Charlamagne & Trevor Noah Ch2: Reparations, US Politics & How to Be Informed | Emerging Hollywood

Charlamagne & Trevor Noah Ch2: Reparations, US Politics & How to Be Informed | Emerging Hollywood

22 thoughts on “Charlamagne & Trevor Noah Ch2: Reparations, US Politics & How to Be Informed | Emerging Hollywood

  1. As a black man, If they gave us reparations in the form of free education and untaxed land, I would be happy with that.

  2. Beautiful .. 2 Black men from different countries who can sit and speak on the imbalances of racism towards the Black communities. It's a world wide issue consisting of the same result. White race is extremely wealthy off the backs of the Black race. Rules & regulations to target the Black race so that we remain oblivious to WHO they really are and what we are really made of. (divide and conquer tactics) Working hard, love, respect of each other and UNITY is the key!

  3. Word! Affirmative action benefited white women and white veterans more then any demographic. Ppl need to read. Sound bites skew reality.

  4. I think Trevor Noah would make a great president. Love his informative knowledge an his clarity an the ease in witch he tell it in.

  5. So besicaly he Supports Trump I promise you if you look all these people who you think hates Trump they all vote for him I wish some one will pull the Database then they all can be exposed

  6. He is a sell out just listen to what he said about Serena Williams when she shouted at the umpire in the US open

  7. Trevor Noah you're smart just be humble and continue to be lifted. This is the time you have not been politically correct to please the dems and annoy Trump but you went straight ahead to the cause of the matter…..

  8. It takes a forgein black person to enlighten Black Americans of how fucked their mentality and life situation really is.

  9. These guys are so great. It’s so hard living in the South and trying to talk to my fellow whites about reparations and important they are. The black community needs to be reassured that whites understand systemically what happened was pure evil and can never happen again. These guys have given such great language to help us all be better at communicating this policy idea. I hope it happens. I’m going to keep fighting for it. And I won’t vote for any Democrat who doesn’t support it.

  10. This was a good interview. Charlamagne has really come into his own as a reporter. Good questions. I really like Trevor, he is a very balanced individual. I can see why he speaks so well reading 4 and 5 different newspapers a day. He is a brilliant intellectual with a rare gift of taking complicated issues and making them plain. I worry for him operating inside mainstream though. Corporatized media doesn't have a good track record of keeping Blacks around who are unabashed about their thoughts concerning the injustice in this society. They tend to get rid of people like him because he has the ability to "wake up the masses." The last thing this system needs or wants is an awakened mass. I wish these two all the best in their endeavours.

  11. EFF is the best for the future of African in South Africa. I didn't like what Trevor did to Mr. Malema.. is really ridicule.. but I can say Trevor didn't got same life as those black peoples in South Africa. His father is Swiss.. so him could not understand EFF.. is from that moment I don't like Trevor.. you can't even compare Mr Malema to Trump.. Malema is freedom fighters..

  12. America had you Charla wat wat believing there are no smart people from Africa but here you are getting schooled by Trevor. 😂😂😂😂I’ll be damned!!

  13. Trever Noah is not black, is not decended from american slaves, and has no say in this matter other than promoting a ridiculous argument. They want whites to be their slaves, or to murder them as they are doing in his homeland.

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