Chuck Todd called out on his OWN show for letting Republican lie on air

Chuck Todd called out on his OWN show for letting Republican lie on air

Are you an open-minded juror? Let me ask it that way. I’m very open-minded and fair-minded. You’ll not meet a person who’s more fair
than I am. I really do believe that justice should be
color blind, gender blind—you name it. I think justice should. But you know, one of our traditions about
justice, about finding justice, is that defense should be able to present their witnesses. So if you can’t call Hunter Biden and if
you can’t call the whistleblower, that’s sort of a sham. That’s not really a trial. So I am fair minded but the trial has to be
fair. My head is only now decombusting from the
exchange you had with Rand Paul. I’ve spent 11 years in public service defending
the press. And when Senator Rand Paul comes on and says
that what Donald Trump did – and the transcript is there – extorting a foreign government
for his personal political gain, and that’s exactly the same thing as Joe Biden – exactly
the same thing is what he said – as Joe Biden saying that this prosecutor should be released,
when Joe Biden is acting in consistency with American foreign policy – and back then,
we had a whole list of things that had to be done. And this was American foreign policy, it was
European Union policy, it was IMF policy, that this prosecutor needed to go. When Rand Paul says that that’s exactly
the same thing as the president of the United States saying “you need to find dirt on
my political opponent.” And with all due respect, Chuck, when you
say, “do two wrongs make a right?” Let’s be very clear — the President of
the United States demanding, extorting a vulnerable country to do his political bidding, to go
after his political opponent, has nothing to do with Joe Biden executing the foreign
policy of the United States, or Hillary Clinton, who is a private citizen, doing opposition
research on her presidential opponent. Those are radically different things. And what the president did is wrong and impeachable. If you’re going to have Republican Senator
Rand Paul on your show, knowing full well that he’ll be peddling overtly false Republican
talking points to defend Trump, then at the very least, you have to be prepared to push
back. So when Chuck Todd failed to do that, Democratic
lawmaker Jim Himes was more than ready to call HIM out for it. And it came after Rand Paul suggested that,
because Democrats aren’t succumbing to Republicans’ absurd demands of validating their conspiracy
theories and calling Hunter Biden to testify in a trial that the GOP is hellbent on turning
into a circus, that it’s somehow not fair. To be clear, for the umpteenth time, Hunter
Biden did nothing wrong. This entire sham excuse has been investigated
and adjudicated. Joe Biden wasn’t pushing for the Ukrainian
prosecutor’s ouster to protect his son, he was joining the Obama administration and
the European Union and international bodies like the IMF and anti-corruption advocates
in Ukraine and around the world to oust a prosecutor for NOT pursuing corruption. Literally the only entity on the entire planet
that doesn’t accept this reality is our very own Republican Party. But even if we DID grant the GOP that Hunter
did do something wrong – he didn’t – but let’s pretend he did. These things still wouldn’t be the same. It STILL wouldn’t be justification for Trump
to extort a foreign country into doing his political bidding. It STILL wouldn’t be justification for him
to use taxpayer-funded, legally allocated military aid to a country that desperately
needs to defend itself from Russia and hold that money hostage so Trump can have some
talking points heading into the next general election. It STILL wouldn’t be justification for Trump
to have tried to hide the summary of that call in a secure server. It STILL wouldn’t be justification to block
officials from responding to congressional subpoenas and testifying to Congress. So I get why the GOP would love to pretend
that these two things are the same, but there is zero equivalency between the two. But beyond that, it is ridiculous to even
HUMOR this defense of looking into Biden because who in their right mind believes that while
Trump is supposedly such a champion against corruption, that the ONLY instance of corruption
he could find in the ENTIRE WORLD just so happened to be in Ukraine and concerned his
top political rival for the next presidential election. That’s it; we’ve never seen Trump involve
himself in one single other instance of quote “rooting out corruption” that he supposedly
cares so much about. And yet we’re supposed to believe that it’s
just a coincidence that the one and only time he decides to take up arms against it, it’s
in EASTERN EUROPE and directly involves HIS OWN OPPONENT in the next election? I mean, this isn’t even subtle. There is no one on earth who will buy into
the idea that this is legitimate and not just Trump serving his own personal interests. And so when Rand Paul goes on national television
and repeats these BS talking points, talking points that are designed solely for the purpose
of defending one man’s glaringly obvious criminality, he’s not only contracting his
power as a member of a co-equal branch of government to the president, but his dignity,
too. But let’s be honest– this was never really
about Hunter Biden or corruption. These are just BS excuses cooked up by the
GOP to divert attention away from Trump’s blatant criminality. Just like Republicans have pretended that
the whistleblower complaint is unreliable because the whistleblower is supposedly a
partisan or that second-hand information isn’t allowed in complaints or that Adam Schiff
counseled the whistleblower or that impeachment is unconstitutional or that Republicans were
shut out of witness interviews. All of it completely false, and yet that hasn’t
stopped the right from repeating these excuses anyway because they’d rather lie to Americans’
faces than DARE to abandon Donald Trump. The fact is that Republicans have already
showed their hand multiple times over. By virtue of throwing everything but the kitchen
sink at Democrats, they’ve shown that it’s not about some genuine defense—it’s about
ANY defense. It’s about blindly pushing back in their
desperation to control the narrative. It’s about muddying the waters and distracting
and obfuscating to keep your attention away from the only thing that matters amid all
of this, which is that the president of the United States committed an impeachable offense
by leveraging American military aid on the announcement of an investigation into his
top political opponent. And with impeachment imminent with or without
Republican support, those on the right should think long and hard about what they want their
legacy to be, because history won’t look kindly upon those who’ve opted to sell their
souls to protect Donald Trump.

100 thoughts on “Chuck Todd called out on his OWN show for letting Republican lie on air

  1. Trump has converted the republicans into a mafia family
    Where everyone does what the don wants, without thought.
    Guaranteed that this isn’t the first or last impeachable offence TRUMPY has committed and the republicans have covered up

  2. Funny. I caught that during the show and was pissed that Chuck Todd let that go for the same reason the 2nd guest stated. However, Chuck Todd is usually good at not allowing that crap.

    The Republicans lie and make up stuff because there brainwashed base believes everything they say, because let's face it…their base cannot, will not think. They allow others to do it for them.

  3. Climb out of your mommies basement, take off your pajamas. You whine like a child. The Senate will not impeach the President. KAG

  4. Go back to ukraine for your rights!!!. You guys were sneaking around going behind the fbi and all of our american resources. Now you want to call hunter biden as a witness in an court case that only came for you being caught in your own crime. Why did trump ignore the courts if it was a crime in the first place? Why did he sneak around with guliani if there was some real crime afoot by the bidens. Instead you break laws and have your personal lawyer go investigate it without our own us inteligence agencys permission. Trump is unamerican. He trusts guliani and putin over our own intelligence. So dont ask us americans to help you now. Ask putin and guliani again.

  5. Brian, for the most part I like your stuff. However, you need to stop furthering the narrative that Biden will be the one who makes it through the primaries successfully. It's not a forgone conclusion so stop that.

  6. Ok I am going to tell a white tale lie NO DEMOCRATS lie ever they are God fearing people who would never misslead anyone they would never do anything corrupt they obey all the laws of the land democrats should be trusted…

  7. Rs want to "investigate" their own conspiracy theories to deflect from Trump while Ds want to investigate and reveal Trump's shady activities.

  8. This butt kisser was at a Trump rally licking Trump's butt on stage, and now he says he's going to be fair. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 What a joke.

  9. Come on Kentucky!! Great job getting rid of Gov. Bevin but Moscow Mitch and Ranting Rand Appalling have to go!!! …and for Trump – 10 to 20 in 2020!!!

  10. Hey Rudy yo Boss what are we gonna do today,the same thing we do every day try and(Exstort)the World 🌎 W.H(mr sleazy & Rudy)the Rat 🐀

  11. So the republicans protect Republican witnesses from testifying but go guns blazing to get someone who isn’t guilty of being involved at all. Good luck with your transition into fascism America

  12. If the Republicans want Trump to be put on trial so much, why not give them what they want and arrest the orange cunt?

  13. Chuck Todd showed what a poor journalist he is when he joined with fox and criticized Obama for having a marine hold an umbrella while he spoke in a rain storm. He is a joke! He should be relegated to the morning fluff shows where he can bake cakes and chase skirts which is more suited to his intellect

  14. I totally agree 💯% Brian with your assignment of Todd/CNN show! Shame on CNN. This is why I don't watch them. They give oxygen to republicans 💩 lies.
    Republicans and trump are destroying 😱 democracy and our Constitution 🇱🇷!

  15. Harvard did a study, about a decade ago, that was peer reviewed and put in the Political Science journal! It stated; "1 out of every 3 republicans is dumber the other 2!

  16. It a distraction. The facts aren’t good so they need to muddy the waters. I don’t like treating people like monoliths but the people who buy into these distractions are idiots. They’re willing idiots, which is worse I think that just being stupid and having the mental acuity to think for themselves and challenge the presidents blatant lies and obvious attempts at obfuscation to confuse the feeble minded

  17. Well said BTC !! I know it must be tiresome for you to have keep repeating yourself in order to keep people's minds on the REAL and ONLY issue in question – trumps extortion scheme – but if this is what is required to combat the republicans lies, delusions, conspiracy theories and attempts to distract us from the REAL issue then I'm glad YOU keep at it. I myself no longer believe a single thing that trump, his admin and the republicans say anymore!! The republicans haven't grasped the fact that they are endangering the continuance of their party as a whole with their blind and spineless defense of the liar in chief

  18. CNNs ceo came from espn. They treat politics like sports. Winners and losers. It’s Theater. They just rehash foxes talking points clicks and profits.

  19. We can trust Brian Tyler Cohen to always advance a cogent, honest assessment of what’s going on in our politics nowadays. Thank you for cutting through the bs.

  20. My Grandson just said. Isn’t that the guy who was screaming a couple days ago on tv about the whistleblower? Can’t wait for the future,

  21. Well, Now where do we think Trump learned this from? Oh oh oh, I know, His Grandfather taught His Daddy, Daddy taught Trump, now Trump is teaching it to His Children with the exception of Tiffany (So far)??? Let's Pray that Barron Grows up to be Honest. Oh but wait, Ivanka's father-in-law is a Crook too, he went to jail, not only that Trump's father-in-law is a Crook also. That's why he left his Country, if he ever go back there, he's going to jail.
    What kind of nonsense is this, Damn what a Legacy to leave? Wow, look at the Seed the Grandfather Planted. "The Bad Seed"

  22. Kentucky is such a shithole.

    And that 2 of the most vile creatures to ever rise from that putrid dump have as much power as they do is a fatal flaw in our Constitution that the Framers never foresaw.

    Whether we're able to fix it or not is still very much up in the air.

  23. Chuck Todd wouldn't know the truth if it landed on him. he's a liberal and the only way you can tell a liberal is lying and when their lips are moving

  24. Hey! The Republicans forgot to put Micky Mouse and Donald Duck on the list! The Biddens are innocent, as already proven! It's Putin's Ukraine friends that want Russia to take over their country for their own corrupt benefit! Putin's new Zsardom is the most corrupt regime in the world, with the countries wealth going to just a few! This is the same as America's deep state of greed that does it's best to control the sheep! Trump is greedy as hell, so our deep state loves him!

  25. Yeah, I saw that yesterday. I was really disappointed. That said, it has to be exhausting going up against that blowhard machine called the GOP.

  26. Cuck Todd loves watching politicians FUCK Americans right in front of him! CNBC Needs to fire his ass and give his shows to Katy Tur!

  27. Any Republican who wants to get reelected had better stop kowtowing to Trump. Nixon did far less and was impeached. Trump tried to extort an ally. Anyone who thinks "Do me a favor" after freezing military aid that was already earmarked to Ukraine better get their heads out of the sand (much less hostile than what I was going to use.) Guess what? Tthe no quid pro house of cards fell totally apart. Sen. Johnson said he understood why Trump froze the military aid to the Ukraine. There it is a Republican Senator stating Trump did put a hold on the aid. The reason the military shipment went through was because Federal lawyers said it was illegal. Republicans understand what happened with the recent election. Voters rejected Trump and Republics siding with him concerning the impeachment. You thought that would cause a backlash against Democrats (which is why Pelosi was hesitant to begin the hearings)were blown away because Americans want Trump OUT. Obviously there were Republican voters felt that way too. Because red states becoming blue would've been impossible. Republicans take heed to this shot across the bow unless you want to be rejected as well. That's what they want. Unlike Trumps paid cultists attending his rallies.

  28. Yeah, l am disappointed that Chuck did not sucker punch Paul for being the piece of crap he is. But what are you going to do? Maybe fully concentrate on the liar and not the guy who did not get into a fist fight on air. You think?

  29. It's weird watching the Republicans thinking that Joe Biden so clearly got busted and donnie boy is pure and innocent..


  31. No one on earth will believe trump's lies about going after corruption?! You clearly are unaware of how fucking stupid trump's base is.

  32. Chuck Todd is a disgrace. He was the one who provided political cover for Trump when he called for Hillary Clinton to release the transcripts of her private speeches.

    MSNBC should fire Chuck Todd.

    Trump and his supporters used Todd's BS equivalency to deflect from Trump not releasing his tax returns … which the liar still hasn't.

  33. …and common sense blind. You are protecting a criminal and that excuse is bullshit! I hope Kentucky cleans house! GO KU

  34. Paul sees Trump as a vehicle to get him in the public eye.
    Once Trump implodes, Paul hopes to help bring him down and claim credit for "fixing the GOP".
    Paul hates Trump, but is a career politician and sees an opportunity for himself.
    Many right wing politicians are using this logic, backing Trump until they get a chance to sell him out and improve their standing.

    Trump has no loyalty to anybody, and nobody has any loyalty for him.
    It's just BS politicking.

  35. In the grand scheme of things Hunter Biden has never worked for his dad in any capacity.The premise that HB nearly 50 is discussed as a tween is totally absurd even

  36. I'm, like, totally fair minded, bro. I'm the best person to tell you that. Now, if you don't mind, I will misrepresent the process that is happening to portray it as more partisan than it is and totally unfair when it's not remotely true.

  37. Like many WHITE disservice journalists, Chuck is yet another who gives platform for trumps lies and wannabe dictatorship. It's disgusting but what else is new, smfh.. Black journalist like Don Lemon, Joy Reed and Al Sharpton stick to the facts and facts only which is why you never see any of these same sorry ass republicans dare attend any of their shows… They know damn well WE aren't having any of that lying and alternative facts bullshit.. In fact they will be dubunked and shut down on site the moment they dare come out of their mouths with their obvious lies and deflection nonsense.. Kudos to black journalism keeping the truth and only the truth out there. True journalism like its supposed to be, smh. These people will learn to listen to us and the truth one day.. If they put their hate and disconnect to the side for once and LISTENED to US it wouldn't have been a Bush, his recession nor this on going war 17 yrs later created off LIES. If they LISTENED TO US there wouldn't be a in plain view traitor and lawless cult in office as we speak. Sad you just cant make this shit up..

  38. Chuck Todd is hopless. His show the night before the Kentucksy election was all about how Democrats could prepare to be wiped out. Next day, Chuck goes on and announces big victory for Democrats with no corrections on his biased perspectives. He is pathetic.

  39. This is just a theory, Chuck Todd asked this softball question, so Rand Paul would hang himself with the rope provided.
    Saying he is fair and opened minded is for from the truth.

  40. Way to much coward journalism going on in a time when the truth and truth ONLY is needed the most.. Chuck Todd, Hallie Jackson, and Anderson Cooper are prime examples of coward journalist.. To cowardice to tell the truth without giving platform for the blantant lies and deception. They all feel they have to give the devil his say so with very little to no challenge of the facts at all and it's fucking disgusting..

  41. Exactly! Chuck Todd needs to choose his words more carefully. "Two wrongs don't make a right…" implies that Joe Biden also did something wrong. Joe Biden did NOTHING wrong.

  42. Dear stupid ass uneducated lying Republitard, this isn't a criminal trial. This IS the impeachment process….don't like it? Perhaps you shouldn't have voted for its creation and process! Sheesh these fucks are stupid.

  43. The trial takes place in the Senate not during the investigation. You would think a senator wouldn't lie knowing people know the truth.

  44. oo oo oo… how about them now, trying to say that "Rudy Giuliani was working on his own accord"… 🙄 what right would HE have, using that military aid as leverage? … see… the sh!t just DON'T add up.. open your eyes ppl… 👀 don't let yourself get played, by Trump!! 😳

  45. The thing that the republican party understands is that the dumbest among us will believe anything you tell them. Their bread and butter.

  46. It's really annoying when journalists don't always push back against the lies by Trump and his sycophants, especially when the their lies can so easily be disproved. The journalist sometimes let these liars control the narrative and lead them around by the nose instead of just shutting down the lies. I am not a fan of Fox propaganda TV but Chris Wallace does a good job of pushing back on these individuals. More journalist should follow his lead.

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