Civil and Political Rights

Civil and Political Rights

12 thoughts on “Civil and Political Rights

  1. quote…"there isn't an organization to give you these rights" WTF? Why the hell do I need an organization to give me rights?

  2. Pls be sure of you speak. Dont say "I GUESS", "MAY BE" etc. And your language is very boring. In a public domain, kindly put out things worth of it.

  3. Greeting allversity, i thank you for your generally comprehensive deep explaination in breif section. Again, many thanks and very much usefull to me. I wonder if you are make more foundation explanation such as to mention "ism and ist". It is make more deep to digging foundation. Cheers.

  4. yaar apne smjhya bhut ache trike se hain but ap Hindi and English ka mixture krte aur saf me bolte toh aur bhi acha hona tha

  5. What about the right to create money with our signature in both covenants article 1 and what about choosing your home and the state pays for it. What about the state obliged to pay all your debts and all your monthly expenses. This video is waste of time and energy.

  6. These Videos are The Best in Teaching Introduction & Several Aspects of Human Rights!!! I'd like to see more about International Law or Legal Rules Around the world wide

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