"Civic nationalism is fundamentally a fraud." – Vox Day

"Civic nationalism is fundamentally a fraud." – Vox Day

first thing I'd like to ask you about is your opinion on civic nationalism well I think Civic nationalism is fundamentally a fraud I think that it's something that people of my generation who were steeped in as well as previous generations it was an attempt to create an artificial nation of Americans and it's an ideal you know like like like many things from communism to libertarianism it's an ideal but it's not actually a legitimate functional possibility and we are beginning to understand that you know we thought that civic nationalism was a functional possibility because of the experience of American history and some relatively similar European cultures being able to more or less function together what we're now finding because of the you know because of the invasion of 80 million people since 1965 from much more divergent societies and cultures what we're finding is that it's it's specific nationalism is simply not a genuinely viable concept and so and this is a real shock to me and and to a lot of other people who genuinely believe it in in civic nationalism you know it was instilled in us in our classes called civics but what we're what we've learned from observation is that identity pollak identity politics are not merely a weapon of the left identity politics are fundamentally and functionally the way that multi-ethnic diverse societies are governed so we do say that civic nationalism then something that sounds viable in theory but not in practice yes yeah also this actually kind of brought me to a question I'm curious about your opinion a lot of people say that you know the left plays by identity identity politics but the right should not play you know play into that and you know use identity identity politics so what is your opinion on that do you think we should or should avoid that I don't think that it's actually an option I think that we are going to the right is going to play identity politics whether it wants to or not the right is going to discover that it is playing identity politics because you know as the soldiers like to say in war the enemy gets a vote and so it doesn't matter if every good white conservative swears up and down that they don't see color and that they you know everyone bleeds all Americans bleed red but you don't bleed red and and that sort of thing I mean it's all that's it's wonderful rhetoric you know I know it all sounds very great but when you have 95 percent of Africans voting one way when you have you know Asians teaming up to try to push the Jews out of the elite universities when you have Indians taking over Microsoft because they now have an Indian CEO you know you are engaged in an identity politics situation whether you want to be or not whether you even believe it exists or not and so you know I follow the philosophy of I can't pronounce the name properly but Lee Kuan hue the founder of Singapore who said that in any divergent society in any multi-ethnic multi-religious Society the dividing lines are on the lines of race and religion and that's what all the politics will be now you know this is not you know this is not a an all-right figure this is not being white supremacist you know this is a highly intelligent highly successful man who who did not originally believe that you know he was actually somewhat of a romantic civic nationalist himself and he had to give it up because it wasn't working you know he had to in finding Singapore he had to embrace the identity politics in order to keep Singapore together and functioning and and the thing that people don't understand is that homogeneous societies come out of heterogeneous societies though for example Czechoslovakia you had the one state and but it would actually consisted of two nations the Czechs in this little box now frankly I could not tell a check from a Slovak if you offer me a million dollars and you know I I I can't tell the difference you know over here I I live in Europe you know you had the this this terrible situation in the in Bosnian war well you know on my football team I played with people from you know from the former Yugoslavia and I still cannot tell the Muslim Albanians from the Christian Albanians from the Muslim Bosnians from the Christians serving they all look exactly alike to me they can they can all distinguish each other but I I can't tell the difference and and so the you know though they're in two separate nations Serbia Bosnia Albania etc you know they all came out of what were originally one you know functionally one state now I mean Albania was not part of Yugoslavia but yeah prior to that and so the the thing that it's important to understand is these developments are natural these developments are are in line with the historical patterns the reason that the United States was different and separate and exceptional is because you had this huge land mass that was very sparsely populated by the American Indian and so there was a lot of room to put a lot of people in there a lot of very diverse people in there and and they were able to get along to a point but what if what if they're Christian you know and their ideology is you know able to it's cohesive with ours you know Western our ideology what would you say to that well I would say that it's still not going to function because you know as in Northern Ireland you know two different groups of Christians are perfectly capable of not getting along now what a lot of people don't devise is that they blame the the Northern Irish troubles on religion but that's not really correct the real bait this is race and not race in the sense of white black but race in the sense of Brits and Irish because the the Protestant Irish the Protestant Northern Irish are actually the descendants of the British settlers yeah that's why they say we'll fight anyone to remain British even the British that's why Britain still hanging on to Northern Ireland because the you know a sizeable minority of the people that are actually of British descent and they happen to be of course Protestant therefore and so you know simply if you bring in now granted it's it's not a hard and fast line you know it first of all you need to keep the two things that people need to keep in mind is when you're talking about these macro societal issues there are always individual except us always and so you know I'm not my background has no Italian in it whatsoever but I get along very well with the Italians I speak Italian the you know it's something that I am able to integrate fairly well but I also recognize it I am and never will be a teller I know that but and you know one random American on the block doesn't bother anybody but I can tell you right now that if 50 other American families joined us there'll be a lot of trouble there be NW problems and so and yet you know the their Christian I'm Christian but the you know the religion is just one important marker but there are others and then there are also you know in addition to language there's also the various cultures and traditions and that sort of thing and so it's in this that's the other point is that it's also a mistake to think in terms of these these very hard lines it's it's a gradient and so the the more different the immigrant population is from the native population the less that they're going to be able to successfully integrate yeah and that should really just be common sense to us of course but nowadays it's like you have to you can't discriminate at all you have to put on your blinders and do a wave of a common sense who is your racist

12 thoughts on “"Civic nationalism is fundamentally a fraud." – Vox Day

  1. It's even simpler than that.

    If even one group engages in identity politics then every other group must too.

    Because the in-group will identify everyone else as members of the out-group. And if the out-group(s) refuses to organize then they are allowing the in-group to win by default because organized groups of people always defeat atomized individuals.

  2. I want to know how many of the very vocal proponents of these kinds of views are paid to publish content by pro-Israeli organizations.

  3. 50secs in, I disagree with Voxs position here that because of American history this proves Civic Nationalism as America ONLY exists BECAUSE of WHITE EUROPEANS, America is FOR only WHITE EUROPEANS, the (((slavers))) knew, since theyve been involved in all world slave markets since Roman times, one way to destroy and takeover is to miscegenate, which is also why certain technological advances in farming equipment were held back and why the world is now lied to about )ooish Transatlantic slave trade, and slavery as a whole (as in its all whiteys fault wah wah wah).

  4. Also, we need a medical cure for psychopathy. The biological purpose of psychopaths is to defeat the entire human species. They do not choose this destiny, it chooses them. The pleasure centers of their brain light up when they engage in acts of sadism, therefore they cultivate the suffering of others, and profit from it as if they were gardening hedonism. It should also be designated as an official mental illness (like the etymology suggests) and those people should be hospitalized until we can find a cure. It is estimated that psychopaths are responsible for greater than 50% of all violent crime, despite being the minority of criminals. Likewise, an intellectual psychopath can wreak havoc on the entire world, by funding terrorists, starting wars for profit, deception, usury, and even the most brutal type of human abuse: psychological warfare. These predators MUST be dealt with..

  5. Liberia has an EXACT copy of the US Constitution…

    And they have naked cannibal warlords, mass rape and famine, constant civil war and genocides. Race is not a social construct. Society is a racial construct.

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