along. Putin likes trump, and trump likes putin. Lets make it happen and stop acting like stubborn mules.🇺🇸🇷🇺

  25. Putin is a fair weather friend. That means, I will pretend to be your friend as long as I need you to advance my cause or reach my goal. After that goal is met, I will kill you.

  26. fckn american demonrats ….. respect to Trump. wish him a luck and power to defeat demonrats. hope someday the US government will represent by two parties – capitalistic Republicans who represent interests of corporations and Socialistic Democrats who represent interests of an ordinary citizens . The golden middle.

  27. He is not only great statesman, he is also talented salesman. He is finding many ways to sell Russian natural resources, in the case of economic sanctions. The western sanctions are pushing the Russians into higher level of self-sufficiency, which is bringing revival to the its domestic industries.

  28. I admire and respect you a lot putin, ❤️from the Netherlands 🇳🇱 I will never forget the the class act of helping the white farmers from South Africa. Hope we can maintain a warm and fruitful relation like in the times of Peter the great.

  29. Yes !!! The American current administration is not looking for such things for climate at all they don't accept it sadly

  30. You outright invaded and stole Crimea, over 10,000 Ukrainians have died in this war, let us never forget, you deserve worse than sanctions

  31. The western world and USA must
    Reconciled with Russia
    Which is primary impotance now
    For the benefit of the world
    First remove their sanctions

  32. You have nothing we want commie.
    Exept your waman's and hot twin boys.
    Send them over!
    PUTAN! Give me your babishka!

  33. Let's not forget that these are the same cunts who murder their own officials, murder journalists, and who conducted a massive operation to interfere in the American democratic process as reported by ALL 17 U.S. intelligence agencies…an operation which is ongoing even today.

  34. I have a lot of respect for President Putin. He is a class just like our great President
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. Russia shoot down malaysia flight 17 resulting in 297 deaths. The international court of justice is currently investing this matter why Russian weapons were in the eastern part of Ukraine which is currently in a civil war. 4 suspects are accused for the act 3 of which are Russian special forces that should have not been even Ukraine in the first place. The trade decreased between Russia and Us after sanctions were imposed on Russia because of the annexation of Crimea. Actions speak louder then words.

  36. President Putin is a Wise Good man,,i know he want prosperity and peace..Long live Great Russia..respect and admiration to Comrade Putin..from philippines Sir

  37. Russia 🇷🇺 does not want wars they have everything that God created ,the best fisheries ,farms ,oil and gas just to mention a few resources

  38. Even George Bush liked Putin ,must been the demons in Hillary Killery ,and Barry Obumer ,and George Soros the comrade of Adolf Hitler that did want to work with him and Russia 🇷🇺

  39. Putin is a great guy, the USSR occupied us for 40 years and they were not great guys. Russians are Orthodox not enemies and they paid in blood for God.

  40. Yes, US is a great country but since the satanic elite moved their operational base inside. We don’t have freedom anymore. The Ashkenazis are ruling everything from here and using doctrinarían education in schools. The result , brainwashed people without critical thinking.

  41. An excellent President he swindled that uranium Cooked Hillary sold Russia as well as lined her and constituents pockets with cash between that and Benghazi she is a traitor

  42. I love Mr. Putin. If the Americans think Trump is a tough leader, they should have a taste of Putin. The Dummycrats would be out on their stinky asses. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  43. The biggest problem with all nations of the Earth they forget Where their blessings come from!!! People would learn to just love their neighbors and selves, the world would be better place.

  44. Die Nestmaier steht auf dich die irre Atomwaffen Benutzerin die gerne Kinder verkrüppelt. Happy Birthday. Hahaha geniesse es.

  45. I am proud of President Trump. He works very hard for peace and fairness,he is respectful for those who are equally respectful.

  46. Well, I for one would prefer the west to take the side of Russia as compared to china. Why?? Russians are genetically much closer to Europeans / anglosaxons. If there is going to be a fight, the Chinese do not have the best interest of the Western world in mind.

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