Clash of Ideologies – Crafting the Perfect Villain

Clash of Ideologies – Crafting the Perfect Villain

15 thoughts on “Clash of Ideologies – Crafting the Perfect Villain

  1. Great vid, but there was no recession in the US in 1979, and the ones before and after 1979 weren't caused by "greed". Stick to film analysis and steer clear of economics. Otherwise, you give the appearance of injecting your own ideology into what should be fairly neutral.

  2. I'm enjoying a binge watch of your videos after benefiting from the excellent "Castle Rock" recaps you made of episodes 1-3. I think it's genius to have video essays and show recaps. May I also suggest movie reviews? Movie trailer reactions? Those could be done more frequently if you choose a format without a lot of edits.

  3. "represents the anti-ethical values of western civilization" so western civilization stands for authoritarianism, injustice and immorality??? Are you off your rocker dude??

  4. A good video and made all the more interesting by the ironic fact that you couldn't prevent your own ideologies from getting in the way of your point.

  5. Really  enjoyed. You struck at the essence of crafting great story: The Hero is only as good as the Opponent. A 100% evil Opponent is like a silent film villain – doesn't stick in the world today – too many layers demanded by a more sophisticated audience for film, stage, novel, t.v. A clash of ideologies and moral compass is profound!

  6. Excellent points. Interesting that I do this in my novels without realizing what I was doing, more an intuitive pitting of ideologies than by design. Perhaps we are also drawn to these conflicts because of the mythos of our society. Our entire lives we are exposed to stories which pit opposing philosophical ideals against each other. From tall tales like John Henry to fairy tales like Cinderella, this conflict of ideology becomes part of our shared consciousness.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is the first time I've watched a video essay that has truly spoken to me as a writer. Thanks so much man. I paused and stared at the statement at 2:40 for a long time, thinking about its implications. You have given Die Hard a new meaning, and deepened my understanding of social context in what defines a classic. Look forward to more!

  8. Such a great perspective on what makes a great villain. Maybe the lack of iconic villains as of late is why we are seeing such a decline in quality of action movies. When was the last great action movie you saw??

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