46 thoughts on “China's Political Geography – Provinces, Regions etc… In Chinese

  1. Ben is in favor of Taiwan instead of the mainland. How about Scotland vs Britain? How about the USA return Texas… to Mexico?

  2. Learn Chinese Now are you gonna be a channel that will spread Chinese knowledge and cultural on YouTube or a channel that will create controversy?

  3. I wouldn't be so quick to call the Brits 'gentlemen'. They were the cause of the century of humiliation bullying China into submission. Actually they were a big reason why the communist party existed in China to begin with. The Brits maltreated the Chinese for so long, both the nationalists and communist resented the west. I don't like to say this but I can't blame them at all.

  4. shame on you to have such good Chinese language skills but have no respect and proper knowledge for the true structure of the PRC today.Totally biased and provocative rhetoric.

  5. Why don't we use simplified Chinese characters? Why traditional characters?

  6. You just mentioned PRC claimed Taiwan as one of its province, but didn't mention that POC also claims mainland China as one part of it.

  7. Seriously crap video; one that completely fails to inform or to educate, presented by a massively irritating young man who seems so far up his own rectum that he probably hasn’t seen daylight since he was about 6.

    A complete waste of my time and attention.

  8. India is the biggest democracy. USA is the shrine its shrine. How well has it being going lately? LOL. Westerners have this tendency to run down other countries' systems of governance to impose their values on others. To me, this is arrogance and it is very well displayed here by this young western gentleman.
    Seems to be a piece of western sponsored propaganda. Maybe he should just join the USA army to 'impose' his democracy in the middle East.

  9. The number of idiot CCP commentators proves any and all negative outlooks on the PRC. It’s a whole country of inferiority-complexed small man-syndrome possessed dick waggers with no empathy or creativity, subsisting on repression, lying, and stealing. Typical communist country.


  10. I want Taiwan to be banned from competition! I love Mainland China because of relations with all Asian countries!

  11. I will never go to Taiwan forever because i want to go to mainland China as i am a pro-China supporter. Taiwan is a rebel country! PR China will still be UN member! Beijing will be bigger than the stupid city of Taipei!

  12. I appreciated the Mandarin translation of things but as much as I know you tried to be neutral, your biases were definitely prevalent.

  13. You know what I have discover. China, the USA, Russia every country has a group of people who are too stupid to see what a nation is. This are the same idiots dressing in their national colors or claiming their nation is number one. A nation is the government. A number of institutions created to maintain some sort of social order. It took me a while to understand this but now that I do I can see what nationalism is. Nationalism is how you talk soldiers into killing people or civilians into sacrificing for the good of the government. Now you can like a form of government more that another but to defend it in a youtube video shows how brainwash you are. There is no Chinese people or American people they are just governments. For all it's history as a unify region China is still fill with individuals with competing goals and the communist party is just the way to keep order. Just like in every other country some get more benefits from being closer to the decision makers. So forget all this nationalism and try to keep you head above the water.

  14. well i think the people who made this video has certainly misguided most of the people who watch this,,,but maybe you guys just like to hear these kind of lies~

  15. hope Learn Chinese can follow UN resolution 2758 and recognise PRC instead of ROC as the government of China.

  16. Twain is the Panama of the USA i.e. the USA wanted to get access to China just like in Colombia the US wanted access to Colombia—in the case of Colombia we end up with a new nation –in the case of China…why not give up? USA if you want friends you have Japan.

  17. I really like your videos man but could we keep them less political so the comment section isnt full of different aggressive opinions, Thanks 🙂

  18. Very hypocritical Ben. Gentlemen Brits….. you mean like brutalizing India? or taking over parts of the world from other countries….. i.e. stealing the land that is now Hong Kong from the Qing Dynasty……..Or brutalizing the Irish, starving them, and stealing their land….. shall I continue? Ben, either remain neutral, or at least mention that the US and UK have a long history of brutalizing people and China is no different. Chiang Kai Shek's ROK Taiwan is not innocent by any means, he was a dictator, no different from Mao. Taiwan has blood on their hands, 228 Incident and White Terror Period (baisi kongbu). Please either remain neutral or report all sides to be fair and not so bias. Thank you Sir!

  19. … I'm just learning Chinese… and all this political stuff is crazy.. don't know which story to believe

  20. Would've been nice to have some more vocabulary about smaller administrative divisions such as cities, prefectures, etc. Those are really confusing.

  21. If you ask anyone in Taiwan if they're part of the PRC, I'm pretty sure they'd say they weren't. Besides, if Taiwan does become a part of China, it would take another revolution and another 50 years to brainwash the entire population.

  22. 那些说繁体字才是真正汉字的所谓台湾同胞们,你们真是无知者无畏,中国汉字几千年的历史本来就是变化和进步的历史,我虽然在大陆,可是我也喜欢繁体字,但是说繁体字才是真正的汉字,那就去你马勒戈壁了,如果旧的就是好的,那你怎么不去用甲骨文?逢中必反,逢大陆必黑,拍拍良心到底是大陆真的差劲还是自己无知自己有偏见?井底之蛙,带着你们那点可怜的自尊和骄傲关在岛上不要出来好了,这个发展中的世界和你们无关

  23. One-sided criticism of China's human rights is not fair, perhaps you should go to China's mainland, Tibet and other places to look at!

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