Catalans Created Everything! The Wacky World Of Catalan Nationalism

Catalans Created Everything! The Wacky World Of Catalan Nationalism

We used to celebrate it for All Saints in Osona and Ripolles. Maybe someone would call me… Get the fuck out of here! Some would call me supremacist but it’s like this: Someone from Gurb should have passed this tradition to Ireland or Scotland and from there to United States. Are you saying that Hallowen…? Yes, the tradition to have a pumpking and put a candle inside. This used to be done in the plains of Vic already in the 17th / 18th century. Do you have evidence about that? Actually it’s been charted. The thing is. The difference. I’m telling you. I mean, is the same troncal tradition that we see in the Celtic culture, and that in here we are so used that we come from Romans and actually this is a transgression. It’s not like that. I mean, our roots Judeo Christian…it came from our ancestors. I mean, our ancestors were pagans. If it was us who discovered America, the logical thing would be for America to speak Catalan. Catalan has never being stop spoken in America. From the South, Central and North. The Ouijote is a book originally written in Catalan. There’s no other nation in the world that has reached a degree of civility as the degree of civility to which the Catalan nation arrived.

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  1. As far as I know, the only thing Catalan created are the little statues of a guy taking a dump during the birth of Jesus.

  2. Catalans are correct. If it weren't for them, the world would not exist. They are the Bogdanoff Brother's chosen people

  3. Thanks Tyler. That's what we Spanish people have to endure every single day. It might seem unbearable, but we have been putting up with this shit for so long that somehow we got used to it. Basically crazy nationalists (who are so opressed by Spain that they've has just overtrown the Spanish Goverment and elected a new Goverment they think weeker, all without letting us vote) say they've invented everything that is good in this world, but we dirty Spaniards plotted to steal all the credit from them, just because we envy them for being such intelligent, hard-working and wealthy people and therefore we hate them and want to destroy them. Seriously, nationalism is a mental illness.

  4. Catalonia existed before Rome, it is an eternal nation. Barcelona was the center of trade and culture for centuries. God blesses Catalonia with gifts on day one that noone else had. Christopher Colombus was really Catalan, "history" tries to say he was an Italian working for Spanish, but they couldn't hide that he was from east of Castille. He was born in Barcelona and had full Catalan blood.

    All other europoors come from their dumb indoaryan people and migrated here from India. This makes all of Europe less than the Great Catalonian nation.

  5. Catalonia discovered America, Australia and they were the first to land in the moon. Oh, Whisky is not scotch, its from catalonia. The sputnik real name is Guardiola.

  6. Gracias Taylor por darte cuenta de la demencial manipulación que en todos los sentidos estamos teniendo que soportar en España por parte de los nazionalistas Catalanes. Por cierto, si quieres investigar un poco su verdadera historia comprobaras que NUNCA han sido un país, que solo eran unos condados sin unión política alguna y que antes de la formación de España como nación, pertenecían a la CORONA DE ARAGON siendo vasallos del Rey de Aragonés. Nunca fueron ni una nación ni tuvieron estado. Hay que decirlo alto y claro, los nacionalistas catalanes son unos MENTIROSOS MANIPULADORES, así que por favor en EEUU no caigais en sus trampas malintencionadas.

    Hitler seguro que era Catalán !!

  7. "You Not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon" Gorkon. []

  8. Yeah catalonians where the only people to light candles in a Holiday
    How far up your own ass do you need to be to believe in this shit

  9. You're talking about Catalonia, but the Pais Vasco they think they created "lifting stones" and the game of "pulling the rope". And when I say "lifting stones" I literally mean "lifting stones". They think nobody else outside their land lift stuff. But seriouslly!! They when want to beleave they created "lifting stones" and are the only ones who do that in the world!!

    Seriouslly!! People may beleave this is a joke. But no! They really beleave they invented the "pulling the rope" game and they think they created the "lifting stones" actions and competitions so they think they are a different culture and want independence.

    Really!! No joke!!

    Oh. And cutting trees. They also think they are the only ones who cut trees with an axe. No joke. I promise.

  10. Im spanish…and only can say "Welcome to the scifi movie called "catalans create all you think"…funny mate…pufff

  11. Thanks Tyler as a spaniard, but also as a catalan, do you have an idea of how hard it is to live in Catalonia nowadays and be listening all those stupid lies? Unbelieveble, right? But believe it or not there are people who believe those lies, and the most surprising is that if you tell them that they aren't true they are OFFENDED. HAHAHAHAHA WHAT A SHAME!

  12. Tayler Éstos fenómenos "paranormales" como el que protagoniza tú vídeo de hoy parecen darse en movimientos sociales con fuertes tendencias hacia una "identidad excluyente colectiva".
    Tanto en el caso de "los catalanes lo inventa todo" y el caso que comentabas de "el pueblo negro lo inventó todo" comparten una raíz que supera toda raza, credo o clase social: El discurso indentitario.
    Pues para ensalzar a un "pueblo" necesariamente debes diferenciarlo de otros, crear un relato histórico que justifique su postura, etc y aquí viene el problema: Si creas un discurso político y es aceptado socialmente, da igual si es "históricamente correcto" o no lo es, por bruta que sea la idea se contrapone a la realidad y es aceptada si favorece su discurso identitario, ya sea por temas raciales, religiosos o políticos (sólo son excusas para manipular el poder).
    ¿No es éste el concepto de postverdad? Ése es el verdadero problema para nuestras sociedades, usan a la gente para alcanzar sus objetivos sin importar si es cierto o no, sin cuartel, a cualquier precio, y en estos casos el precio es la verdad.
    Gracias por tus vídeos y por hacernos reflexionar sobre tantos temas, un saludo.

  13. When I was in faculty a friend and I we were always expecting new theories of Victor Cucurull (main catalan ''alternative history'' professional), it was fun to read such things together. Anyway, this has been a very common trend in Catalonia, at least during last decades. And we may find it crazy or absurd, but many people really believe this short of ''investigations''. What has been going on in Catalonia in all that concerns to History is really worrying: racial theories, the absurd claiming of the hidden (by Spain, according to catalan nationalists) ''catalan heritage'' of many historical characters (just as Cervantes), the statements of Catalonia as an eternal entity even in ancient world, etc etc.

    Anyway, if you want to know more about this way of thinking, I encourage you to investigate more about the concept of ''Popovism''.

    Have a nice day!!!

  14. You probably get this strange "we are the creators of everything" faction from every walk of life. In 1000 years there will probably be people that think everything originated in California.

  15. I am 30 years old. From Barcelona. So I am catalan. Never heard about Mr. CUCURULL or INSTITUT NOVA HISTORIA. I wanna ask you: Who is paying you? In which payroll are you?
    Because this video sucks. We, catalan people, we do not think we created everything. After all, we are just humble and civilized people. I invite you to come to Barcelona and you will see how well we treat people.

  16. Dude…I want to hug you and buy you a drink! I'm spanish, from Valencia (one of the 17 comunities that are in Spain) wich is right at south with catalonia. They want to assimilate Valencia and "Balear Islands" (guess that's the right way to name them xD) in their ficticious "Catalans countrys" (Païssos catalans).
    We have to life with those idiots claiming all kind of lies and making up history every day. It's strenuous.
    They claim they are opressed…but catalonia is in fact the most rich region in Spain (thanks to concessions that past kings and even Franco make to them in detriment of other regions).
    They say that Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (from Alcalá de Henares), San Ignacio de Loyola (from Loyola), Santa Teresa de Jesús (from Ávila)….were all catalans (total lie, they are from other regions of Spain).
    They claim that the first trip of Columbus to America didn't set sail from "Palos de la Frontera" dock in Huelva, nooooo, they claim it did from "Ampurdan" (obviously catalonia)
    They claim Américo Vespuccio (italian dude) was in fact (by invented magic rules of lexic) Aimerich Despuig…… Vespuccio -> Depuccio -> Despuche -> Despuig. Hillarious.
    They claim too to have invented the bank, not the jews or the crussades (la Orden del Temple), nooooo, catalonians did….
    They claim to have make Rome what it's today (not kidding), in Cucurull's own words:
    – "Rome was NOTHING, and Rome wasn't begin to be capital that is today, until the day we catalonians get in"
    – "Catalonia was the most important NATION in the world since the last third of XV century until half of XVI century. Most important nation" LOL
    – "Sirs! We were already in the XI century constituting a Nations Society" hahahahahahhahahahaha
    – "All what Magna Greece was, I mean, the expansion of the classic Greece, all of that is what constituted our "Catalan Empire"" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!
    – "It's not strange neither, that bank was born in Barcelona" ppppppffffffffff hahahahahaha

    They are delirious, they think there is an historical and world wide conspiration against them. Soon they will claim to have invented the fire, the wheel and even the time itself.

  17. and here I was thinking islam understood everything first and is responsible for the modern world. Silly me, it was the catalonians or the jews who were really behind everything.

  18. Hi Tyler, been subbed for some time now, and you make great vids man!
    However, in this case I think you may have been misinformed.
    As a Dutch guy living in Catalonia, I understand it might sound weird hearing Catalans saying things like this, but you have to realize they have been living under a Hispanic dictatorship for a large part of the 20th century, and I can tell you that historic revisionism was one of the great hobbies of the regime back then. Only since the last decade or so Catalans have been recovering some of their past from under the ruins of the Franco dictatorship. Some people clearly go overboard with their claims, but this is not at all the norm as far as I can tell. As I see it, they're just trying to get back a sense of self-worth and historic significance.
    The thing is that the people from Spain get very upset if anyone touches their proud nation in any way at all (you'll probably see by the number of downvotes this comment will get). And who can blame them? They were used to being the center of attention in the media, in literature and in politics, and in many respects they still are.
    I highly recommend you look into this subject and try to find information from non-partisan sources.
    Keep up the good work!

  19. Catalans invented rape murder insest canabalism islam … OH! I see they just took credit for all the good things. Guess we found the population that built the pyramids? They didn't get to the moon first. I'm shocked.

  20. As a catalan i dont feel very proud of my region, it was a good place with very good people, but independentist took the power, that is the fault of spanish goverment an its politic. This been a good region but it can be better without that mesh

  21. You do not seem to know that part of Spain is “Celtic”. Territories in north-central Portugal and nothern center/ west Spain (Galicia, and Asturias) are considered “Celtic nations” due to their culture and history. The east of Spain however ( were is Catalonia) was never celtic. So in fact they were influenced by the culture of other regions of Spain.
    Let me tell you, the catalan nationalists have mastered in “culture appropiation” Their motto seems to be “what is yours is really mine, and what is mine, it is just mine”…
    And what you showed is only the tip of the iceberg, not only they say they invented democracy … they say they originated the whole modern European culture!
    I just hope that maybe one day, by some miracle, they will quit thinking we owe them everything…

  22. Naturally, Christ was born in Sitges and the Virgin was from Barcelona. Lol…….can you emagin…… I live in Mallorca and they say that Saint Theresa of Avila was Catalan….sure you can bet that…..and they don't tell anyone though that if it hadn't been for other people from the mainland working like slaves, Catalunia wouldn't be what it is today. They also backed the civil war and caused hundreds of deaths. Franco saved Spain from communism, by playing with Hitler whom he hated. Franco saved thousands of people from the death trains. But the catalana Who are socialest say the opposite. They want to break up Spain . There's a saying " hide the hand that throws the stone" Catalunya is just that.

  23. In the Celtic part of Spain (Galicia, Asturias, North of Portugal and West of Leon) we celebrated Samahin (Halloween's origin) and have many traditions related to death (like the Santa Compaña) and we do the stuff with the pumpkins in some places. But it would be stupid to say that we in invented Halloween here because it's impossible to say who did it first. It's proven that there was a regular Atlantic trade in the Bronze Age between North-Northwest Spain and the British Isles and that is more than what Catalonia can claim.

  24. All spanish people we pay TV3, Institut Nova Història and those kind of nationalism organism with our taxes… we have a weak central goverment.

  25. Hi Tyler!! This is the result of manipulation and indoctrination in schools and the media in Catalonia since many years… Catalonian Nazionalists know how to inoculate the artificial idea of ​​repression. The reality: the Autonomous Community in Spain that receives more aid from the State under the slogan "España nos roba (Spain stole us)". The lie of El Procés has became a delirious show and has distracted from the poor quality of public services. Catalonian Nazionalists play the role of victim and blame the State for all the calamities due to a terrible managment. Thanks and keep looking for the truth of the situation in Catalonia.

  26. The Catalan nazionalists are the most accurate replica of the nazi party in Germany in the 30´s. Just change Aryan ethnicity for catalan language and change the svastica for the four bars (estelada) and you will have a replica. A common feature is the fanatism and supremacism and the absolute blindness about th eother people’s rights. They have an objective (social engeneering) that is the creation of an imaginary country (Paisos Catalans) which only exists in the pathologic and fanatic mind of these people and the go for it with all consequences. Similar behavious to the nazis.

    Of course the victimism is another feature. If you contradict their fanatism you are an enemy of Catalonia. As Hitlet said of the enemies of the Reich. They cannot send them to the concentration “Kamps” but it is just because they still had not the right scenario. Many of the leaders would not hesitate given the right perspective in time and space.

    This people are the most dangerous supremacists in Europe, especially because the are absolute liers and can twist reality to the extreme provided they get their objectives. Catalan society is currently a broken society after the persistent action of these irresponsible little dictators.

    I am sure it will be the object of study in future university PhDs. The theme is clear: “How can a society become crazy”.

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