China's Dystopian Social Credit system

China's Dystopian Social Credit system

30 thoughts on “China's Dystopian Social Credit system

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  2. In the near future:
    Restaurant Owner: "Is it necessary to put in so many cameras?"
    Police: "According to the new law, it's the minimum number to 'protect' you and your customers."
    Restaurant Owner: "Still …"
    Police: "What's the problem? This is for YOUR protection. You're not doing anything illegal, are you?"

    …The next year…
    Homeowner: "Do you really have to put a camera in the bathroom as well?"
    Police: "Yes, it's the law." We do this for YOUR 'protection.' If anyone invades your home we can spot it and come right away."
    Homeowner: "Still …"
    Police: "What's the problem? You're not doing anything illegal, are you?"

  3. Why are you two guys surprised that's why they call it Communist China! You guys sound like the liberal West NEWS calling it China!
    Call it what it is a tyrannical government with a life long dictator! By the way you can thank Google for dystopian surveillance the China got they created!

  4. Serpenza, your authoritarian side flared up in this video. Who cares if people want to drive like idiots, who are you, Mr Philosopher King, to come in and start bossing them around like their father? You have no right complain about the Chinese gov being authoritarian in other cases; you are unprincipled.

    I lost my respect for you after watching this video.

  5. I talked with some chinese people about this. they seem to get easily offendet ebout this social score topic and of course they all say its good.
    gee, I wonder why that is , hmmmm

  6. All dictatorial regime #!!…@.. Uhummmmhh… Sorry!!! All respected and honorable presidents of Communist party need; I will say it again: NEED desperately a mass surveilance system. Remenber Lenin in Rusia ??? Remember what "The Cheka" was ??? It was a secret police mainly composed of followers of Bolshevik party distributed in the city observing every member of their nighborhood, school, workmates…etc… They reported any suspicios activity to the party….Soooo… The Communist party was observing every single person in a particular city. Remember General Pinochet in Chile ??? Remember the informers he had all over Santiago de Chile?? Remember Rafael Trujullo in Dominican Republic ?? He did his surveilance through "the Calie" ( secret informers ).


    What is new this time is that mass surveilance is going to be done with computers ( where your files are going to be kept ) and your cellphone or PC. First comment against the regime; police will knock, knock, knock at your door. T O R T U R E….. Nobody will ever see you again.

  7. This is the perfect way to engineer your society's internal collapse.

    Everyone becomes increasingly paranoid and attacks each other relentlessly.

    Eventually, your system implodes as even basic human interaction becomes impossible.

  8. @8:23 it’s not that the Chinese government have 100% legal right to do those things to you (they technically don’t btw), it’s just that the Chinese government is above the law so even though it’s illegal for them to do those things, there’s no legal recourse for them if they do so they act with impunity.

  9. You missed the obvious reasons for "social credits" . We in the west, though atheists and agnostics hate to admit…have social graces, manners and morals based on Judeo-Christian society. When its every man for himself atheism…then a heavy handed government must step in to create expected social behavior.

  10. It is the result of a lack of democracy and thus a lack of government's accountability to the people.

  11. Is it because so much of the present population has come out of agricultural areas of the country recently….???

  12. Don't look now, but this is already being beta-tested on "politically incorrect" people here in the U.S. I know this because I'm one of those people who dares to (quietly )question authority and (quietly) hold my own viewpoints. Just as in China, it's being implemented by the treasonous big tech companies, along with complicit military-intelligence-contractor-university types, who are in fact in bed with Communist China. So basically, the nightmare is already here, but only the Targeted Individuals know it. Our freedom and privacy are already gone.

  13. I dont understand the purpose of these guys, mostly talking negative about China. If you don't like it then dont live in China. Go back to SA or USA or UK.

  14. They literally will drop your rating for buying too many video games, too much junk food, too much alcohol, etc. it’s fucking ridiculous and I’d be pissed if I was chinese

  15. It's ironic how the Chinese government is using trust as an excuse but is itself a backstabbing piece of shit.

  16. I prefer to live in a safe place where social credit system works to Ensure that the protection is in favor to the law abiding pple, and the rights of people who likes to spin their way out of behaving socially is curbed. Thank God for a place like China where the meek and law abiding is not always covertly restricted by the those with a flair for "Creative dishonesty" (aka spin) and where the rich can get away with attending the best education and remain rich through state-protected capitalism that looks after the rich and powerful at the expense of the societal minority whether they are economically, culturally, or religion-wise.

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