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  1. All the developing nations would be controlled by one powerful nation or the other. Colonialism has reinvented itself. Only difference is now China is challenging the usual suspects.

  2. China is a poor country, with a GDP per capita of only one fifth of that of the United States, and it is impossible to pose a threat to any country.

  3. IMF could be based in Beijing in a decade say Christine Lagarde IMF Director https://www.reuters.com/article/us-imf-china-lagarde-idUSKBN1A922L

    USA is broken Trump say that in 2nd debate. China is the world economic power.

    THE WORLD FACTBOOK OF CIA US GOVERNMENT: CHINA 1ST GDP PPP ECONOMY: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2001rank.html

    The OECD, IMF, AND CIA confirm that China by 2030 will be the next superpower!
    China GGP by 2030! https://youtu.be/u1ysNSqPnZ0

    China GDP PPP first economy since 2014… IMF https://youtu.be/O1WC2Sl2jgg

    China GDP by 2028 surpass USA… IMF https://youtu.be/T9l2yCH5wBk

  4. China won’t bomb you .. but they poison you .. they make you corrupt and in debts and lose your land and resource… you GDP will pay all the debts .. and your people will be fleeing ..

  5. China numba one!😆 Show the ignorant, spoiled mortal children how it's done. The Dragon will fly. Boo!😂

  6. Who are you to shape another country’s sovereignty? Oh right Canada is a servant state of US. Us has shaped Canadian politics for years …so Canadians think China should follow suit?

  7. No matter how rich or poor, how smart people might be, countries do gets screwed up. Don't get trapped and lured by lies and illusions.

    People can be so naive, wasting life purposes, by choosing Money over Power. The mistake most people chooses, almost all of the time. It's a shame, while people crave for material things yet shutting their voices.

    I cannot respect someone choosing pocket over dignity.

  8. I wonder if secretive China is doing research and developing technologies like Nanotechnology and Biotechnology,or even ancient arts like Quigong,Bim Mak,Sorcery etc.

  9. China is not a ''creeping'' power. Use that word choice for a different power.
    China is a growing country and civilization.
    China was always a world power with out killing other people; or subjugating them, like England and USA.

  10. Send all those Communists kissers to China, since they can't access YouTube, Google, Twitter, gmail. This alone will shut them up.

  11. All these Country's that are going to make a deal with China within there Country will become in debt to her. This is China's Plan. She know's what she is doing. The Country's that are dealing with her have no Idea what the hell there getting in to.

  12. China just wants resources and it bribes governments to get them. When they build a bridge or rail system, they send Chinese workers, not hiring local workers. China cheats, lies, steals, threatens, intimidates, and manipulates their own people and other countries. They create nothing of their own and give nothing to the world except fraud, pollution, hypocrisy, disease, and spies.

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  14. Funny how the western nations wjo always pats themselves over the back about how much we "help" the world and yet not one of the pathetic countries ever took a step forward and implement real infrastructure to create economies for these poor nations. Yet a middle income nation has done more to help places like africa in the past few years than the douchey nations in the west in 100yrs.

  15. China is well on the way to replace the US as the World leader…NO..it won't match the US economy…NO it won't surpass US military power….but it HAS passed the US in terms of credibility…America has lost all credibility after Trump…whether on free trade or building "political" bridges China left the US in its rearview mirror a decade ago…and there will be no coming back…

  16. Chinese investments in the continent can make it harder in the EU to agree on foreign policy. “One country isn’t able to condemn Chinese human rights policy because Chinese investors are involved in one of their ports,” Juncker said. “It can’t work like this.” This is China trying to now control Europe by picking off smaller weak economies like Greece. Go EU, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. Stand up for your values and put in investment restrictions like US, Aus, NZ have to protect these values!!!

  17. This channel appears to report truthfully…

    This is what I can respect from true non-censored news networks…

    The U.S. is no longer the top dog 🐶

    There are new dominant players on the field that play it smarter
    without firing a shot and the global undeveloped Nations are
    inviting Russia and China to assist them whether it be economical
    or militarily…

    Team work, honesty, genuine, and sincere is what convinces other
    third world nations to call on Russia and China…

    If that behavior is not handsome then I don't know what is but it
    sure beats crashing the party when not invited to it, like the U.S.A.
    does and that is all going to change for the global good 😊

  18. just ask people what they want: democracy or money, and you know why China is making friends with the whole developing world.

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