Cheating on my Wife PRANK!

Cheating on my Wife PRANK!

Worst thing you ever did! Red shirt… that can’t be you. It looks just like him. And he acts like
him and everything. No, no, no. Yeah. Excuse me. Hey. Hi, mom. Not just, hey, mom. Come here. Huh? Hang on one second. Hang on Becky. One second. Hey mom. I’ve been watching you. Huh? I’ve been watching you. What are you doing? Who is that? Who is that? What? Who’s what? That girl. Who is that? Oh, no. That’s Becky. Nobody. Nobody that you’re
rubbing her back? She’s just a friend. Yeah. Yeah what? I kept saying, that’s not him. That’s not him. No, it wouldn’t be. Who is this? It’s just a friend. I’m telling you. It’s just a friend. Does Sherry know her? You don’t have to say
anything to Sherry. You wouldn’t. Wouldn’t what? Mess around. What do you mean, mom? You know exactly what I mean. I’m not stupid, and
you’re not either. I know. I know. What’s her name? Hi, babe. Hey. How you doing? Good. Good. How you doing? Good. Good to see you. You got back from LA early. I didn’t think you were
getting back in time. Yeah, no. Traffic was better
than I thought it was going to be so we’re good. Because he texts
me earlier and said he wasn’t going to
be home until 9. Oh. Yeah. I just spotted the car,
and came right over. I also wanted to make
sure that mom knew she was on a hidden video camera prank. I am so mad. I’m so– Oh no. No. You. Here it comes. Here it comes. Mom, don’t you dare. Don’t– Worst thing you ever did. I’d like you to meet Becky. This was Sherry’s idea. Oh, you did say that out loud. To myself, in here. There’s a camera
and a microphone– Almost 18 years with that one. I would never even think
about cheating on her.

100 thoughts on “Cheating on my Wife PRANK!

  1. God bless her man she's so awesome and sweet, god bless your mom and your wife. ( english isn't my first language so tell me if i said something wrong) β€οΈπŸ˜…

  2. 18 years as couple in USA!!!!! wow!!! it's amazing, jack, tell your president to honor you 'the best couple in USA.' unbelievable!!

  3. To have in laws that like you that much. Someone's one's own family on either side…Will try to make family a 4 letter word.

  4. Lol! That was good. I can feel your mom's rage though! I've been married for 27 years. Since I was 17! If my husband pulled this prank on his mom or my mom….wooowieeeee would he be hurt!!!!! Probably Lorena Bobbitted.

  5. Wow, well have watched many of your Pooter videos & I could not stop laughing J … which I have ordered mines as well from your site & hope 2 bring some laughs even with those I know personally & around … I know it is never 2 late 2 get on the boat as long as it still sails & I must say this 1 is a definite keeper … this 1 can make a person go through the several emotions that in2 life at times along with the many joys of laughter … thanks once again 4 these Joys … Keep up the good works … πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Lol that's because nobody would want you to cheat with them. You look like a clown who dresses like a little boy

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