36 thoughts on “Christopher Hitchens – Is Obama's Foreign Policy Working? [2010]

  1. Well we know the answer to Packer's question. No, Democracy will not succeed in 5 years. What a misread.

  2. Ooohhh, he ran with the "pudding" metaphor! Isn't he clever!?!

    As incredibly sick as he was, Hitchens simply had to business being anywhere but a bed. There's no other explanation for how he would allow nothing but a cheap POTUS (Democrat, must be a Democrat, but throw in a soft jab at Kennedy, gotta be objective, you know) apologist. It's not Obama's "policies," or lack thereof, you know, but our collective (Bad, bad Congress!) inability to comprehend his forward-thinking. I don't know where, but I SWEAR I've heard that before….and I KNOW it was more than once…….Damn it!!!!…..well, it'll come back to me…..

    Also a nice touch: the rank American hubris that lead to 9/11 to begin with. No, these backward religious folk are no match against us – 'Merica – land of the free home of wicked-awesome drone strikes and mandatory removal of shoes at airport security! Educational quality, it seems, even now, home of some of the world's best universities, is beginning to look like all of the "learning" being done at our public elementary and high schools. Unfortunately, these intellectuals should really at least attempt to clean this tripe's entrails just a tad better.

    Yesterday, Iran Contra. Today, Benghazi. Tomorrow, more "surprises," infested with genuine shock. Again.

  3. I had my suspicions as soon as I heard "We award as many PhDs as blah blah blah blah…". As if that has to do with anything. And I was right – nothing but a slow descent into another God-awful, uninspiring academic circle-jerk. Yes, Hitch, I said it: God.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8eHlWJbTuI&t=262 "Liberals and only liberals can make America great again." He's probably not amused now.

  5. All this talk about "declining" powers is no different than the British-American agricultural revolution between 1930s-1960s. Where agriculture advanced at such an unprecedented rate it put farmers all over the world out of work, triggered a global depression then we all went to war. Right now you see the signs of this new war everywhere. All of Europes lawsuits against Google, Amazon, Apple, all of Russia & Chinas lawsuits… this is all propaganda and lawfare to stop tech giants from dominating China or Russia or Europe. People said after the 50s things were good because we had a "monopoly" on nuclear power. That's bullshit. What we really had a "monopoly" on was technology & hard work. Right now Americans seem lazy and disorderly mostly because there's 100M Americans who still haven't figured out such basic things like how to build and promote a website. Or how use Google free to start a profitable business and make money in billions of different niches. Theres more access and potential to make more money now than ever. But American's seem paralyzed by their own power. Like subconsciously they know theres more opportunity now than ever, but consciously they still see Burger King, Walmart, Costco as a better option after college rather than >>>CAPITALISM. Burger King is not capitalism. It's voluntary servitude. The new and real frontier of capitalism these days is technology, computers, internet, etc.

    Right now I'm looking at all these lost Americans and wondering "do you really need WWIII to open a book on, 'how to build websites for idiots?" How to do basic html coding and use wordpress? Or a simple book on marketing & accounting? Clearly thats where American society needs to head. From the farms to the mills to the computers that use to run the mills and allow you to work at home FFS. But unfortunately I think we need a major war. Public education has indoctrinated millions of lazy entitled kids on how to be professional victims. If all these kids are convinced they're victims then lets start a draft. We need a brutal, up close, I lost family members and won't forget x war for 70 yrs type of deal. That's the real "new deal" America needs. And Canada too. Canadas been living safe and sound taking all the benefits America has to offer while poisoning our kids minds about the real nature of war. Canadians are proud that they THINK they'll never be drafted to war to fight for their country. And guess what? You have no country left Canada. It's an empty vassal that sits above the US smoking pot all day.

    If I was president I would provoke some small country to nuke a city by the American-Canadian border. I really think Bush was on to something he just lacked the vision. Within 10-20 yrs after a (relatively small) nuclear attack the economy would do a 180 and rather than keep losing our global stake maybe we can get back to our real values of capitalism, hard work, starting business, taking risks, making money and living the lives all Americans want. We just collectively need our balls back…. we need war.

  6. Obama's weaknesses was worse than we thought.

    It gave us Trump. Putin, Iran, NK: more emboldened than ever.

  7. If you put a band stop filter on the audio, of roughly -15dB, about 500Hz wide centered around 600Hz this would sound a million times better

  8. dude, pour the fucking water in a glass so we don't have to listen to your plastic water bottle crackle loudly every time you dry up

  9. “He’s [Obama] changed the conversation on the world stage. He’s changed the attitudes towards America… And he’s enhanced our reputation around the world in a mere 9 months…”

    Yes, now in 2017 we can clearly see this.

  10. Why ask a foreigner? he knows literature. not American politics, He was wrong on the war in Iraq so stop listening to him about what is good for our country !

  11. 10 billion dollars spent on the religion of peace fighting….the religion of peace……once the war ends……they build up and start the war all over again………..the seeds of terrorism grow from that religion…..and both sides follow that religion………America needs to attack the religion……that's the infectious germ…

  12. Hitchens wound up, politically nothing more than the lowest of the hypocrites, a mouthpiece for Bush' and Blair's war crimes. In the debate against Dr. Michael Parenti he bragged that one of Bush's people showed hi proof of WMDs. Did he really think we'd believe someone in that administration would commit federal offenses, by showing him classified intel? all he did was parrot Bush and Blair's lies. Fuck him. The world is a better place with him gone.

  13. The discussion starts at about 5:00, if you want to skip whatever it is the weirdo in the beginning is saying

  14. Oh how pathetic and self-satisfied Hitchens had become at this point. It's sad to witness, really. He had finally arrived, hadn't he? Now, finally, he could say that he rings people up in the administration – FINALLY, here is his moment of import that he had sought all his life. Teaming up with the left delayed it, but of course the left could be disgarded for PR and spoils, as it was. Watch him sell all the boring clap-trap you can pick up from the NY Times op-ed page in a month. God, what a sad decline. At least he could still entertain a crowd by the end. Unless he was in Lebanon where people who actually knew the middle east was gathered, where he looked like a complete buffoon.

  15. Obama's foreign policy has – empirically and theoretically – been a fucking disaster. Just as his predecessor's foreign policy was a fucking disaster.

  16. "the next series of attacks that we would experience in this country will be from people who were probably born here". Man how much did hitch need to predict. As if predicting Isis wasnt awesome enough.

  17. Listening to lefties make fools of themselves with predictions about their future but our past (Obama's cleverness has Iran right between a rock and hard place)would be funny if this foolishness wasn't the pervasive and consequential sentiment of the majority.

  18. Frankly what are we suppose to do…nuke them and again where does evil live?. Recently, I read that a former MPs of Israel believed that the recent government are evil

  19. Two "men" stroking an asshole and managing to say nothing of substance along the way. Obama weak? He extended the war for terror way past what Bush did and Hitchens endorsed.

  20. Obama's foreign policy?  I'm certain the puppet president doesn't have a foreign policy other than what's fed to him by his handlers.
       Also, was Mr. Hitchens taken out for speaking up against the criminal establishment?

  21. Obama's foreign policy?  I'm certain the puppet president doesn't have a foreign policy other than what's fed to him by his handlers.

  22. christopher would have a field day with the ignorant republican reaction to presidents obama's iran anti-nuclear 2015 foreign policy and President Obama's TPP agreement attempts

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