Chaos Ensues During House Vote on Condemning Trump’s Racist Comment | The Daily Show

Chaos Ensues During House Vote on Condemning Trump’s Racist Comment | The Daily Show

Donald Trump sent out
that infamous tweet telling four minority
Democratic congresswomen to go back
to where they came from. And most people have agreed
the tweet was racist. Firstly, because three
of the congresswomen were born in the U.S. And, secondly,
because the phrase “go back to where you come from”
is literally a racist cliché. Like, I hate it
when people say that to me. Just the other day,
someone was like, “Trevor, when are you going back
to Africa?” And I was like, “Mom,
I live in New York now, okay? We can just FaceTime.” Now, despite the backlash, Trump has doubled down
on his racist tweets. But his fellow Republicans, they’re having a harder time
defending his words. Right? Republicans
like Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader and cover model
of Loose Skin Weekly. Because, you see, McConnell is married to Transportation Secretary
Elaine Chao, who herself is an immigrant. And a journalist asked him
how he would feel if someone told his wife to go back
to where she comes from. (chuckles) Well, the secretary
of transportation came here at age eight, legally, not speaking a word of English, and has realized
the American dream. Okay, that-that’s a weird way
to dodge a question. “Uh, well, thank you
for your question. “I will now read
my wife’s Wikipedia page. Meh. “Um, ‘Elaine Chao,
Early Life and Education.’ Muh.” But that was just the appetizer. The real drama yesterday was
on the floor of Congress, where the Democrats
introduced a resolution to officially condemn
Trump’s words as racist. Right? But then, after Nancy Pelosi
called Trump’s words racist, Republicans in Congress
objected to her words, because, apparently–
this is completely true– there’s a rule in Congress
that says members of Congress,
in the House, on the floor, can’t accuse the president
of racism. You’re not allowed to do it,
even if the president says something racist,
which is insane. Like, Congress couldn’t
even call Trump racist if he walked into the carp–
capital, like, wearing full blackface,
just, like, running and just being like,
“My niggers!” Yeah. Which is probably gonna be
his next State of the Union if he finds this out. So because Nancy Pelosi called
Trump’s racist tweet racist on the House floor, all hell
broke loose, Congress-style. REPORTER: Breaking overnight,
chaos on Capitol Hill. After a raucous debate, a rare move by the House, voting to condemn
President Trump over his attack on four
Democratic congresswomen. Quite a scene here
on the House floor. A raucous fight exposed those deep partisan divides here
on the Hill. The House is not in order. -(overlapping shouting)
-Mr. Speaker. -Mister…
-The gentleman from Georgia. Mr. Speaker,
parliamentary inquiry. -D-Do you think it’s not racist?
-So the gentleman will suspend. -Gentleman will stay…
-Is-is that what you’re saying -right now, Mr. Collins?
-Gentleman will suspend. Mr. Collins. I see nothing
that references anybody’s race. -Okay, hold up, hold up.
-(people groaning) No. Man, what that guy says
is total BS. Like, you can still be racist without actually saying
somebody’s race. We all know this shit. “You people.” “We don’t like
your kind around here.” “Go back
to where you came from.” Either this congressman
is being woefully ignorant, or he’s genuinely clueless, and never knows
when people are shitting on him. Yeah. He’s probably sitting next
to some woman who’s like, “Man, someone needs
to use deodorant.” He’s like, “Who? Who’s that?
Who? Ha, ha. She can’t be talking about me
because she didn’t use my name!” (laughter) So yesterday was total chaos
in the House, right? Then, after about two hours
of arguing, it was decided
that the Republicans were right. According to the rules, you can’t call the president
racist on the House floor. And that’s when Eric Swalwell,
former presidential candidate and woke Ken doll,
stepped up to the plate. We have an opportunity today
to condemn or condone. Birtherism is racist. Saying a Mexican judge
can’t be fair because of his heritage
is racist. Saying immigrants from Mexico
are rapists is racist. And telling four members of
this body to go home is racist. (man shouting indistinctly) WOMAN:
Gentleman will state his… Do you… do you think it’s not
racist to say those things? WOMAN: Gentleman will state
his point of order. Do you think it is not racist? WOMAN: So the gentleman
will suspend. Gentleman… Is that what you’re saying
right now, Mr. Collins? Damn! Eric Swalwell
does not give a (bleep). (laughter) (applause) You see him? (cheers and applause) You know what…
you know what he has? He’s got that “I just
dropped out of the race” swag. That’s what he’s got. Yeah. You know when you’ve just
been fired from your job, yeah, and in that moment,
you don’t think you’ll ever work at another job? That’s what he has. That’s when you’re truly
at your most powerful. Just throwing burger patties
on the floor, putting your mouth
on the soft serve machine, rubbing apple pies on your ass. “You can tell Ronald about this. “You tell Ronald about this! I’m ready to sleep
in jail tonight!” (laughter) It was such a great performance. Some people probably
wanted Swalwell to jump back into the presidential race
after this, but unfortunately,
it’s too late. We already sold his spot
in the graphic for ad space. -Sorry, Eric.
-(laughter) So… this thing was pretty wild
by congressional standards. And it wasn’t just Democrats being called out
for their words. At one point, Congressman
See-No-Racism over here referred to AOC and her squad
as anti-American. And then the Democrats tried
to get him to retract his words. Things got so sidetracked
by people objecting to each other’s objections,
at one point, the guy presiding
over the chamber just decided he’d had enough. So the fight that ensued
over Speaker Pelosi’s comments on the president proved
to be a breaking point for one Democratic lawmaker. Well, we don’t ever,
ever want to pass up, it seems, an opportunity to…
to escalate, and that’s what this is. I’ll dare anybody
to look at any of the footage and see
if there was any unfairness. But unfairness is not enough,
because we want to just fight. I abandon the chair. (audience gasping) Goddamn. Do you know
how much arguing you have to do to get that kind of reaction
out of an old black man, huh? That is a man who has endured
thousands of hours listening to people argue
in barbershops. And I can tell you, not once
has he ripped off his apron, like, “Enough! Maybe Jordan and
LeBron are both great players. Come on, y’all! Come on!” (applause) (applause and cheering) By the way, though,
he probably had to know that there was a chance that
his job could get crazy, right? ‘Cause if they give you a job where you have a giant-ass
hammer when you sign up, you know this shit
isn’t gonna be Wimbledon. But even with those
expectations, he was still like, “(bleep) I’m too too old
for this shit!” So after day four
of Go-Home-gate, we are no closer to Republicans
and Democrats agreeing on how to condemn
Trump’s tweet, which was racist. But the good news is, we’ve all learned something new,
all of us, huh? We’ve learned, in Congress, no one is allowed
to call the president racist. Yes. And who knows? Who knows? Maybe some day in the future,
they’ll write another rule that says, the president
isn’t allowed to be racist.

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  2. I'd do the house democrats a favor by shouting from the balcony, "Trump is a f*cking racist, always has been and always will be, but that's only a small part of what makes Trumpstein a total sh*tbag!!!!

  3. Reporter : So Mitch Mcconnell would you agree or disagree that this comment is racist?
    Mitch : Well the Secretary of Transportation has come at the age o—–
    ( Gets cut off )
    Trebor : wHAt a WeIRd wAY oT doDGe a QuEStiOn

  4. I'm still held up I'm how the f*** it is illegal for a sitting congressperson to call the president a racist! Who the f*** made up that law? And why the f*** has it not been changed yet? It is 2019 oh, what the hell do we have to do people??! Although I will say this it still has been over 30 years and the Equal Rights action still has not been passed for women either! I don't see why more women are not posing that as a question to the candidates this year!! I know somebody tells me they're going to put that in with their president they got my vote! The RIGHT stuff needs to be taken care of!!!

  5. Time for people to stand up and make it count. Stop the evil, Rosa Parks, martin Luther King, Ghandi, do what they would do.

  6. The meaning of any communication is how it is recieved. If it is not what he meant to say, then he should correct himself.
    🗽🇺🇸 Buttigieg – O'Rourke 2020 🗽🇺🇸

  7. this is day to day parliment in india calling people anti national and chaos I find it so funny because I never thought that policymakers in developed countries also behave like indian goons in parliment

  8. Following comment is almost as lengthy as the bible, so tuck in and you can have on this day, your daily bread.

    Now prepare to have your preconceived political notions torn asunder.

    I first noticed this during George W. Bush’s election.

    The Issue is not about facts and logic. Because that’s not how politics nor political beliefs work.

    Rather it’s about emotion.
    Because it’s about engaging the lizard brain.

    Now here is an interesting quote from Newt Gingrich showing the current game plan of the Trumpublicans:

    June 24, 1978, Gingrich
    addressed College republicans at West Georgia College.

    But Gingrich had not come to deliver an academic lecture to the young activists before him—he had come to foment revolution.
    “One of the great problems we have in the Republican Party is that we don’t encourage you to be nasty,” he told the group. “We encourage you to be neat, obedient, and loyal, and faithful, and all those Boy Scout words, which would be great around the campfire but are lousy in politics.”

    For their party to succeed, Gingrich went on, the next generation of Republicans would have to learn to “raise hell,” to stop being so “nice,” to realize that politics was, above all, a cutthroat “war for power”—and to start acting like it.

    1988, gingrich’s plan to conquer Congress via sabotage was well under way.

    Gingrich encouraged them to go after their enemies with catchy, alliterative nicknames—“Daffy Dukakis,” “the loony left”—and schooled them in the art of partisan blood sport. Through gopac, he sent out cassette tapes and memos to Republican candidates across the country who wanted to “speak like Newt,” providing them with carefully honed attack lines and creating, quite literally, a new vocabulary for a generation of conservatives. One memo, titled “Language: A Key Mechanism of Control,” included a list of recommended words to use in describing Democrats: sick, pathetic, lie, anti-flag, traitors, radical, corrupt.

    When Trump first began thinking seriously about running for president, he turned to Gingrich for advice.

    Now we know where Trump gets his grade school taunts and name calling.

    As you simply, easily and naturally discover, Trump engages the lizard brain in his followers and supporters.
    It’s a powerful tactic and if wielded well much damage can be wrought.

    He uses Fear and Anger because these are the most irrational of the human emotions and can cause a normally chill, reasonable and calm person to lose their feckin minds. He can easily mould his supporters minds according to his whims.

    Some say his objective is to cause a civil war. That He wants to see liberals fight conservatives. Because he can sell more MAGA hats and other merch. Including his new open carry red, white and blue Trump45s.

    Trump sent me an email poll about how I feel about socialism so after filling it out, I sent this to him:

    “Drop out of the 2020 re-election.
    Now, Go back to being a tv star.
    Because then you can say and do anything you want and you will make more money.

    Which means more love, and more power.
    You already use twitter like a master so you have an advantage over other tv stars.

    Drop out.

    Now I know what you are saying.
    You feel right now you have more power than you would if you were a tv star.

    That is incorrect because the presidency has many limits including a term limit.
    Whereas you can be a star well into your nineties plus there is more fan fare, more adulation and more love as a tv star.

    I know you will make the right decision and now drop out of the 2020 election.”

    I sent the above to him because every day he only hears from the yes men, those who never disagree with him.

    Now obviously one email sent him is not going to change his mind.

    Now imagine six months or one year from now looking back upon today as the day you decided to take your country back from Trump and the Trumpublicans and feeling really good about it.

    Because you and many like minded friends decided to send emails to Trump encouraging him to drop out of the 2020 election.
    Use his love of money and fame to change his mind. He wants to use the presidency to enrich his fortune so if we can figure ways to help him get rich by not being president, he will drop this "gig" in 2020 and move to something better.

    We can't do this without many other like minded people.
    Now we are talking to you. Can you take back your country from Trump?
    Or will you let things continue to get worse until America is destroyed?
    If you could help Trump drop out of the 2020 election things could be better in many different ways.
    Think about those ways.

    Now you can either ignore this random comment or do something to get Trump to drop out of the 2020 election.

    Now because you watched this video and are now wading through the cesspool of youtube comments you deserve as a gift, a dumb joke.

    A social worker from Ohio who was recently transferred to the mountains of North Georgia, was on the first tour of his new territory when he came upon the tiniest cabin he had ever seen in his life. Intrigued, he went up and knocked on the door. "Anybody home?" he asked. "Yep," came a kid's voice through the door. "Is your father there?" asked the social worker. "Pa? Nope, he left before Ma came in," said the kid. "Well, is your mother there?" persisted the social worker. "'Ma? Nope, she left just before I got here," said the kid. "But what," protested the social worker, "are you never together as a family?" ''Sure, but not here," said the kid through the door. "This is the outhouse."

    Yarp yarp yarp

  9. Can someone please bring up the fact that anytime someone says anything about Israel is anti-Semitic… They always say these are known anti-Semitic tropes. Go back where you came from is a know racist trope.
    This just proves how white Americans truly sees black and brown people.

  10. So telling people who don’t like it here that constantly bash America to go back to where they came from is racist now? Roflmfao I love watching snow ❄️ melt.

  11. These 4 clowns that Trump speaks of, deserve every bit of shit they're getting. They're more anti-American than the terrorists they sympathize with.

  12. Isn't it funny? When you hear those words "go back where you came from" on the streets or wherever else, it's deemed racist but when the words are uttered by the POTUS, it's not. Haa America!

  13. Congress is just a Broadway show that is nothing but theatrics. They do not produce positive change for the greater good of the nation they really just complain too much like misguided children. Our congress does not go to work for us anymore they just wast are time and our tax dollars arguing. The president is full of words not Hope.
    He’s reacting not leading.

  14. As an American i know trumps racist so does the world so what can we do besides plaster his family's gayness all over the net!

  15. All smoke and mirrors with trump, this is what trump does as he collects money from Americans. Trump you are a pig.

  16. Americans think that it is a racist country, take a hard look at European countries that have never had
    a Civil Rights Movement, it's very bad.

  17. Since we can't make Trevor President can we please make Jon Stewart…like IDC if we have to chain him to the chair just do it

  18. He didn’t say anything racist ! Just because you might not agree with what he said doesn’t make it racist you butt hurt liberals !!!!!!

  19. There also a congressional rule that you can't call the president a rapist in was passed Jan 31, 2016, sometime after Trump was sworn in

  20. Silly politicians "where by some unknown mistake" made a heavy name in American political stage the last (40 + years!) and US citizens still, pay them to rule their life with nasty – racism rules against (African American, Mexican American, Filipinos American and goes on!!) Well, these politician will never realize, that their time has come long time now to step down!
    From the most corrupted political system in this life time (pick up the any country you like!!) The own leader of its country, must decline by alone from the any human law, to play (Jesus Christ!!) for the great good of his country, and give no shits what people thinking about his racist comments!!
    I should probably ask, the any oldest (man – woman) on this planet (in this life time!!), when was the last time. (he – she) recalled such racist president – leader of a whole nation where also represent many million of Americans over seas!!
    At least, Donald (president) can give specific definition, to tells us, from which (root of his vocabulary – or Identify the word Racism) basis to his knowledge. His racism came from where?? I find it right, America should live a new era of Civil war (100% pure white Americans vs 100% mix Americans from around the globe!) for few decades because of Donald.
    And in the middle, the (Donald Trump wife, their kids, the trusted people who serves private interest with Trump) In the opposite side, people who wish to see their country unite again, under the same flag and same rules and laws!!

  21. Remember the President married to immigrant woman.
    This show is so biased for democrats and anti Americans.

  22. I dont know if i should be happy or cry because only 1 fucking republican white party member was willing to stand against this form of dark racist hate .

  23. America I the biggest laughing stock…. all the foreigners are laughing at you now, you employed a big fat orange testical as your head man, no sorry boy, no sorry, alien being, no sorry he's not worth being called an animate object…I'll go with the turd.

  24. You know what?Not a single one of us(except Native Americans)belong here. White people sailed from the east and took the land from Native Americans.Then took Africans from Africa and brings them to America. The people who come from other countries come here for better opportunities in life or to escape hardship. We are supposed to be helping those people. Yet,many of us become hypocrites and tell them to go back to their country and say mean things about where they live.Though in reality,we ourselves don't even belong here and many parts of our own country is filled with crime or broken (such as ghettos,projects,school shootings,etc).If those congresswoman are being told to go back to their countries,then we all need to go back to where we first came from.

  25. a person of congress being ignorant? thats never happened. congress people lying. nah never happens ….

  26. doesn't matter if u agree with Nancy calling him out or not…but she was a genius cause now her statement is in the records and he will now go down as 'the racist president' in the history books. Im sure his mum would be so proud of him.

  27. Right, here's the moral lesson. When your Russian hoax fails, pull out the race card. . . . I honestly think that the 'pundits' behind these latenight comics, and the likes of CNN, NYTs and MSNBC, are either consciously deceptive, for the sake of winning power, and of moving us toward some global socialist utopia — which would only end in tyranny — or have been driven mad because we're not playing their little game anymore of 'political correctness'. But the people are not as dumb as they figured.

  28. If everyone's heritage came at play when someone said.. You need to go back to your county. Guess who also needs to leave America. Trump, aka Drumpf from Switzerland.

  29. RACIST……………. NOT !! I am sick of hearing liberals calling EVERYTHING racist. If you blink……racist. If you walk away from a liberal who is speaking…..RACIST !! I disagree with you………………………………………………RACIST !!

  30. Warning, Warning tRumps Windmills are causing Cancer in the US!

    MILLIONS OF American Men women and Children could be Sick or dying!

    To make matters worse those Same "tRump Windmills" have learned to fly (At one of Ole Toxic Donnies Flying schools) and they now are trying to wipe out the Bald Eagle population throughout the US!

    America you need to keep your eyes to the sky, there could be squadrons of these Bald Eagle killing, Cancer causing, flying tRump Windmills coming your way!!!!

    If you don't believe me just ask Acting president tRump as he was the one who told me all about these Bald Eagle killing, Cancer Causing, Flying tRump Windmills!

    Who are now a direct threat to the safety and security of the US!

    And Acting president tRump would never tell a lie! WOULD HE?

  31. All this shows is that people in congress are children. Adults should know better and shouldn't be avoiding the truth of what really happened. How is all this fighting helping? It's not doing anything to help resolve the issue that Donald Trump is an indecent human being.


  33. That is straight Bullcrap. If Obama told a group of Asians to go back to their country, they would have impeached him faster that’s you can say, Sayonara.

  34. Fuck Trump, our presidents might be corrupted but they have the decency to respect the others , that´s a president? I don't want to care about your bullshit but no one has the right, and even more that spoiled brat asshole that never experienced real life in 3d to say something like that, that guy never lived in real life an he as fed dumb things like everything he says : it's dumb, this latino dude says trump is a fucking idiot and anyone who wants to be on his side better be aware that we don't want any blonde cousins leading human kind to a dumb extinction due to combination of stupid genes, Donald trump just wanna fuck his cousins, you go fuck your fuckin copusins until human race is useless racismo is useless, trump is useless, i hope he fucks all his cousins.

  35. So white men are deciding if another white man is racist……🤔hhmmmmm…….wonder what can go wrong here

  36. The wording of that rule seems awfully specific. I'd bring in a little stool – not on the House floor anymore 🙂

  37. Voting the Daily Show out in 20/20 let Trevor go back to his own country and Complain about the politicians there . Trevor Noah is a paid mouth piece and a Coward

  38. Why is there even a rule not to call President racist? There must be some point in history that someone did it and they made the rule. I wonder…

  39. Its funny, yet i want to move to siberia and be alll by myself all the time because i cant take it anymore.
    Whos with me?

  40. Democratic are so fucking stupid the ppl who voted for Trump don’t care that his racist. They need to paint him a unpatriotic, fraudulent, criminal and a trader

  41. Thats America
    A great place in general with a little more free time to have fun little arguments, but at least thats relevant
    Indian politics? Now that shits funny

  42. This is what's wrong with human beings. Were brainwashed in different beliefs.

    This is why i stick to myself. I can't deal with people anymore lol.

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