China's Communist party enshrines Xi Jinping ideology in constitution

China's Communist party enshrines Xi Jinping ideology in constitution

24 thoughts on “China's Communist party enshrines Xi Jinping ideology in constitution

  1. Fear is a powerful weapon as long as those who are fearful stay afraid, once the fear of repression is gone so will this arcane political system. No FREE or OPEN Government has unanimous outcomes to votes. Only people fearful of death or loss of social status follow like blind mice. China for far too long has blamed outsiders for all of their trouble when in fact it is their inability to stand up and remove this dictatorship who uses fear as it's only political currency. The average Chinese citizen just wants to be happy and free to live their life but as long as they accept this broken, corrupt and shameful political system they will never know true freedom. I really feel heartbroken for the people of china. Hopefully one day they will take their country back from the intelligentsia and have real reforms.

  2. The Chinese Communist Party's ideology is socialist with Chinese characteristics? I've heard that China is a capitalist country and therefore a liberal democracy. Someone is apparently confused.

  3. To all my Chinese friends, the Chinese Communist Party stole from you the religion of your fathers and your grandfathers. You are all lost people. Punish the Communist party for this. Overthrow them. Obliterate them! Replace them with something else.

  4. China is the largest economy in the world and the worlds most powerful military
    I wonder when they will get around to nuking america

  5. Xi Zedong has an uncanny resemblance to Winnie the Pooh.
    "Animal Farm," by George Orwell, should be read by any doubters.

  6. hahaha mainlanders r screwed…..first, no right to vote for any other party….next their great leader isnt even giving up power…. good luck, so much for your Rights.

  7. 反华仇中的人多的是,腦子给洗干净又坐井底里。不用敎会他们(也没可能)不用浪费力气。他们不会明中国是怎么难的走过来, 摸著石头过河的打了几十年基礎到现在, 他们也不明习大及其班子的善意, 人类命运共同体的志向。大家努力, 做好成果, 就让其他的麻痹下去, 让他们这生也搅不明白

  8. China the most capitalism Land in the world. Biggest Banks, worker earn less money and a lot of workhours. Buy in the World big innovation companies. The name [commuist] partie is a fake of old thinking between est and west the politics of china is capitalism pur.

  9. 我们要继续努力~为中国创造更美好的未来。🇨🇳
    We must continue our efforts to build a better future for China. 🇨🇳

  10. Technically speaking, it is not constitution, and the congress is party's congress, not the national congress. There is a mistake here.

  11. Fighting corruption is key to having an equal and free society. This way of thinking should be adopted here in the US, but without corruption there would be no capitalism and vice versa.

  12. The Chinese will soon be sowing wheat in the morning, and in the evening they will harvest this harvest. Communism is the future of the whole world, or at least of China itself … ))

  13. are those senators corker, flake, mccain and r paul on stage in china , the newest members of chinas communist party?
    these 4 rinos hate america.
    our great president must purge these 4 from the face of the earth. now.
    tomorrow is to late!

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