Chris Matthews Thinks Democrats Should Appeal More To American Patriotism | MSNBC

Chris Matthews Thinks Democrats Should Appeal More To American Patriotism | MSNBC

62 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Thinks Democrats Should Appeal More To American Patriotism | MSNBC

  1. If more americans was interested in their world, they would know us politics are corrupt and paid for by big companies!!

    The senate Republiclowns dont matter at this point. Dems are talking to the Left, Middle, and undecideds. Nobody cares about the remaining core of clueless nut job uninformed Trump supporters. Dems keep laying out the evidence, VOTE TO IMPEACH, lay the ball right in their court. If the Republiclowns dont REMOVE, Dems will win the senate and presidency. The left/middle ground Swell for justice will be so overwhelming that the Republiclowns will be 10 years trying to recover. TRUMP as destroyed the Republiclown party and the spineless cowardly senate stood by and did nothing.

  3. If you had the thought that "We the people" would be better off by having the electoral college decide who the boss will be every four years, then you got a mouse in your pocket. The same goes for the Senate membership and it's antiquated system of unparalleled inequality in allowing the few decide for the mass on how they accomplish there duties. Total sham of a system, but for the most part the people have a right to change it, and fix it if they are interested in their future, they just need to act soon.

  4. Everyone can tell you how to do a better job when they are not in the driving seat. Seems the Democrats are doing a pretty good job to me.

  5. America isn't corrupt trump and people like him are… where is greater or more free then America. We have the right and privilege to vote although the gop want to make it hard, we can speak up and speak out about injustice we can Impeach a corrupt "president". I love America although if trump wins another term I will lose faith in our voting system.

  6. Wow. Chris Matthews taking another shot at Bernie, as usual. MSNBC causes far more division than any Russian troll with their "Bernie Sanders makes my skin crawl" coverage.

  7. If they support Trump the last thing they care about is patriotism. Trump and his supporters are un-American and least patriotic people in America

  8. Yes it is corrupt. For the campaign finance system it is. As the phrase goes, "Can't bite the hand the feeds you"
    And if that wasn't the case then why they did make rulings since 1976 with Buckley v. Valeo, and up to Citizens United, etc. Because it wasn't in the constitution.

  9. The daily show while Jon Stewart hosted once covered ALL of Chris Matthew's predictions and it showed how he has never once been correct about what would or should happen. Not once….it was hillarious….I'm sure if you try you can find that clip or episode. So he is literally the last person on earth to give advice….ALSO….
    That DS episode pointed out how he constantly boasts about his knowledge of politics and how everyone should learn at his feet.

    Matthew's is truly a corporate soldier though, and always puts his money interest and his companies money interest ahead of all else in his politics.
    So word to the wise…..really you should check out that decimating package of all his wisdom that never worked….not once. Funny stuff.

  10. To add to my comment below, search YouTube for the Chris Matthews interview with Phil Donahue….it really tells you all you need to know about who Matthew's is when his own actions are being discussed.

  11. Bull. Patriotism is overrated. Mitigated patriotism is a decent thing (but not noble or even really praiseworthy), but flag waving rabid fanaticism is unwarranted (it's unearned for most people who happen to have been arbitrary born on a certain piece of dirt for one thing) at best and dangerously fascist/collectivist at worst.

    The best of us are cosmopolitan, citizens of the world, a noble tradition that goes back to greek and roman antiquity.

    The world is my country. – Thomas Paine

    Better the pride that resides in the citizen of the world than the pride that divides when a colorful rag is unfurled. – Rush "Territories"

  12. That Patriotism ship has already sailed and their weren't any DEMOCRATS on it. DEMOCRATS worship the government and climate change, they hate AMERICA and most Americans.

  13. Chris Matthews is way better as a guest than as a host….when he's invited on other shows he's very coherent and worth listening to….

  14. Funny when Biden says the country's corrupt it's okay with you Chris… Into your other points… At Bernie's Rally's he's on target with that.

  15. I agree. While watching the impeachment hearings I thought the same thing. By trying to fight the Reps on their own turf (economics) the Dems fail to give us anything to cling to, to follow, to emote over. Reps have lots of passion albeit of the negative kind and Dems give us math lessons? Come on now, think. Numbers don't sell.
    If I was a Dem sitting in on these hearings I'd appeal to the American people. I might start out talking about Russia and how I grew up hiding under a school desk during air raid drills; hiding from the Russian attack, the Russian bombs. The irony between that and today's school shooting is crushing. Russian is, has been, and will be a threat to our freedoms. I'd remind the American people of that threat. I might then continue with a lecture to everyone on how it is the Diplomatic Service that helps keep up safe every day. How these unknown names and faces are heroes and public attacks upon them by anyone just shows how far our country has fallen under this Presidency. It is especially heinous when said criticism comes from the White House, home of our Commander and Thief – oops I meant Commander in Chief; may his watch be brief.
    God Bless America, my home sweet home. And just for the Pres, you can't send me back. My family has been hear for over 300 years. If we send children of immigrants back old man, you'd be on a fast plain to Germany. I'm sure Madame Merkel will be happy to see you.

  16. Matthews is suffering from "old white guy" myopia. Yes, America IS corrupt. At the core, at the foundation. Remember the Constitution that set up a supremacist system? Remember that Constitution that STILL fails to recognize women as equal citizens with equal rights? This failure to recognize such rank injustice is a clear symptom of white male privilege. You don't even notice.

    ETA: I admire Matthews' effort and passion. BUT, he has this intellectual blindness (male-supremacy) that must be recognized and counter-balanced when considering his views.

  17. Bernie Sanders is the man. Biden has no clue only knows his circle of people to be the Americans who are telling him what is needed and wont do enough to stop the bleeding.

  18. Democrats are doing Russia’s work in further sowing the seeds of division in America as demonstrated by the impeachment hearings. Democrats know no shame.

  19. Sondland's testimony reminds of something attributed to Winston Churchill: "Americans can be relied upon to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all other possibilities."

  20. Mr. Softball still pushing wars to distract from issues important to Americans. Who cares what the pasty old fart bag thinks.

  21. I thought Creepy Uncle Joe was suffering from dementia with all his gaffes. However, maybe Spartacus is right that Joe smokes too much hashish 🤷‍♂️

  22. American people do not need to be appealed to their duty. Trump is a traitor. Liar. Corrupt president. He needs to be impeached, and he should go and eat his KFC, and McDonald.

  23. Forced patriotism is fascism…. especially when conservatives think patriotism is racism, bigotry, and blind faith too authoritarian ideology

  24. Triggered Mathews knows his lies will be gobbled up by a few LOW-IQ Fredo Followers… NEWS FLASH Matthews.. NO Quid Pro Quo and NO Bribery!!! Schitt's Impeachment BS is DOA Much like your show!

  25. A lack of patriotism isn't a Democratic problem they're not the one's snuggling up to Putin.

    Trump won his election by screaming about a ridded system of corruption.

    The only problem was that he planned to make it worse but Bernie plans to get rid of it.

    As usual Chris (never let them talk) Mathews is only half right.

    From one Boomer to another Chris…"OK Boomer"

  26. I usually do not agree with Chris Matthews, but I think he is right regarding Bernie Sanders. To claim that America is corrupt is ripping away the hope and aspirations of the hard working men and women of America, men and women of all colors. American values of hard work, aspiring to live the American dream, patriotism, they are not corrupt values. What is corrupt is the 1% who have acquired their wealth and power by all means necessary, including, at the expense of the hard working Americans.

  27. Our leaders, business and government, are corrupt. Stop trying to provide cover for the crooks by saying country. For example, MSNBC's lack of Bernie coverage and foisting Republican-lite candidates. I remember MSNBC was all in on Trump.
    On the plus side, our leaders earned their label the old fashioned way: they ignore the people and enrich themselves.

  28. He's Literally the Definitely of ok boomer!!!! Out of touch period. These people are true Republicans they just have different view on a few key issues like abortion and gun control but they love the whole CORRUPT system because they make profits period. Lets be real , alot more people will like trump if he didn't say mean , he's perfect for the Establish and rich people.

  29. NBC is joke, they should stop hosting debates. Tonight was slowing, boring and a waste of time because they don't push back. No one cares what Amy, Tom and Booker have to say yet they were giving Amy most of the time.

  30. But our democracy is corrupt! It is the plain truth. We have things like Russian interference, the Ukraine scandal, voter suppression, gerrymandering, first past the post, the two party system, Citizens United, and the electoral college. To fix a problem you need to first identify it and admit that it exists. I like a cold hard rationalist like Bernie. I prefer a painful truth to a comforting lie.

  31. What happens when the public knows the truth ? Msm complicit in covering [D]crimes old gaurd being dismantled [12/8] [12/11] stay tuned 🌽 will be harvested for many to enjoy

  32. I get Chris' perspective as a white senior who still believes in the fantasy of America, but to say that the system is not corrupt when politicians are clearly for sale is disingenuous. Bernie and progressives are right about the need for drastic changes. How quickly they can happen is the issue. Peace.

  33. The kind of "patriotism" he is referring to is what was demonstrated during the Nuremberg conventions
    They supported there leader, country and flag

  34. I agree with this. Even with impeachment, there's maybe too much focus on the crime, not enough focus on the patriotism of defending our country against foreign aggressors. If there is to be some unity, the Democrats have to make impeachment more about defending America, less about Trump. I think an effective strategy would be for Obama, George W Bush and some other respected political figures from both parties, as well as non-partisan retired military officials, diplomats and intelligence officials would give a joint statement about the impeachment process and why Trump's offenses damage our democracy. But keep the focus on patriotism and explain how the situation relates to the Constitution.

  35. I agree, look at all the people even within Trumps administration, standing up for our country against corruption by this president. I think more will come forward. In the end, we love the country and will always protect her.

  36. Well, that is not going to happen when you have a bunch of anti-American lefties extremists and Communists running for president!

  37. But the system is corrupt. Tulsi quit her position with the DNC because the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie. Democracy is all about the sentiment that is generated in order to gain power over the public. The voters do not matter as long as they vote the 'right' way. The corruption that we are seeing is why the American Founding Fathers rejected democracy in favour of a Republic. Sadly, decades of government schooling have done away with the desire for a vigorous debate.

  38. The Democrats are the WORST at messaging and dictating the narrative. It's not new or by accident either. There was a lot from Sondland yesterday, but one of the most devasting and disturbing reveal was that Trump did not even want to have a real investigation of Biden. He just wanted it floated out there to shape the narrative for 2020. Let me write that again:

    Trump did not even care about a real investigstion. He knows that his henchmen in Congress would toe the line, FOX would saturate and weaponize the lie, and more importantly, the Democrats would never be able to fight it. Because they have shown zero fight. This is horrible for demacracy. Period.

    Trump knows that even a bogus fight is winnable when the opponent won't even put gloves on.

    Why are the Dems putting their Republican counterparts on blast for clearly not weighing the facts? Why are they not exposing Barr for dismissing the whistle blowers initial complaint? Why do Mitch and Lindsay get to prejudge evidence and say this investigation is essentiall already dead. Dems are they not appealing to all the MAGA citizens that we can disagree on policy but we can't torch "american" principles? They are not getting the message across to the people at all that our values and democracy are under attack – not a man or party.

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