Chinese Nationalism on the Internet | The New York Times

Chinese Nationalism on the Internet | The New York Times

38 thoughts on “Chinese Nationalism on the Internet | The New York Times

  1. Sen. Joseph McCarthy was correct declassified US documents prove it. Walmart in secret forced manufacturing to China and other communist dictators hands. They've been stealing our manufacturing exploiting slave populations. Hong Kong now wants to be free of China they're not China yet with 2047 they will be in it's one of the only places in China where there's freedom of speech freedom of economy and freedom. They've had it for 130 years now.they do not want to be part of China they are not part of China. They are their own people free. Will the world stand by and watch while another Tiananmen Square happens. Financed by the dollars and the pounds in the French whatever's that industrial communist have taken to the communist dictators. Right under our noses. Using the media that they control to lie about it and say it's good.

  2. I am Chinese and I find Nationalism in China to be offensive. It sends the message of exclusion instead of inclusion. To a certain degree I do not believe in having borders.

  3. Sure it's fine to be proud of where you come from, but these ultra-nationalists are leading to xenophobia in China and an increased hatred for others. Lets hoist the flags of all nations instead of tearing each other down with anger and hatred

  4. The nationalism shown here looks unattractive to others. It is not self confidence but just bullying behavior. It does not inspire others to like and respect current day PRC. It appears the CCP has very successfully manipulated its youth into justifying their bullying actions with China's "Century of Humiliation". Not that it did not occur, but responding to things by using its market and population is just childish and unattractive.

    You cannot gain true respect and admiration from the world like this.

  5. Territories taken by force or by purchase still need to be governed by the uniting nation with some kind of consent and legitimacy.

    The US took its territory through conquest and via purchases, but it allows these territories state rights and the opportunity to elect the central government.

    The PRC does not handle Tibet in this fashion whether it is Chinese territory or not. It is occupied territory without the consent of the Tibetan people.

    This is the chief difference between the PRC and other countries that take territory by force.

    It may not be the US' business, but Tibet is not being controlled in an acceptable way. Even autonomous regions of China need some consent from the local public or else it is just forced colonization which the Chinese does not want done to itself. Japan occupied much of Eastern and Southern China through 1945. However, once the CCP took the mainland, the PRC became an aggressive state which was the same role as Japan before it.

  6. If western wants to segregate any piece of Chinese land, then you claim war against China. You think Korea war is funny, welcome to play again

  7. The real power of China will show when China turns into a massive Hong Kong with a GDP per capita to match.

  8. “America First” = extreme Nationalism. “Pay to Play” sounds like what the Mafia would have said to store owners.

  9. 纽约时报就这个水平?我本来以为能多厉害呢,先去涨涨姿势再来bb吧,傻缺。

  10. U can say that’s nationalism, but let’s face it, when CNN and BCC report bullshits about a particular country, you will only create more hatred by the nationals of that country.

    Nationalism/Patriotism = don’t happen unless u western media provoke it to happen by twisting the news to make that country look bad, instead of report the truth.
    CNN and BBC are good at that

  11. Chinese must unite! ! Together we are strong. Divided we fall victim again to western plots to divided m conquer us like they did in history. First they demonized degrade and divide. Then fund n support rebels "divide". Afterwards find an excuse to put boots on the ground in the name of freedom n peace "conquer". Last of course, steal your oil your resources , colonize, taste your women and rob your economy.

    am i exaggerating or lying? JUST READ WORLD HISTORY! opium war, boxer war or as recent as the war in the middle east. HISTORY DON'T LIE.


  12. You boycott us we boycott you chinese people need us more then ever don't forget yo have billion people haha

  13. The young Chinese are just like big spoilt babies. The Chinese HATE to hear the truth about China and their culture. We should start deporting the Chinese and not keep giving them western passports.

  14. Why don't you guys criticise American Nationalism and protectionism? double standards, the west always criticises Chinese Nationalism for criticising. I think everyone has the right to love his or her country, do not stigmatize the word "Nationalism".

  15. it is only an reaction towards Yankee's long reach hand and big mouth…nothing more, chinese had enough of them.. there you go….

    30 years ago, one of my classmate told me, to travle with a US passport is dangerous…I did not understand that time..but I do understand now…so shut your mouth up!

  16. God bless our glorious people. China is a sleeping giant hail and our victory will eradicate foreigners.

  17. My story: the past decade, the more I read NYT's China bashing 'reports', more nationalistic Chinese I have become, lol

  18. As a viewer of Chinese decent, how would you feel if I said Alaska isn't US, give Hawaii their independence, Free Scotland, and Northern Ireland is oppressed by England. Wouldn't American and British patriots be a little frustrated too?

  19. I find no record of any apology from CNN, however if there is an error in this commentary it will need to be corrected for the record…possibly Youtube has scrubbed video of apology or perhaps it was a written apology, in any event it needs to be revised if incorrect. I only note this because it seems highly unusual no record of apology is found on Youtube, when the video suggests one was issued & in case you are new to the field of journalism.

  20. From what I have seen, Chinese nationalists tend to be thuggish cowards.

    Either they spread their racism, lies and hate online, from the safety of a computer screen

    Or they work in large mobs to shout down and intimidate anyone who dares question their precious communist government

    Chinese nationalists are just bullies and thugs

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