36 thoughts on “Child Predator Social Experiment: Would YOUR KID Take Candy From a Stranger?

  1. These kids are stupid. They say I dont take candy from strangers but when he asks "but do you want it?" Then the kid smiles and says yes!

  2. one time I saw a starter walking up to me I said excuse me move or I will tell my mama and my dad to call the cops boy and I ended up kicking his balls

  3. Once when I was like 7 or something like that at a festival I got lost and some 50 year old approached me asking me if I was lost and I said yes so he told me that he knew where my mom was at and that I should follow him and I said no but he kept insisting, 1 minute later my mom found me and the guy just left without saying anything… I wonder what would of happend if I said Yes and followed him…

  4. Stranger: want some candy


    Stranger: I was selling candy

    Me. And Mom: uhhh Yo No english

  5. It's cute and look so kind but in the same time there's a kind of darkness that we didn't know. This is only a social experiments, can u imagine if this is true? So creepy.

  6. So actually I got some candy from a stranger, I was little and cried in a car cause I didn’t know where my mom was 😂

    Plot twist: She was just buying some stuff.

  7. Do you take candy from strangers??


    Well we have been hanging out and showing you magic tricks so it’s fine

  8. I’ve been scrolling through the comments for ages now, hoping to find one comment saying it’s absolutely incorrect from the parents side to laugh about this terrifying situation.
    It’s even more terrifying that I couldn’t find one – now feeling like I’m the only one thinking like that.

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