China announces tightened controls over Hong Kong and Macau

China announces tightened controls over Hong Kong and Macau

after months of increasingly violent
protests in Hong Kong China has decided to make its move strengthening its
control over the Chinese rule city for more on this and other news around the
world let’s go over to our Kim dummy at the News Center the Tamiya walk through
Beijing announced meant conn-young as expected China has invoked and will
enforce a policies to strengthen its a grip over Hong Kong China’s Australian
national news agency reported Tuesday that the Chinese government made the
decision at the fourth a plenary session of the 19th a Communist Party of China
Central Committee held in Beijing last month China makes it clear that Hong
Kong will always be part of China under its one country two systems’
no challenge as threatened said particularly in Hong Kong and Macau will
be accepted by China Beijing added new systems that supplement a basic laws and
constitutions in the districts will be introduced as well as illegal
adjustments to enable autonomy centered on patriotism in addition the district
chief executives will be a fully responsible and obedient to the Chinese
government’s appointment and dismissal systems and structures of special
administrative officers including chief executives will also be revised and
perfected the Chinese Communist Party done stressed the Beijing will exercise
a full control over the special administrative zones in accordance with
the Constitution and basic law in order to boost patriotism in Hong Kong and
Macau and prevent intervention division and destruction due to of foreign forces

6 thoughts on “China announces tightened controls over Hong Kong and Macau

  1. Long overdue. Beneath the surface, Hong Kong to this day remains very much under British and US control. Beijing can't even extradite the CIA and MI6 operatives moving around so freely on Hong Kong soil. Would be nice to see these evil albinos put in their place.

  2. Hong Kong will live on. Chinese can come together and help each other. Like old and young. Be happy to be Chinese. I am from US but from childhood China has always fascinated with it rich culture and beautiful lands. Heritage is important but not to hurt other cultures. China is China. Be kind and let's act like family again 💗

  3. Sorry to disappoint you guys. It's not like what Arirang reported. It's only a re-emphasize. Hong Kong will need to sort out the terrorism crisis themselves.

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