21 thoughts on “Chuck Todd Makes Donald Trump Look Smart On Foreign Policy

  1. How is it that Donald makes sense here but not the news????? How is it that I’m rooting for trump from chuck.What the fuck??Man the political world isn’t that simple.Still both of them suck shit

  2. I listen to Jimmy Dore every goddam day because he’s incredibly rational and a straight shooter…and I’m a conservative. He doesn’t attack politicians on the right just because they have an “R” next to their name. When he does, I can always understand his viewpoint and belief. Its real refreshing to hear someone’s show that doesn’t have a blatant agenda and truly views the world and politics from a rational point of view

  3. Bill Burr once had a joke about voting for the crazy guy. Essentially the joke was you want him because he's gonna get on TV and tell you about all the crazy shit going on. This video reminds me of that.

  4. I often wondered how Eisenhower survived after making that comment about the military industrial complex. … and no Democrats or Republicans listened.

  5. What 'foot print' Chuck? You mean an influence in the Middle East? Obviously a military influence and not a diplomatic one…….you don't search for real diplomacy via military Chuck..that's called coercion. Coercion for what Chuck..for cheap or worse still, free oil? This is what all your bullshit line of questioning comes down to, doesn't it, you slimy toad? It's not about those people or their lives. Any damn fool can see comparisons of those countries from then to now and the ruination, maiming, rape, torture, enslavement, prostitution, starvation, slaughter and displacement of millions that have occurred ever since the U.S stuck it's Pentagon snout and CIA tentacles into….Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Palestine. It's all about the money and when it comes down to the wire and a future President talks about pulling out that's what it comes down to, the fucking money, when he debunks all your humanitarian shucking and jiving, because that's all it is you fucking reptile…an act, an act of appearing to have some human traits and sympathies, when the only thing vermin like you see is green.

  6. Jimmy , wake up fully and realize Pres. Trump is not Rep or Dem and really there is no difference . They are both corrupt , most are Establishment Hacks. Trump is the third-party you have been asking for . You must admit if he ran as a third party candidate you would be all on board right now .

  7. FUCK Todd should be executed with all these cocksuckers war mongering POS it's, Bernie voted for all wars except Iraq.

  8. I respect that Jimmy gives Trump props when he is right about something. The de-escalation of US military aggression is something all of the people should be in favor of.

  9. all about the money that the military complex makes and the CIA and fucking filthy politicians it's all about the filthy money for all the tanks weapons guns uniform gas food lives

  10. I'm not sure if this is true, but Ron Paul has been saying this for years and I'm not sure if Jimmy ever recognised that.

  11. U make such salient points, at times.. yet, u work for TYTs ..who constantly do the shit u criticize. (Btw, I remember all the other M.M. outlets went about this interview a totally diff way, like they always do, just to rip on Trump for those statements.) If u really see those A-holes for who they are, then I say it's time u ''come to the dark-side,' Jimmy!

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