Chicano Park Day – Anti-American, La Raza Celebration

Chicano Park Day – Anti-American, La Raza Celebration

The Chicano Movement is a Mexican
nationalist movement which claims the southwestern United States as their
homeland. Chicano Park is a city park in San Diego whose development and
maintenance has cost millions of tax dollars. The only land that we’re going to claim —
we do claim. But the only land that we’re going to claim is this land right here.
And I’m talking about Aztlan. I’m talking about California, Arizona,
Nueva Mexico, Texas. All these lands belong to us. This is our land!
We’re gonna get this land one way or another. And we’re gonna get it someday.
The only way we really going to get it is by unity. That pinche Donald Trump
said that you all a bunch of rapists. And you know what, he’s even talking about people that are citizens. If your mother or father were born in Mexico, he wants to get rid of you, too! He wants to get rid of all of us. Que viva la Raza. Chicano Power. Let’s go and thanks to all of you. esterline sasayama now we only quattro
movimiento por que somos el corazon kumquat row section somos los cuatro
relaciones i somos el pasado presenter is dr. or ms windows hace mucho el lugar
sagrado the land survey los cuatro movement These were mystical sacred dances to the Aztecs. The Chicanos think of the park as the first piece of Aztlan that has been
reconquered. The speaker said that the past is the future and the dances
consecrate this sacred place. This mystical quasi religious goal makes it a
cult movement they believe that they have a divine right to the land. The Chicano fascination with skulls,
hearts, blood and death can be traced back to the time that the Aztecs carried
out human sacrifice in very large numbers. Hearts were extracted and
offered to the gods. Blood was drink and parts of the bodies
were eaten. The skulls were put in racks and displayed as trophies. This is a t-shirt, which portrays an
Aztec warrior who has just beheaded a Spanish Christian and is holding his
head by the hair, the cross hanging from his head. The headless body lies behind
him. You can find perverse messages embedded in these murals, if you know what to look for. Some are very obvious, others
are a little more subtle. The swastika here is of interest because
the Chicano ideology is loosely based on the book by a Mexican Nazi propagandist.
The book is entitled “La Raza Cosmica.” This book by Jose Vasconcelos also
popularized the term “La Raza” for the mestizo race. In this
mural you see a sunset over San Diego Bay, filled with blood.
You know it’s blood, because on other sides of the mural you see a heart
spewing blood into the bay. These are just a couple of examples but there are
many references to violence and revolution in the murals at Chicano Park
in San Diego.

28 thoughts on “Chicano Park Day – Anti-American, La Raza Celebration

  1. At my old college HCC they put up a mural having Aztec and Mayan designs which had like a serpent with skeletons in it or something like that. I spoke out against it at the HCC public meeting much to everyone's shock as I told everyone that images of death are not appropriate for a college educational campus that gets its funding from taxpayer dollars. President was very embarassed hahahah

  2. The ummmm Mexicans do know that their mostly from Europe right lol? Spanish is European and the Spanish cleared out many natives lol

  3. Where the hell are all these crazy communistic communities popping up from?! Freaking hell, new black power movement, BLM, native Americans are on the move, now the Latinos….good lord…if the KKK wanted increase recruitment activity, this is it…crazy

  4. If they like mexico sooo much they can move back. They dont even realize that America did them a favor by allowing them to not live in squalor.

  5. Well it seems that the federal reserve elite convinced these people IRONICALLY to start WW3 which with all the other stuff and people responding to Trump with lies like this Mexican guy in this video flat out saying "Trump wants even Mexican citizens out" when Trump very clearly said "I'm only talking about Illegal immigrants" and also said "not all of them are rapist and murders". Trump even ABBREVIATED the words "NOT ALL" and "ILLEGAL" in a way that even mentally retarded person could comprehend. This guy is putting words in his mouth. Perhaps the Television Celebrities on Magazines told him to do it…..And Yes, apparently these New Age Millenials, New Age Progressives, New Age Anti-Trumps, and these New Age Satan Worshipers actually believe fictional characters, actors, actresses, and their peers on anything and everything in life without any supporting evidence and don't hesitate to listen and obey their masters and those whom follow the same masters.

  6. @tribe Issac hard
    God doess NOT HATE! ! sorry yout CAN'T PICK N CHOOSE what you will when it comes to the BIBLE. GOD IS LOVE! ♡♡♡

  7. AAHAHAHHAHA they dress up like Aztecs but speak a european language Spanish the can't even speak Nahuatl the language of the Aztec

  8. Come on get real, Mexico sucks thats why you dont live there, now you want to claim more land to screw up, and hand over to cartels, Lol, laughable!!

  9. Claims from LULACWHORES LaRaza = 666 hatewhores products of gangs, cartels, mentally ill degenerative, criminal barbarian sperm donors so their putitas can run into the USA for AFDC "no know thy sperm donors" exponentials" from womb to tomb the GOAL which was initiated in Mexico via the WWI COmmunist fleeing there to do just what the 666 aka NUMBERS USA The PLAGUE of the CENTURY is doing. And i might add with the aid of SEDITION via DACA, DREAMWHORES 8 1- 10 generations of heathen breeders …bankrupting…Medicaid from Chain Migration…Mexico's rupture into USA…for their lowest of low w leggeds…

  10. Claiming anything you want to DOES NOT MAKE it…LAW…ignorance kills: all must look in thy mirrorwhores self created! YOU VIOLATED, INSULTED, each and every REAL AMERICAN….and our entire HISTORY: the foundations you VOID as Barbarians at the GATE…NUMBERS USA The Plague Of the CENTURY…from Hell on your return where the DEVIL awaits!


  12. I’m Mexican. I was born in Guadalajara, I live in the US. I believe in social justice and end of segregation, but I HATE this stupid group!

    Aztlan was not in the Southwest but in p.d. Nayarit. None of these fuckers have Aztec blood. If any, it’s 0.00009%.

    If they want to be Aztec/Aztlan: they have to renounce Roman Catholicism, conquer other tribes, kill their children for Tlaloq, sacrifice 20,000 hearts a day for Quetzalcoatl, and adopt sociopathic views.

    Not all Mexicans are brown/mestizo or have Indian blood. These idiots, pseudo-Nazi are founded on pure racism and hate

  13. Primitive peoples and other primates choose their allies based on family tribalism. Modern people choose their allies based on compatible ideology. Do you really want to devolve back into "planet of the apes"?

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