45 thoughts on “CBSE Class 10th – History – The Rise of Nationalism in Europe Part 1 (Hindi)

  1. There are few mistakes.
    There were three estates-
    1. clergy- people related to churches.
    2. nobility – feudal lords
    3.third estate- doctors, engineers, lawyers, peasants and workers.

  2. Bro shudh hindi me btao na meri sst hindi me h..
    To mai bhi kya adhe words hindi me or adhe english me likhunga..


  3. hey divyam bhaiya.. im making a video for students and i need to tell about your channel in it. Is there any youtube claim or any other issue from your side. Pls tell me if any. Thank you

  4. sir apka koi contact number h jisse kch question puch ske . hm v history k teacher h to apka guidance chahye tha sir

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