Civic Nationalism vs Ethnic Nationalism

Civic Nationalism vs Ethnic Nationalism

welcome to the pan-european movement video channel the topic of today is an important one for today's Europe namely the issue of nationalism and also patriotism and the question if there is a difference between those two the apparent dichotomy between civic and ethnic nationalism and finally the issue of pan nationalism especially with regards to Europe nationalism has multiple definitions depending on one's idea of a nation in the anglo-saxon world and especially in North American English the word nation is often used as a synonym for country or state in that understanding nationalism is a sense of allegiance to that country her laws and institutions this is also called state for civic nationalism or more often patriotism however the original meaning of the word nation from Latin means people were full a related concept is ethnicity from the ancient Greek word Aetna's which means a group of human beings with a shared culture and history based on a set of markers of identity like language in the case of ethno-linguistic groups like most European ethnicities or religion an ethnic group is not the same as a nation there are many groups like tribes in Papua New Guinea or in the Amazon but also in Europe who have their own language and culture and who qualify as ethnicities but are not nations in order for an ethnic group to be called a nation it needs an advanced political consciousness the idea that the ethnic group should be represented politically the type of nationalism that views the people the ethnicity and not the country as the foundation of politics is called ethnic nationalism in many countries the word nationalism has become synonymous with the worst forms of that ethnic nationalism and a lot of people reject the concept of nationalism altogether although often still proclaiming to be Patriots while being unaware that patriotism is simply another form of nationalism nevertheless there are also writers worth pointed out that the difference between ethnic and civic nationalism is not so clear and in my view they do have a strong point in practice most ethnic nationalists besides caring for their own culture and people do also care about their country their lost their borders and institutions at the same time most Patriots or Civic nationalists besides caring for their country their Constitution etc do also care for their national language for national commemorations holidays etc so as soon as you say you should be free for Christmas or Easter or other cultural holidays or even as soon as you say your country should have a national language you are entering the realm of culture and ethnicity this means that in practice you often have a combination between ethnic and civic nationalism and we don't see a problem with this as long as people do not promote forced imagined ization or ethnic hatred a society can be open to new members and celebrate its cultural traditions at the same time those traditions can even be an are often celebrated by some of those new members nationalism is not always concentrated on one country or people there's also a forum that focuses on several related countries or people's as a collective this is called pan nationalism like we had in the past and Arab nationalism and in our own case than European nationalism now we usually do not use that term because of the negative connotations but if you would ask us straight up yes we are pan-european nationalists the thing is although staunchly Pro you politicians who claim to fight against nationalism are in fact also than European nationalism however they promote a Puritan form of civic European nationalism that lacks any cultural reference we agree with them that we should combat the isolationist kind of geopolitical nationalism promoted by the far-right parties the idea that all politics should be conducted only at the national level is indeed very bad if we want to compete with semi continental power blocks like China or the US only we would call that type of attitude chauvinism we think European politicians naming nationalism as the big enemy is a deeply flawed strategy because it will give many citizens the idea that the EU is opposed to their national identity furthermore we think it is impossible to bring together a family of Nations a civilization like Europe with this scared sanitized civic nationalism that is only interested in rights treaties and laws of course those things are very important but history and culture are just as pivotal it is a shame that most pro-eu people leave the treasure of our historical and cultural legacy untouched instead of utilizing it for the noble purpose of uniting our continent by their lack of action on the cultural front they give away our arsenal of political ammunition to those people who do have isolationist supremacists and anti-eu views if you are probably European it is of course fine if you don't want to adopt the nationalist label but let's at least agree that we should further cultivate a pan-european identity both on a civic as well as a cultural level an identity that is not opposed to but is an extension of people's regional and national identities thank you for listening long live Europe Ave europa nostra para patria

12 thoughts on “Civic Nationalism vs Ethnic Nationalism

  1. Before anthropology (culture) it was called scientific racism.
    Slavs are not Europeans and ignoring this fact will lead to the Balkanization of the EU.

  2. Europe is like a fire in a sea of darkness America New Zealand and Australia are Sparks compare to it but if things continue the way they are the great fire which was Europe will be extinguished and once it’s gone the sparks will go out one by one with it

  3. I would class myself as a constitutional patriot, rather than a civic nationalist (although there is a lot in common). Constitutional patriotism allows us to relate to one another by the ideals we share (such as free speech and democracy), regardless of our ethnic background or origin in life. I am also very proud of Europe, our rich culture, shared history, and path towards a united Europe, so I am a European patriot as well.

    I understand why people view themselves as ethnic nationalists (ability to relate to people who act / speak similar to you), but I would prefer we focus on constitutional patriotism and shared history as much as possible at the continental level. Then we can truly be a Europe united (via ideals) in diversity (of ethnicities).

    Ave Europa Nostra Vera Patria!

  4. Good contrasting points between defending your nation & it's sovereignty versus closing off yourself to the world. You still have to trade with & invite international business… but don't let foreigners/non-Citizens buy your sovereign land for residential real-estate!

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