Chris Wallace SCHOOLS Stephen Miller

Chris Wallace SCHOOLS Stephen Miller

>>Bring his 2016 campaign and even as President,
Mr. Trump has been as critical of this country as anything the squad has ever said.>>There’s Chris Wallace and he was challenging
Steven Miller during an interview with Miller over the weekend. Now, this was a conversation about how Trump
has targeted members of squad. These are the freshmen democrats, all women
of color, three of whom were actually born here in the United States, Ilhan Omar who
is a naturalized citizen. And Trump continues to attack them. Now Steven Miller bombed in this interview,
and if you don’t believe me, let’s take a look at the first clip to give you some evidence.>>Anybody who’s running for office, right,
left or center, always points out where they think America can do better, where they think
America needs to go. But there’s a fundamental distinction between
people who think that we need to lean into and strengthen America’s core values. Whether it be our constitutional values, the
rule of law, the principles of Western civilization, or people who think that we basically need
to turn America into Venezuela. For example,
>>Wait a minute, the fact of the matter is the people can have a legitimate difference
of opinion about policies, whether we wanna go one way we want to go another. Under the Constitution that you also believe
in, and I believe in, the First Amendment allows everybody to say it, we’re not talking
about constitutional rights. The President said that President Obama has
been the most ignorant president in our history. When asked about Putin, he said, there are
a lot of killers, you think our country is so innocent, that isn’t his view, that’s being
sharply critical of the United States.>>So I’m gonna give you some more examples
of how much Trump hates the country in just a minute, but before I do, Cenk, you wanna
jump in?>>Yeah, so, look Chris Wallace as usual these
days doing a really good job of holding the Trump administration officials accountable
they’re up to the task. So what did Stephen Miller do? He went back to, hey, if you believe in Western
civilization, it’s just another code word, wink, wink, towards nationalists that they’re
trying to appeal to. Look, there’s a lot of wonderful things about
Western civilization. There’s also wonderful things about Eastern
civilization. You never hear that, right? Could you ever hear the Trump people going,
my God, the 5,000 years history of China, it’s amazing, Eastern civilization is wonderful. No, they’re always talking about Western civilization,
and it’s not because they actually believe the libraries built by the Romans and the
Greeks were fantastic, and they can’t believe the different advances of science. He said, no, it’s about appealing to their
white->>It’s about dividing people.>>Voters.>>Let’s keep it real.>>Yes.>>And that kinda language is meant to divide,
to draw in their heads a distinction between the United States, Europe, and the rest of
the world. And it’s meant to feed into the whole fear
mongering that we see from the right-wing all the time. That’s the way they win elections by scaring
people about the others.>>Yeah, two more things here. One is Steven Miller. I hate this conversation about three out of
the four were born in America. That’s true and that’s why telling Ayanna
Pressley to go back to her country, she’s African American, what the hell are you talking
about? And unfortunately a lot of African Americans
do hear that. Because what racist people who say that are
saying is, America is white and we own it. So I don’t care how long you’ve been here. I don’t care how you got here. It’s my country and not yours, not yours. You don’t have the same rights as me, which
is why Wallace is bringing up the Constitution. That’s not what the Constitution says. And so they don’t really believe in the Constitution. They believe in white nationalism. So what the Ilhan Omar was born outside the
country, and I got a particular bone to pick here, cuz I was born outside the country. But naturalized citizens chose America.>>Mm-hm.>>That actually shows more patriotism than
anything else. We said we don’t wanna be in the old cuz we
wanna come to this country, cuz we believe in and love the idea of America, and we wanna
help improve it.>>Exactly.>>And we’re 100% citizens, I don’t give a
rats ass where dumbass Steven Miller was born. The guy doesn’t love America, he hates the
idea of America, he wants to live in a white nationalist country. That’s not what the constitution says, that’s
not what our flag stands for. So Steven Miller, pick a country on the map
and get the hell out of here cuz you don’t believe in america so why don’t you leave?>>So I just wanna give you a few examples
of Donald Trump’s tweets. And look, the whole point of what the Trump
administration is doing right now is to intimidate people into silence, basically. They do not want criticism. If there is any criticism, they’ll point a
finger at you and say you’re un-American. There’s nothing more American than being able
to speak truth to power. That’s the whole point of a democracy. I mean if you have a situation in which you’re
not allowed to criticize the government, then you don’t live in a democracy, period. Now, Trump, back in 2014, had some pretty
strong language toward the United States under the Obama administration. The United States, under President Obama,
has truly become the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Everything he touches turns to garbage. So there’s Trump referring to the United States
as garbage.>>Get out, get out. Leave right now. Go back to Scotland or wherever the hell you’re
from, Germany. Get out, you don’t love this country. I’m just using Republican logic.>>Let me give you more. We’re building other countries while our own
country is going to hell. Time to rebuild the USA tell our stupid politicians
enough.>>Get out.>>There he is referring to the United States
as hell.>>Send him back.>>Disgusting, I can’t believe how un-Amaerican
he is.>>Send him back. How dare you critize America like that?>>Remember politicans are all talk and no
action. This is another tweet from Trump. Our country is a laughing stock.>>How dare you?>>That is going to hell. The lobbyists and donors control all. How un-American is this guy, how the hell,
wow!>>And those are good American lobbyists he’s
criticizing. No, I’m kidding.>>Yeah.>>Look, guys, obviously, the criticism of
the country when Obama was President by the Republicans is perfectly acceptable and so
is the criticism of the Trump administration when they’re in charge. It’s called America. It’s in the first amendment. We’re supposed to protest our government and
we’re certainly supposed to protest lobbyists and donors and crooked politicians. But now that the republicans have their own
crooked politician in charge they’re like no more criticism, no more criticism. Okay, look, guys, can we get an agreement
on this? If you ever criticized President Obama, you
should leave the country. Because you were criticizing the American
President? It’s your logic, it’s not my logic, it’s your
logic. So do you agree, do you agree if you ever
criticize President Obama, we find any trace of that in social media or anywhere else,
we get to take you out of the country. Is that a deal? I didn’t think so, right? Cuz you’re giant hypocrites and you’re idiots
and you can’t keep track of anything. Just the other day you were like, this country
sucks, right? I mean, his hats say, the hats you wear, morons,
say make America great again, because America’s not great. You spit on the country while running for
office. And you put on the stupid red hats. America sucks is basically what that hat says. So get the hell out, right? That’s your stupid logic, own it.>>Okay, I have an unimportant point to make
because you keep saying logic and I keep thinking about Jesse Lee Peterson. He had an interview with Ben Burgis, and Ben
Burgis recently wrote a book titled Logic For the Left Give Them an Argument. And the question that Jesse Lee Peterson asked
him was, where does logic come from?>>And so Ben Burgis is like, I’m not really
sure what you’re trying to ask. And as he’s trying to answer the question
he just yells, beta!>>But this is a Republican way of thinking,
right? I don’t care about hypocrisy. When Obama was president, I spit all over
America, and was super proud of it. Now that Trump’s president, that’s it, I’m
gonna remove anybody from the country who disagrees. And you call yourself an American? You’re an embarrassment to America. That’s our flag, it’s not yours.>>And then one final important point that
I wanna make, is in the course of that interview, Miller regurgitated a right-wing talking point
about how the left wants open borders, the squad allegedly wants open borders. I just wanna read you a quick quote from AOC. We absolutely do need to make sure that our
borders are secure to make sure people are safe and passage. But what we need to realize and remember is
that ICE was established in 2003. Right at the same time as the Patriot Act,
the AUMF, the Iraq war, and we look back at a lot of that time and legislation as a mistake
now. ICE has an extra-judicial nature. It’s baked into the structure of the agency
and that is why they are able to get away with black sites at our border with the separation
of children and the quote continues. The reason why I read that to you, is because
no one has called for open borders. It is a talking point that is meant to fearmonger
about the left and especially about these young congresswomen. Who are just constantly attacked and threatened
as a result of the fear mongering coming from people like Stephen Miller.>>Look, the right-wing, unfortunately these
days, it wasn’t always this way, and it’s not always this way in every country, but
it is right now in America. Is built on a mountain of lies, so they just
don’t care. So they’ll say anything about anybody without
a moment’s hesitation. Trump is going around saying that Ilhan Omar
likes Al Qaeda. Not even anything like taken out of context
just made it up, just made it up doesn’t care, doesn’t care. Now in reality, he supports Saudi Arabia which
is aids and abets Al Qaeda. And has constantly helped them, so if anyone
helps Al Qaeda, it’s Donald Trump, if it’s anyone who’s un-American it’s people who say
you shouldn’t protest your government. I mean, are you so monumentally stupid that
you say the real American thing is to not protest your government and bow your head
to the government, what? Right, right now, I put out a Tweet the other
day about how progressives have advanced the cause of liberty throughout American history. And we always win. In the Civil Rights movement, in ending slavery,
in gay rights, and most importantly, in the American Revolution. Because progressives were so tired of the
established system, that they literally did a physical revolution to change it, right? You should have seen how to triggered the
right-wing got. and I love that because they have no facts. And they’re like, how could you say that? George Washington he was a conservative. You know what he did? He hated the current system and he changed
it completely. What?>>They’re amazing, they’re totally detached
from reality.>>Yeah.>>And that’s why it’s not surprising that
ask questions like, where does logic come from?>>Beta.

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