Citizenship (Amendment) Bill: Dividing India Again? | Ep.91 #TheDeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee

Citizenship (Amendment) Bill: Dividing India Again? | Ep.91 #TheDeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee

Imagine this little lego house as our country. Like this house, our country is also made of different colors(sects) of people. These colors are the building blocks of our nation. Now suddenly, if someone starts to segregate these colors, this house will be demolished. Our country is like this only, comprising different colors. Now if you’ll try to separate certain colors from others, our country would be divided. This is what Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is trying to do to us. BJP is back in power and without any obstruction this time, it would be able to focus on its dream projects. Like, 100% literacy, better GDP, free press. BJP has one more ambitious project. “Temple will be built there for sure.” Not this, this term’s plan is…, “We will work for a Hindu nation” HINDU NATION. To fulfill its dream, BJP has passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Lok Sabha on Jan 8, 2019. According to which, all Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, and Christians from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh can apply for Indian citizenship. But there is no such clause for Muslim and Jewish immigrants. Many objections were raised on this bill. The big question is whether this bill, which gives special privileges to certain sects , is against our secular constitution? Internationally too, citizenship is not granted on the basis of religion or caste but on your ability and need. Millions of people who migrate from India are not asked their religion but what they can do for their new country. In the last five years, our nation has seen many new threats. For eg., Libtards, Tukde-Tukde gang, Khan Market and TV debates. But all these “so-called” protectors were also afraid of something, not elections though. Why would you fear elections when Election Commission is so friendly, Amit Shah is your strategist and Ambani is your supporter?! They were afraid because Hindus are in danger. They are not wrong, Hindus are in danger. Not only Hindus but Jains, Sikhs, Parsis, Christians, all are in danger; not in India though, in our neighboring countries. BJP answers their enemies in the same language only, tit for tat. So like Jinnah divided the country on the basis of religion, BJP would now grant citizenship on the basis of religion. Hence the persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh can now apply for Indian citizenship. But it is not so for the persecuted Muslim minorities from the same countries. Well, we do have enough oppressed Muslims in our own country, that we do not need more! And anyway, “For the Muslims, their motherland is Pakistan.” There is nothing to be surprised about this bill. When they were shouting, “GO TO PAKISTAN”, we must have understood that they are framing it wrong; when they actually meant “COME TO INDIA”. Clauses in this bill are more biased than nepotism. Where the Citizenship Act, 1955 asks for a continuous stay in the country for 11 years; this amendment would reduce this duration for 6 years for non-muslims sects only. Also, any case pending against those mentioned in the bill regarding their citizenship shall be abated. Basically, the law has to change for certain people only. Let’s agree for a second that BJP had honest intentions behind this bill, “You kidding?!” But the population of Bangladeshi Hindus has increased from 1.4 crores to 1.7 crores in 2017; Do we even have enough resources to accommodate these many people? Certainly! Our exclusive health and education infrastructure can possibly provide for entire Bangladesh’s population! Apart from CAB 2019, NRC is another major crisis on citizenship, northeast India is facing right now. “Northeast? Where is it exactly?!” “NRC, National Citizens…..Register of….Citizens.” Now if the leaders who are monitoring NRC are so confused; what might’ve happened to those 40 lakh people who were declared foreigners under it?! Now, these were not any objects, they are real people and these people had to prove their nationality. You might be wondering how difficult can that be?! It’s not an easy task, These 40 Lakh people had to provide written documents that they came to India before March 25, 1971, as mentioned in Assam Accord. Although the process is being governed by the Supreme Court itself, a lot of mishaps are noticed. People of Assam have protested for years for NRC to be updated; and though the Supreme Court has ordered for the update, BJP has taken credit for it unabashedly. Today, the Assamese are again protesting against Citizenship (Amendment ) Bill which the BJP brought. This bill would safeguard about 20 lakh Bengali Hindus from any proceedings under NRC Terms and conditions: Keep voting for BJP. Both these issues have many complexities but the government has been diverting any questions; “Soldiers are fighting for us, we can at least face some troubles.” But what if the soldier is being troubled himself?! Many army personnel like Kargil war veteran, Md. Sanaullah, have to prove their citizenship today. How funny is it that we celebrate an actor who played a soldier on screen as a patriot ,but an actual soldier who fought for the country is not given any help from even the army! After 30 years of service, a former lieutenant is sent to the detention camp. What does the army even mean by “Big heart”? Not being able to provide any help to retired army personnel facing questions on his nationality is not “big heart”. Voter ID, service certificates, Presidential certificate were not sufficient for the officials to verify his citizenship. Finally, lawyers like Indira Jaisingh came up and filed a petition in Guwahati High Court and Sanaullah was granted bail. For Bengali Muslims whose names are in the NRC, the struggle isn’t over yet. Any random person can file an objection against you which can lead to further complications. Even the filing of these objections has been very abrupt. On the last date, thousands of objections were filed without any details of the objector, nor with any document supporting the objection. One such case was of a 90-year old man, Ashraf Ali. His name was in the NRC but he got a notice on 23rd May and was called for verification. He took his life on 26th May fearing being sent to the detention camp. These 6 detention camps in Assam are built out of small portions of Assam’s jails only. People in detention camp are not allowed to meet their families, nor do they get any proper legal representation. Forget justice, these poor people don’t even get to present their case. NRC is right now confined to the north-east but it might soon cover the entire country. “Shouldn’t infiltrators be thrown out?!” Sure. Infiltrators should be sent back to their country but should religion be the basis of it? “God has not created us any different? How do you know your religion? Our Constitution makers have also mentioned the word ‘SECULAR’ in the preamble. Our constitution is established on the principle of secularism. Now this bill which gives privileges to a certain religion is now adding to the claim that India is a Hindu nation. Like Pakistan which is officially an Islamic nation. The issue of illegal migrants in Assam is actually a serious one. This was never a religious issue but an ethnic one. NRC too has nothing to do with religion. It treated all foreigners equally. This bill is purely for political gains which treats infiltrators on the basis of religion. Further, the way this bill was being pushed right before the elections is also suspicious. An ordinance is for urgent issues only. Citizenship is a complex issue and the way our government has been pressing it is suspicious. The final question is what is the plan after NRC and CAB? What after all the illegal migrants are identified and sent to detention camps? No country would agree to take them back. Generations of these people have passed in India. Bangladesh has also stated that it won’t take these migrants back so easily. So possibly, this Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is another election scheme only. Presently, the bill has lapsed in Parliament. The question is, what happens now? With Modi coming back to power, this bill is possible to be brought back by BJP. This is what has been claimed by Amit Shah. “BJP government will provide citizenship to Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Parsi, and Christian refugees.” Jinnah gave the two-nation theory in 1940 which partitioned the country into two, Hindustan and Pakistan. The wounds of partition are still not healed. This bill is also based on similar principles which BJP is trying to pass in the Rajya Sabha too. This bill is purely against humanity and promotes religious biases in our country. People have demanded an in-depth researched video on Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. So we tried to understand this bill ourselves and explain it to you. It would be interesting to see what the Supreme Court’s verdict would be over such a controversial bill. Please let us know how you found this attempt to present such complex issues. All the source articles are given in the description, please read. Please like, share, subscribe and comment below. Thanks to our Patreons who support us. You can also support us on, Instamojo, Paypal. All links are given below. You can also visit Kadak Merch to buy the Deshbhakt merchandise. Thanks for watching. Stay connected for more videos.

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  1. मेरा पहला शत्रु ऋगवेदी है, दूसरा शत्रु जिहादी है।
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  4. I'm from Pakistan and I'm happy that you are pointing out such critical points. And I wish my people also understand our such points.
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  6. Well, muslims are not part of the bill because the nations which mentioned in the bill, i.e. Pakistan and Bangladesh are Islamic countries. And for Hindus, Sikhs are other religions, India is the ONLY option. SO yes, it will 100% be excluding Muslims which is correct. And you can argue about the constitution but the constitution is for the people which can be changed as per the constitution, means by the people itself. SO if majority people want that, then it should happen. End off!

  7. Besides whoever says still India is a majority hindu country so hindus should not worry are the most ignorant people. Remember from centuries, Current Porkistan and Bangladesh were Hindu regions. Now they are almost 100% muslim regions. SO yes, we HAVE to protect the remaining people.

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  21. Bjp doesn’t want muslims then why are they forcing kashmiris to mingle with india?? Yes in know he wants Kashmir and not kashmiris. We all know why is kashmir lockdown. Well yeah next is genocide and then blame will go to Pakistan…

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    aaj govt ki jo bhi scheme h..pakka ghar,farmers ko monetry benifits,health insurance schemes vo hindu muslim sikh sabko equally milti hai! M not a modi bhakt bt i belive in his ideologies (equality,removing poverty ,developmnt etc)

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