Celebrity Family Feud: Political Edition – SNL

Celebrity Family Feud: Political Edition – SNL

36 thoughts on “Celebrity Family Feud: Political Edition – SNL

  1. Celeb Family Feud: World Leaders Edition. Western leaders (US, Canada, etc.) vs. Eastern leaders (North Korea, China, etc.).

  2. Sorry ass cry baby democraps…SNL is the core of the left, the show is as bias as they whole left racial dividing no fact having group of dumb ass people are…

  3. Margot Robbie is one of those women that I could look at for hours if I'm not careful she is just unbelievably beautiful

  4. Cecily was fucking hilarious in this. LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE hahhahahahaha that Manuel-Miranda guy's a schmuck

  5. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    You ain't fixing put nobody in that cell line you fixing to have me baby sat // if you put a motha fucker in that cell that I know ,the gederal.police and Donald Trump ain't gonna be a ke to help you // i will see you // not Male or female /I'm not your friend bitch /// this is a kid nap homicide / keep it that way

  6. Bernie is on Team Hillary although Hillary rigged the primary against Him? The first fast feud Kellyanne Conway made the same answer that Democrats do.

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