CLARITY opens window to brain circuitry, new era for neuroscience – Science Nation

CLARITY opens window to brain circuitry, new era for neuroscience – Science Nation

♫MUSIC♫ MILES O’BRIEN: This is a rare look at the circuitry inside a brain – the paths that electrical impulses take as they speed along neurons from one part of the brain to another. These connections between neurons are involved in everything we do. And no one’s pattern is the same. KARL DEISSEROTH: In many ways we know some things about the brain, but we really don’t have deep insight into what the brain is really doing. We don’t understand how circuits work. MILES O’BRIEN: That’s because a milky opaque tissue coats much of the brain, clouding the view. Until now. KARL DEISSEROTH: You can actually fly in and look around to see which connections are next to which other connections. MILES O’BRIEN: With support from the National Science Foundation, neuroscientist and psychiatrist Karl Deisseroth and his team at Stanford University have developed a way to chemically dissolve that opaque fatty tissue in the brains of dead animals. In its place, they insert a transparent hydrogel that keeps the brain intact, and provides a window-view into the brain’s neural structure and circuitry. Deisseroth calls this process CLARITY, and it’s a fundamentally new way to see the brain. KARL DEISSEROTH: So, this is a whole mouse brain and we’re going to fly in and look around, and where you see groups of greenish yellow spheres–those are individual neurons. And, you can see how they’re all arranged relative to each other, and the different colors–the green, the red and the blue–each of those are labels for a different kind of cell. And, our goal is to understand the system in its entirety, but also at high resolution, at the level of its wiring and the individual cells. This is actually a human brain. So, this is CLARITY that’s done on human brain tissue. MILES O’BRIEN: Deisseroth says researchers will be able to use these 3-D maps to compare and contrast brains that function normally with those that don’t, and take steps to fix the problem. KARL DEISSEROTH: In my clinic, I see patients who suffer from depression. And, people with depression–they suffer from, in many cases, severe anxiety. We have already found that there are connections in the brain from one part of the brain to the other, that if you turn them up or down, you affect behaviors like reward, motivations, and anxiety and fear. MILES O’BRIEN: CLARITY has been widely hailed as an important advance in whole brain imaging. Other medical specialists are seeing CLARITY’s potential too–for studying the electrical pathways in the heart and how damaged fibers in the spinal cord cause pain. Deisseroth says this new window into neural circuitry opens up nearly endless possibilities for medical advances. Clearly, a breakthrough indeed. For Science Nation, I’m Miles O’Brien.

9 thoughts on “CLARITY opens window to brain circuitry, new era for neuroscience – Science Nation

  1. i have an idea. take a look at new scans of the universe. then have a look at scans of neurons in the brain. the brain and the universe neurons look identicle. very very alike.
    so do we live inside gods mind. consiouness itself is the universe and we are able to hear everyone and everything at the same time when we die. we become consiouisness. so lets go further. if that is correct. i beleive heaven is through a black hole. i have heard storys from people who have died. a new one i heard he said he went toward a source. a light that felt like home as that source pulled him towards it he felt as if he was going through a hole that wass too small from him and time itself was spread out he could see all of time. a black hole. and event horizon.
    lets go further if it is true and we live in gods mind and we are god thoughts. we ourselves have universe's inside our own minds our own heads our own brains our own consiousness. which means we indeed are like god and are also like him. as we hold universe's inside our heads our purpose which is why its important to take care of your health. its a thought collected up from things i have heard over time. it is an idea.
    dont stone me yet. but its an idea that has visual proofs you can look at. take a look a neurons on youtube and scans of the universe you will be very very surprised as i was.

  2. In the text here above you can read "and no one's pattern is the same". Exactly that is wrong, since Ans Schapendonk did publish on the 28.10.2013 on Research Gate – which did close her account – about the 'Christian motiv of the snake", in Dutch called SLANG, which means in English DIALECT. She did rediscover the translate consciousness (i.c. visible thoughts). So, what Christian people do call 'God', is only the universal PATTERN that is in every language the same and based on the four rows of P, T, K and W. Since Goropius Becanus (physician of Charles V.) did learn this from his mother – a MIDWIFE, like the mother of Erasmus! These 'matriarchate' were in fact the 'witches', in Dutch called 'hexa's' because of the chemical '6 dots' of a hexa, which also explains the name Dutch (i.c. ''): POINT > POINTE (clou)! So, words grow at the end LONGER (the opposite of what Jacob Grimm (German) us did explain. Loot f.e. at 'I know' in which you write the k, but do not speak. Out of STAR we get (s)TORA and than TUAS GLOS (second book, i.c. the Bible). But than (t)ORACLE (Delphi), and than ORA(k)ORA which is helixing in KORAN > QUA'RAN > QUADRA(n)T. Conclusion: because of our DIALECT we do understand now that out of the STARS as a written model, the TORA and after many years the BIBLE and KORAN were 'developping' which deals with de 'devil' which after PERMUTATION means LIVED since our brain deals with INTERFERENCE.So, the answer on the question WHERE the 'Jews' came from, is now available (Artois), but European leathers do no want to talk about this ISSUE, since it means IS YOU …Jesus was right as he told us that the antichrist was coming in about 2000 years after his death, since this only means the rediscovery of the SOUNDHELIX (klankhelix, Lauthelix) with the help we can make the time as the fourth dimension VI-SABLE (a 'sable' is a 'sword' like in 'sikkel' that is helixing in SIGNAL > SINGH-ALE (i.c. @). With the soundhelix we can make time visible (reconstruct the past, but than correct, and spell the future). It is only a pity, that scientists do not talk or publish about this rediscovery, since men did not 'get' this by themselves. It was again a woman … but they do not 'count' at CLARITY, or do they? Ans Schapendonk (3 maart 2018)

  3. and where do they us these tools? What if I have a very complex neurological illness that all current tests fail to detect. Where would I find someone with this?

  4. My guess is that this isn't used on living patients right? I wish there was a way you could see inside the brain while people were living. That would be a great help …

  5. we can communicate via red light, what some call hallucination inducing red light rooms, one may call a new form of studying neural communication.

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