48 thoughts on “Christopher Hitchens – On Multiculturalism and Political Correctness [2007]

  1. I often wonder what Hitch would have made of today's landscape. Brexit, Trump, North Korea, Putin, China, Antifa, no go zones, ISIS, Rotherham, Tommy Robinson, Caitlyn Jenner, Jordan Peterson, free speech, Charlie Hebdo, the migrant crisis etc etc. I think I know but…. I miss him all the time…… Douglas Murray is the closest we have imo.

  2. I keep wondering if the apologists for jihad would keep crying out excuses if they were the ones with a barrel to the head.

  3. The Hitch; a great orator BUT >> Unfortunately, all 'gods' are nothing more than Father Figures. All human children, and most adults, need an authoritative figure whom they can Fear, Respect, Love and Obey. A Higher Being who can tell others how to behave. I don't think most humans can ever outgrow that innate behavior. Even when a scholar like Acharya S. explains where religious myths originated 5 thousand years ago, we can't overcome our natural craving for a Ruler.

  4. Note the failed quasi-pompous questioner has to be reinterpreted by Hitch because he can't ask a clear question. Nice of him to point that out, it's important. Questioner is hopelessly inarticulate.

  5. Hitch knew his ideas would still be alive in 2018+ But I'm not sure he understood how prevalent they would be on the Internet. Every Hitch video i've watched over the years have been overwhelmingly positive.

  6. Another reason i love hitches. Its because he is an atheist and still is not a liberal leftist.

  7. god is NOT Great, but Christopher Hitchens is, may his mellifuous voice continue to educate the ignoramus until the end of human exctinction.

  8. I hate the word "community", it is the "family values" of the left. "Family", "community" – whatever happened to the individual? Or society? Both are much better and less oppressive concepts.

  9. communism targets places of worship. you'd think hitchens would know that. he seems purposefully deceptive because of his hatred for religion. not an honest broker of `truth'.

  10. Atheists murdered far, far more than any religious nut has. Bolshevism, Maoist China, Cambodia, the list is bloody endless. Hitchens blinded himself to this deliberately.

  11. Liberals,or-“non believers” don’t need to burn structures down.They would much rather control people.

  12. I know I will live in the land of the FREE when I can display the "Piss Muhammed," (that would be Muhammed submerged in a jar of urine) just like the left applauded when the "Piss Christ" was heralded by them as ART.

  13. I am amazed that Hitchens could have thought at any stage that Multi-Culturalism was a 'Good' idea…….

    Multi-Culturalism means division, when you deliberately create division in a society that was hithertoo largely unified, that must be a retrograde step, divided societies always follow the same path, division creates suspicion, it creates hostility, it can then proceed to conflict and violence – division, which is what Multi-Culturalism is, is not good….

    Immigration is fine but the host culture must hold sway, predominate, receive respect and is entitled to encourage and indeed insist on integration….Multi-Culturalism has been a disaster for Britain, a disaster from which we might never recover….

  14. If a Muslim apologist is SO wog says 'the are not doing it primarily because they are Muslims (otherwise why don't we have endless attacks carried out by Indians or Indonesians) but because they are Muslims plus X but the X is the part we don't want to talk about' then I proudly declare myself to be a Muslim apologist🙂

  15. The relevance of this video is astounding today. All of Christopher's fears about Multiculturalism and PC has taken form today.

  16. It's amusing how the right thinks Hitchens would really be in their corner today. Sorry but no. He'd be in neither camp. Just look at what he thought about Gerorge W. Bush, then transpose that to the imbecile named Trump who's even dumber then Bush ever seemed to be.

  17. Muslims aren't commuting jihad because of the west. They're committing jihad because Muhammad told them to do so.

  18. "I've never seen a case where a place of worship was attacked by a non-believer…. an atheist"
    Complete and utter nonsense. But, it's said with a British accent so Americans lap it up without question. smh

  19. Hitchens knew the left. He was one of them for years. Like his brother Peter, both changed as they saw the lunacy of the left.

  20. ‘’Faceless Authority’’ the old term for fascist and communist propaganda. Today ‘’P.C.’’
    Important to see how and where from the ‘notion’ is derived.
    I think it comes from Kant through the ‘Neo-Kantian’ philosophical tradition, which includes Hegel and Marx.
    Marx gives impetus to his positive ideas by use, from Kant, of the verbal phrase ‘categorical imperative’.
    To me this seems not an oxymoron but a moromoron since the two words can have no functioning relation with each other: ‘categorical’ is the adjective of the word ‘category’ and ‘imperative’ has adverbial relation to the auxiliary verb ‘to be’. i.e. it is imperative that something be done……
    A case could be made for use of the word imperative as an abstract noun but then it would have to remain abstract and not urgent.
    I believe that Kant used this formation to translate the general ethic of ‘The Golden Rule’ into a technical formation of morality in his system of thought. I may be mistaken. But if so it is another instance of slippage between the distinct domains of Ethics (which are general and identity conferring) and Technics which are specific and nothing to do with identity. Iris Murdoch makes the same mistake in the first chapter of her (brilliant) book ‘Metaphysics as a guide to Morals’.
    This mistake, which Marx uses, is coupled with another bad legacy from Kant’s system which is a pervasive error in his persuasion that percepts are derived from concepts. This is the same kind of error as would be putting species at a more general level than the genus. (Nuts!.) Perception relates directly to experience, conceptuality abstracts from information so derived. I may be in error but it seems to me that the neo-kantians use the former (C.I.) to put ‘wheels’ on the latter – that is give active (imperative) force to what is only a conception, and that this is what is recognised in the quality of the merely ‘rationalistic’ in place of reason coupled with experience.
    On this basis – i suggest that ‘P.C.’ is actually fascistic having no text by which it is explained or by which it can be verified or form a basis for critical evolvement. Further that it is a real Nonsense in that it makes the Political (which is part of Ethical consideration) a technical idea which has a two-only switch of right or wrong, whereas Politics are multifarious as are Ethics and where approvals or disapprovals are always discussed at large and in length.
    It is thus an ‘idiocy’ of the first order, and may be laughed to scorn along with its perpetrators who must always possess an unexposed agenda in using it.

  21. Political correctness is the inevitable conclusion to Hitchens' desired multicultural and multiracial utopia. It destroys itself. Today, as more and more disenfranchised white youth are seeing the veil drawn from before their eyes, they're unfortunately turning to this "alt-right" phenomenon.

  22. what bout the nazis they abused the Catholic Church as they were atheists who believed in Darwinism

  23. Who are these dumbasses asking the questions? Ask a fucking question and stop trying to big note your alleged intelligence with piffle.

  24. sorely missed. no doubt the hitch would be incarcerated in the current political climate, for his opinions on islam and the advancing jihad

  25. The incitement to genocide, is also the
    basis of the constant appeals of the United Nations, that demands we
    accept millions of immigrants to address the low birth rates of the EU.
    According to a report published on January 2000 in «Population division»
    Review of the United Nations in New York, under the title "Immigration
    replacement: A solution to declining and aging population," Europe will
    need 159,000,000 migrants by 2015.

  26. Hitchens must have forgot Roman Catholics are Christian's as well. Roman Catholicism is not a separate religion.

  27. Hey, maybe you've updated the torrent since the time when I downloaded it, but there's a tribute to Hitch on CSPAN with Stephen Fry (a different one from the IQ^2) which I didn't find on the archive. Anyway, if you haven't seen it, check it out.

  28. Mr Hitchens seems just interested in blaming religions.
    I know straight that Bosnia war was mainly a criminal enterprise job. Yes All priests gave blessings on fighters, still the Shit Stirring came from abroad and executed wagged by criminals. Who built Al Qaeda ? Who built ISIS (a.k.a. Mossad) ? Who ?
    The Banksters Goons. Be it the CIA, MI6, Mossad, Soros, Bernard Henry Levi. All Rothschild's pawns.
    Same for Europe Proxy-Invasion, 1923 "Kalergi Plan". Why cover the Yidden hand ?

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