45 thoughts on “CBC Tries to Declare that Venezuela is Failing Due to Populism, Not Socialism

  1. Socialists saying that socialism is only socialism when it works? Who could've possibly seen this coming?

    Makes me wonder what places they consider under "real" socialism.

  2. Venezuela is failing because of a decades long economic war being waged on it by the US. Only liars, fools and corporate tools claim socialism as the cause of the government failure. Which one is Styx?

  3. Socialism/Communism/Marxism/Maoism, Etc. Etc. will only work if we were a collective mind species(Hive mind) but since we aren't and never will be, it is always doomed to fail. How many 100's of millions does it take to convince these morons that it will never work. 500 million, a billion, 5 billion? The most dangerous ideology ever invented.

  4. There is nothing happening in Venezuela because the Mainstream media has not told me that there is.
    What IS happening is that Trump is bad!
    I know this because the Media told me so.

  5. Communist

    Our Feminist in Chief and his student council couldn’t organize a colouring contest never mind a country.

    World … Favour … keep humiliating us in order to get Canadians to understand that Liberals hate Canada and Canadians …

  6. Have it occurred to anyone that the failure in Venezuela is due to incompetence of Maduro and his administration?

  7. Ha ha ha! Just think all those criminals that fled to Venezuala cause they have no extradision laws!! NICE.

  8. The CBC from a Chinadian's point of view, mine. Chinadians Broadcasting Communism. Have a nice day and just laugh at Justine and Canada. Have a great day Styx.

  9. You should see the level of delusion in the comments of the story. They blame the CIA, capitalism, America as a whole, Trump somehow, and some people are posting dozens of times insisting that socialism is this beautiful thing and populism is what brings you to this. The level of mental retardation required to insist a man who OPENLY CALLS HIS GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST "totally isn't socialist, you guys" is immense.

  10. Communist Broadcasting Corporation is at it again. Wouldn’t expect anything else from Trudeau’s personal propaganda network.

  11. Word on the street jerome corsi is a mossad guy who manipulated public media to get skull & bones bush to win over skull &bones canidate john kerry

  12. HA! Good try, CBC. Lmao! 😂

    Anything at all that even smacks of populism (much less honest anarchy) is an instant & direct threat to the globalist controllers. It makes them think their sick false order may actually get cohered in ways that are good for the people 😀👍

    They are reaching so hard to twist all this to be forced into their social a engineering narrative. Little bundles of money falling off LOL!

  13. Socialism / central planning always fails because it’s really hard for a few people to diversify & price the economy as much as they need to. Free-market capitalism does the job infinitely better, because there are millions of people doing the diversification & pricing. It’s crowdsourcing

  14. just how many FUCKING times are we going to have this argument ? communism does not work socialism does NOT WORK! how many millions died in china under Mao? how many under stalin? and now we have south america repeating it's just rewards under socialism ! You can get by robbing peter to pay paul,until peter shoots paul and tell s everyone else not to touch his stuff ! This is the same type of bull shit about how on average men make more then women,couldn't be men work longer hours,take more skilled jobs,and jobs that have a pretty damn high chance of getting you killed ! Look you lot of panty wearing female wanna be's you want the same income ,then do the same job. There is no way in hell a "gender studies professor" is going to make as much money as an underwater welder. Females want to fight in the front lines then let tem,no mixed units,no reason tho waste mens to save a bunch of butch females. In a mixed combate group you have a female that Might be able to carry 50 pounds more then their gear,how in the hell is she going to haul a 110 kilo male out of a fire fight? the answer is she wont. Here is the biological fact these morons always want to look over : humans are sexually dimorphic. Get the fuck over it,or if your religious take it up with god.Men are Not women,they don't think the same,they don't react to stimuli the same.

  15. I once would have called Swedan,Netherlands and Germany modal countries ,then came the E.U. invasion.

  16. Democrats want the power and control of the country……fast and easy without offering ANYTHING of value to anyone….that is why they are embracing socialism! I saw it in my country….they promise free everything and just like that..! people vote for them. How democrats are going to fulfill those promises? who knows…what we know is that they are angry and desperate!

  17. Maduros power grab and stupid dry humping of socialism has become such a problem that it has made a migrant crisis and is affecting other countries in the region it's clear Maduro is just power hungry at this point and must be deposed and I can guarantee you that it's going to get even worse that there will be another Panama style invasion of the country by either the other countries that are affected by the crisis like Brazil or the u.s. intervening it's self.

  18. It's easy to conflate socialism with populism. Initially, Free Stuff is extremely popular! Venezuela HAD "Other People's Money" due to high crude prices. They expected that to go on forever. Dumbasses!

  19. Dude, same shit from the Australian ABC – it was a show call Foreign Correspondent.
    They start out by saying "populist presidents had blown the country's wealth", they interviewed some Professor in Caracus that said the same thing, and tried to say that this is what Trump was. Idiotic.
    And off course the fukkers have disabled comments. The ABC in Australia are the equivalent of the BBC in the UK. Very leftist.

  20. The nationalised oil company fired all the managers/engineers/ scientists etc. and filled the company with lackeys and useless articles responsible for doing nothing. The couldn't produce oil then for less than they could import oil. This from the shining star socialist utopia of the leftist arseholes. Yes the country with the biggest oil reserves on the planet import oil. As Milton Freedman once said, " put a government in charge of the sahara, and in five years they'd run outta sand". How do leftist believe this socialist horseshit. Honestly, they are so mentally dishonest with themselves

  21. If a socialist economy can be so easily affected by a capitalist system, then one can hardly consider it to be a viable system.

  22. The only reason the Elite hate populism is that populism focuses on helping the little guy. It's literally anti-elite.

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