22 thoughts on “Changing the terminology about climate change to bridge political divide

  1. Questions that climate change nutjobs hate: How much CO2 is emitted by Kilauea, Stromboli, Mauna Loa, and other volcanos on a daily basis? How many hydrothermal vents exist in the oceans? How much heat has been introduced into the oceans by mid-Atlantic and mid-Pacific thermal vents over the past few million years? What gases are being emitted from these vents? What are the quantities of gases being emitted? How long has this been going on? Has the earth been moving closer to the sun? Is the sun getting hotter? Has the temperature of the earth's inner core increased? It may be true that our house is on fire, but humans are not responsible for it. Be sure to watch our informative video "House on fire" @lews

  2. All That Water that Came in Spring

    It came from all the snow in the Midwest and West in the winter.

    Where are all the predictions of droughts. They were washed away. So the "climate change" claim is precipitation. Where is the study of how this compares to the last 150 years? Do it and I bet you don't find anything unsual here.

  3. Media has failed us… THERE ARE LESS THAN 50,000 COAL MINERS! In spite of this fact CBS etc presents this group as a super block of concerned voters!

  4. I haven't heard anyone mentioning the new gas for heating and air conditioning raising the price 150 % after January.A $5000 heat pump will be $15000.If your auto or home air conditioning needs gas it will be 3 times the cost after January 2020.

  5. It's not a belief system. This is something real that is happening to the planet backed by scientific research. The info is available for everyone to READ. Check out the latest IPCC numbers.

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  7. A change gone come alright a REAL CHANGE like it has been said in the Bible. Then all will see his real thunder and WRATH.

  8. more liberal BS. there's absolutely no definitive proof. looks like some liberal "scientists" want some more grant money to research something doesnt exist. like bigfoot. this guy is a nut. i love watching these climate [protesters. a bunch of stupid liberal kids who've been brainwashed by liberal colleges

  9. Let your ego go dont worry be happy work for a better world not a world of ego greed money a lie carbon=possiblity everyone eats carbon= imagination freedom intelligence money a lie fly right thru the sun make it out on the otherside in one peace dont worry about material things when your sorrowded by them imagination dont worry about Possessions you are free be at peace and fruitful and you will be fire proof strong and have all that you want intelligence

  10. The only way to fight climate change is start upping gas prices around the world. $5 today, $10 a gallon next year, $20 a gallon in 5 years, and keep it going up. There are way too many poor people in this world destroying it for everyone else. These roaches drive the dirtiest cars/trucks around. Go to south/central America and there are 2 strokes everywhere belching obnoxious fumes and the haze is ridiculous. And up electricity rates to $2 per kw/hr too. And keep that going up.

  11. Can't predict the path of a hurricane 6 hours ahead but know to the day 12 years from now the tipping point of CO2 will cause an irreversible change. I'll be happy to see renewable energy solutions as they make good economic sense and we have a natural change over from existing tech to another. But ruin our entire economy by forcing inefficient not ready for prime time solutions for a decade or two , I don't think that makes sense.

  12. we are so extinct…the most dangerous Organization on earth "The Republican Party" has turned science illiterates into high priests. the delusional reality will hit us with food insecurity and human habitat loss. GET READY. YOU DESERVE THE REALITY. #ABRUPTCLIMATECHANGE #HUMANHABITLOSS #YOUGETWHATYOUVOTEFOR #DAVIDWALLACEWELLS #THEUNINHABITALEARTH #PLANETARYHOSPICE #6THEXTINCTION #HOLOCENEEXTINCTION #ATMOSPHERICCOMPRESSION #MANAGEDRETREAT

  13. It's all about wording with you people. You'd justify killing an innocent baby if you could only call it a "choice"

  14. Interesting that the rainfall in Maine has increased while my weather man has been whining for years about a drought.

    Also, I love how y'all keep harping on the warming trend in the last 100 years, when the paleontological record shows a warming/cooling trend for at least the past million years. The record clearly shows these warming spikes happen in a matter of decades and then drop back down just as fast, remaining more or less stable for the next 10,000 years or so.
    Additionally, the last warming spike happened during the cave man era, and neanderthals saw it warmer than it is today. In fact each interglacial period has been just a little bit warmer than the last by a small degree, and we haven't even hit the temperatures that fred Flintstone had to deal with!

    The complaint isn't with the language used. The complaint is with the dogmatic tone that science has taken on the subject, rejecting any and all studies that show contrary figures, rewarding climate research that gives the politically approved conclusion a fat pile of grant money, and throwing away scientific method in exchange for the very unscientific "settled science" that's so popular these days. Y'all worshipping science like a religion instead of thinking about stuff critically, and the dudes in lab coats are your priests.

  15. So, climate has changed for billions of years but the cause of climate change is human activity in the past 100 years?

  16. Climate change? So please explain the past civilizations that are gone before the industrial revolution? It's called earth moving, changing and that nothing lasts forever. Maybe buddhism will help you with this. Let me guess, the magnetic pole /field is moving. Is that due to humans? Please stop playing games.

  17. Idiots use Science to deny Science. It's real and we are destroying ourselves. Yeah, so called God's Creatures are blowing it big time. We won't destroy the Earth because that's impossible, but we are destroying our Children's Future and thousands of other species. We are doing this 10 times faster than the Permian Extinction Event.

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