Cash Stimulus to Americans! How? Checks? No! Its Crypto!

Cash Stimulus to Americans! How? Checks? No! Its Crypto!

Egggg yolk, what is going on viewers of the
tubbbeeer….if you didn’t mean to click on this channel, don’t step away, because
you just entered the crypto channel, that keeps it wierder, than this bread expert on Conan….you know our hoagie, it’s time
for Chico Crypto! What!? Bitcoin & the cryptomarkets, are taking off!! It was very nice to wake up & see green, over
10 percent gains for almost every coin out there……then pulling out the BTC price
chart for the past 7 days, the price, after getting obliterated in the flash crash…was
up down and all around after throughout last weekend, hitting a low of 4.5k, but since
that Monday low….it has pushed up and pushed up hard. So, I’m sure most of you are happy, as an
increasing price, is usually a good thing for an investor. But, there are those stupid bears, who love
to play with leverage…..and the markets, they turned extremely bearish, with many traders
calling for 3k…shoot even some calling for 1k levels. I tried to explain last week, this is exactly
what was going to happen, the leverage exchange, are once again setting everyone up but in the reverse….…..just go to the data fwiends….datamish,
as we can see over the 24 hour PUMP, bifinex liquidated over 200 BTC on shorts…and Bitmex….they
got nearly 50 million dollars in short liquidations, just in 24 hours. So…’s a leveraged traders game right
now, where Arthur Hayes, CZ Binance, and the other centralized exchange cartel members
are laughing all the way to the bank…. So personally am I bearish or bullish?? Well, that is a complicated matter as I’m
bearish & bullish at the same time. Bearish because I stick by my personal thoughts,
that this market is controlled by some extremely bad people….I mean during the flash crash,
BITMEX proved it was the New york stock exchange of crypto, when they turned on their own circuit
breakers…halting trading on the exchange, most likely due to a death spiral…. Then you have Tether and Bitfinex, who are
also into the leverage game now… which you must know my thoughts on, they could be considered
the federal reserve of crypto, being able to print, when they see fit. This article explains it nicely, Bitcoin Rallies
as Tether Prints Another $60M USDT for the Second Day in a Row…..of which Bitfinex’s
CTO Paulo Ardoino covered and said both of them were for “inventory replinishes”. It’s currently unclear whether this is a
major individual or institution that is requesting more USDT to be issued….or a person at all,
and it me think that this is going to become a recurring thing as global markets continue
their downward spiral…. But that could be bullish, if we have a printer,
saving the markets from total collapse…..does it sound kind of like something BTC was made
to replace….THE USD? Yes, this is what we need to talk about, the
traditional financial system, as BITCOIN and dirty players within it, are starting to mirror
the scum in finance 1.0. But, the reverse is true too, as finance 1.0
is also looking to crypto….. 3 days ago, during the Monday, stock market
madness, something was announced wayyyy out of left field, by Treasury Secretary, Steve
Mnuchin, Snoochin Boochins…announced that he would be appointing, Coinbase’s now former,
Chief Legal Officer, Brian Brooks to Oversee, the US’s national banking system….according
to this bloomberg law acritcle about the appointment, “The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
has appointed Brian Brooks, chief legal officer at cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, as first
deputy comptroller, the agency’s second highest position. Brooks will also serve as the OCC’s chief
operating officer effective April 1….so DAMN BRIAN….you are in & in tigggghttt…. So this is big! And it was posted on r/cryptocrrency….look
at the comments….this is good for Bitcoin,…how come this isn’t getting any attention, sounds
like some pretty deep stuff…well you are correct individual thoughts on reddit….it
needs attention & this is some pretty damn deep stuff… So Brian Brooks, was brought on to Coinbase
back in September of 2018, which from the blog post…”His arrival is part of our
effort to expand our legal, compliance and government affairs capabilities as we head
into this next chapter for the company and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.” Which Brian DID! Within just 1 month of bringing Brian on…Coinbase
launched USDC…their own Digital Dollar. Thus it’s super easy to assume that Brian,
the lawyer, knows all the legal red tape around creating the stable currency USDC, he knows
what to do, he has done it before…. That is why his transfer to the government,
especially leading and overseeing the banking sector is soooo big…They just brought on
the best positioned and qualified person to lead the banking sector laws and regulations
in the government’s transition to a fully digital dollar…… But a digital way to drop money to people,
could be coming sooner than we think. Mnuchin, the one who brought on Brian, was
the one who announced that their administration was looking to send 1000 dollar checks to
every american… Yes they said 2 weeks, which is impossible,
unfeasible, by doing it the old way of just printing 300 million checks, and then
having everyone take them to the bank…if only there was a way to do it digitally….and
you just brought on Brian Brooks? So this, is just too coincidental, Messari
research, just had Brian on, 10 days ago on March 10th, to talk about Coinbase “Law”…well
let’s just hear what Brian said in the beginning of the convo, about what he “previously
has done” So yes, he has previously worked on this type
of stuff, doing away with the old “check” system….direct deposits, finding the banks,
and working out the laws…quickly. And now let’s just replay, what he said
in the beginning…hee is destined for this, and for a long long time. So I’m not saying that it’s going to happen,
but it might just happen, that they could be issuing these direct payments, digitally. But what Brian got legal clarity at Coinbase,
his Digital Dollar, USDC…was a centralized coin, from the release blog post of USDC,
“Each USDC is 100% collateralized by a corresponding USD held in accounts subject to regular public
reporting of reserves.” Which means, the collateral behind USDC, the
dollars, are in centralized accounts. You are trusting basically a bank again with
your money…..ooohhh ok, we are going backwards….So even if Brian, isn’t creating legal clarity
to issues Trump’s and Snoochie Boochies, 1k checks, he is there to create the legal
clarity, for eventually a digital dollar. Just like how China is moving to the digital
Yuan. This isn’t good for privacy since there
will be no cash and thus the gov will be able to 100% trace all money transfers. In my personal opinion, they’re thinking
over 5 years ahead, this won’t happen overnight, but it will happen…and those checks could
possibly be the beginning of the new digital world…is this good for Bitcoin? We will have to find out. Cheers I’ll see you next time!

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  1. ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Intro: We Love Bread!

    01:13 BITCOIN Starts to Surge? The Leverage Game

    02:28 The Data Fwiends…

    02:55 Am I Bearish of Bullish??

    04:05 BTC Mirrors Finance 1.0. The Reverse Is True Too..

    04:30 Steve Mnuchin & US Treasury Hire Former Coinbase Lawyer

    05:35 Brian Brooks Hired At Coinbase! Why?

    06:02 Brian Hired to Help the Government with A Digital Dollar

    06:29 Cash Stimulus to Americans in Crypto? Digital Dollars?

    07:14 Checks? 2 Weeks Is Impossible!

    07:31 Brian Brooks Speaks About Destiny, IRS & Banks, & More..

    09:26 Tying It All Together w/ Brian

    09:59 The Centralization of It All

    10:27 The Digital Dollar Is Coming….

    11:10 Outro

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  2. The virus appears right before the digital yuans reveal. Now I bet you the stimulus checks are a form of CBDC!!!!!!! China u almost had it. Race is on for the digital currency of the world winner takes all. They crippled China for its attempt. Last year of private money! When you buy bitcoin with USDC they will know exactly who owns bitcoin. Buy now before this comes. Last chance for private money…….buy now the shake out will be worth it.

  3. Good for bitcoin? No. And it certainly isn't good for the people either. It is great for the bankers and their ZOG, though.

  4. The War on Cash just begun & by 2025 LATEST (if not much earlier) there will be no more physical cash. No more paper (or plastic as in Canada) bills for currency. No more coins for currency.

    Covid-19 was the accelerator to do what the elites have wanted since 2009 when BTC was unstoppably unleashed into the world.

  5. If they issue USDcoin on mass scale don't send it to your regular wallet. They will now know how much you got by just looking up the receiving address! keep the government and woman out of our pockets!

  6. Hello , Chico. This is URGENT. Would you please highlight a scam that Binance is doing now. I tried to put my stop loss twice yesterday, and the 'Binance's system' did not fill them. I am not sure why. May be that was due to a new spread policy that Binance is doing, or just the system did not recognise the stop loss. I am not sure. The problem is this lead me to a relatively real heavy loss. Is there something in the horizon that these crypto exchanges will be switched into real shares brokerage. In other words, is the institute money is controlling the game with these vague exchanges. One more thing please, which crypto exchange should I be using Please, please, highlight and advise.

  7. Is this good for BTC? Your answer has already been stated by both the IMF and Christine Lagarde and both have stated NO due to it not being green ecologically. This is not to say that there is no use case for BTC, there may very well be but it has no use with the banking sector. As for the system going cashless, it is not going to take years to do so. About the only thing Tyler nailed was the fact that they can and will track every single transaction. You won't even be able to break wind without them knowing about it.

  8. Interesting the $1000 give away kinda like what China did to get unregistered income earner to register they did it through a Chinese New Year gift but everyone had to register through Weechat Pay so now all the wages get paid into Weechat or other previous accounts for the few that had them. So now about 3 yrs later not many use cash or cards just pay with their mobile (trackers) phones, hell even beggars on the street use a bar code. Crazy fucked up world, eh. God help us. Head to the hills and grow our own food I think

  9. Imagine if the Gov had been buying up cheap BTC and sends everyone $1K of BTC and a new wallet address so they have to learn how to use before they can spend. Obviously not happening but it would be amazing.

  10. everyone has these ideas about whats going to happen based on some myths and amplified fears. I'm pretty sure the real world is much more 'regular' and boring than most of us would prefer. No, they are not going to usher in digital currency, but this narrative will be used to build a rush for bitcoin. Narratives are stories, and reality is never what we think it will be. Stay calm, and be smart with your resources. Don't wish or hope, do the work and make it happen for your own goals.

  11. From Chaos, Comes Order
    Let's also not forget the EARN IT Act which is worming it's way through Congress and threatens freedom of speech.

    The premise of the bill is that technology companies have to earn Section 230 protections rather than being granted immunity by default, as the Communications Decency Act has provided for over two decades.

    If the EARN IT Act were passed, tech companies could be held liable if their users posted illegal content.

    When internet companies become liable for what their users post, those companies aggressively moderate speech

  12. Chico i love your content but dont blame the leverage exchanges
    Just because you can't follow the trend with al least 5x leverage and gain at least 10%a week
    After all that's the way we all make money during winter
    Keep up man
    And remember the more the crypto bear market lasts the more we'll be happy !!! GUARANTEED

  13. How the fuck would people spend their "Government Crypto"?!? People around here just started hearing about the internet, think they'll know how to atomic swap and shit?

  14. Can somebody give me the link to the video with the professor and chico talking about Corona as a Bio Weapon.. Cannot find it.

  15. Why haven't you got more subscribers than Datadash. You should have 5 times more subscribers than what he does. Your presentation is entertaining and well-thought-out and your research is second-to-none. Keep up the good work Tyler.

  16. Your youtube content is 10/10. Well done on building an excellent crypto news channel, and thanks for not being a Screwge-McDuck Tyler.

  17. SOS! SOS! What does USA, ITALY, IRAN, and CHINA have in common? 2020 was their year to roll out their own Gold Backed Digital Currency. One other possible but tight lipped gold backed currency competitor, and they have been least effected by the virus. RUSSIA.

  18. god if the US airdrop of 1 trillion $ was to be in USDC I would love to see what would happen to crypto, it would be a tsunami

  19. Man I love your content Chico! With almost every exchange demanding KYC these days, I believe Blocknet will do well next bull run, since a lot of us care about privacy when exchanging assets, thoughts? Pretty cool to be able to profit from this exchange on your own if you run a node. That's my main goal, haha!

  20. He goes "I wanted to figure out what's broken about the financial system." then continues saying we went to the banks and said what if we gave you a million new accounts? He overlooked the banks themselves and saw that ppl cashing their tax return was broken about the financial system? lol Hypocrisy.

  21. Chico! Im trying to find the Video where you talked about the Contagion movie and that plant/bush you mentioned…Anyone know which video that was? I just can’t find it again:/

  22. Of course it is wonderful for bitcoin, this amount of people getting one step closer to bitcoin. Then it will be individual choice to go toward decentralized platforms or not.

  23. Really makes you wonder if 2.0 is any better than what we had …And if BTC and all of crypto are not just another scam of the 1%…Its just too easy to manipulate for the Big boys – laughing at kids who think they will overthrow the system

  24. The govt can just deposit the funds in your bank account. They do this for income tax rebates in Canada. Not that difficult.

  25. Your ten minute videos put a weeks worth of research into the average joes hands, thanks Tyler. Always look forward to seeing your content.

  26. Tyler. I just got an email claiming you be from you offering an investment opportunity and requesting I reply to find out more. I’m certain it’s a scam, but I suspect your subscriber list was hacked. Might be good to let your viewers know about this scam.

  27. I found a link showing the highest performing stocks over the last ten years… Stocks that gained 850% for ten years. Not bad

    BTC has gained 730,00,000% over the past 10 years.

  28. Betting bitcoin halfning happens before markets recover.. could see a flash surge and dump in bitcoin as big money baits the community into thinking that this is the big halfning careful..Big money will be looking to recoup their losses from your FOMO.

  29. Sorry chico but this makes no sense. Every working american has to have a bank account. For the unbanked it would be much better to send them a debit card. because even if you would send usdc to all americans, they couldnt do anythging with it without massive fees.

  30. My theory is it is clearly intended to take the blame for the long overdue collapse (whether designed, naturally occuring, used as a bioweapon or a bioweapon released by accident) of the flawed monetary system and money printing; stocks, bonds, commodities, bullion will continue to to dump (Institutions, then public will follow at lower prices), the dollar will totally surge…..then the criminal elite will time their dump of all their newly pumped $ into devalued silver, Gold, Platinum and Bitcoin on OTC desks, thus further increasing the wealth disparity between them and the serfs who will again follow and buy in as it goes hyperbolic, while a huge percent will be locked out altogether as their money hyperinflates then becomes worthless and no one wants to sell real money for ShitFiat……. delivering the biggest wealth transfer in history.
    I say this as they, (certain perm govt, shaddow gov, monarchies, corporations and oligarchs), will have planned a much bigger scam than last recession when they stole the houses of so many while themselves being bailed out of their own mistakes (through Corporate Socialism from Obama…..while Trump's UBI is actual Scoialism, lol).
    I recon don't get too greedy because timing the bottom will be too difficult and once it is in and the institutions dump, you will be wishing you had just DCA'd your way out of fiat. So convert most of your fiat to real money by May just in case I think.

  31. The central banks have all ready stated btc will not be used by Christine Legard.. The bankers coin XRP will

  32. Probably going to have a phone number and website you can call or log onto to verify your information. You can probably choose direct deposit or have your check mailed to you.

  33. I believe one of the payments if not the first will be digital. What better way for the government to start tracking and seeing what people spend there money on.

  34. Awesome vids. A great fan. One of the best vids in terms of info. Any way to donate LTC for supporting the channel? 🙂

  35. Crypto is still ultimately controlled by institutions though anyway. You still have to go through a bank to access your crypto funds.

  36. Your… Close. it's a new US currency system… we then trash and bankrupt the old system along with the Deep State controlled FED and the EU… Trump is… Brilliant

  37. Cryptocurrency trading and investment is one thing never to neglect, and you were opportune to get into it on time, then you're lucky, but if you're not, there is still hope for you. With bitcoin, where there is potentially a drop as ecperienced lately, it should be seen as a potential to buy.The current correction in reality is long overdue and should be seen as a thing of joy as the dump is very temporal and also provide a unique time to grow your portfolio. Everyone seems to be guessing and getting more confuse about the future. The only constant i can say for sure is that traders are actually earning good returns, while the hodlers are always worried about what the future holds for bitcoin… With the insight, skills and experience of an expert trader like Tyler davies, the sky is the limit. Tyler Davies daily signals are very accurate and always yield a great positive return on investment and he is always available to give a helping hand on email @([email protected]) on how to trade profitably.

  38. Way too soon for them to issue USDC. The far majority of the world has no idea how crypto works. They will do traditional direct deposit and the remainder will have a physical check sent to them. Crypto is still a few years our from going mainstream.

  39. In Italy BANKS are still 100% active, however parliament is not even meeting for discussing the will of the people (in a PARLIAMENTARY REPUBLIC!), the excuse is the word "emergency".

    Democracy is going to disappear, the dictatorship is silently coming.

    Always HODL. #Bitcoin

  40. Destiny is self governed. Sure it would be nice to have a replenisher, but we can't afford to pay for them anymore and their pay must equal that of the worlds. We haven't been paid for 10 years but have continued to pay them till we were broke and that is the only reason they are coming now. We do not want to be bossed around by them. We only want to be our own boss. We must be sure this occurs. And if we pay them anything, we need to track them and they may not have access to our private information because we don't trust them.

  41. We don't need a ruler and that is the point of going crypto, we want anarchy. Go libertarian.They must earn their own money using crypto. Only the best will survive, not both.

  42. Do people not realize going to a digital currency will put us completely under the control of the "evil" oligarchs? Anything digital leave a footprint no privacy and if you don't fall in line they can cut you off. Cash is needed to retain personal soverignty

  43. lol drop the ID2020 Vaccination link to Ethereum Via DIF bomb next video. The NPC's are going to freak over that one Chico.

  44. You folks know that Chico uses Twetch powered by BSV the real Bitcoin. Even Chico knows BSV is Bitcoin! But hey! he's got a crowd with herd mentality to please.


  45. Cryto currency is obviously the way out. It is the future of digital finance and the most reliable way of earning passive income. Although The market is facing downtrends and may be at it's most volatile state it is definitely the most productive form of digital asset investment. Trading in this space requires Professional guidance, I was fortunate to find all the help I needed to succeed in Dr Victor Scholz. He is a seasoned professional who has helped manage my trades over the years and has made me significant amount of profit. tex/whats app,+1 310774233 1..for information about his services.

  46. What do you think about that? An equal distribution amongst Americans of the circulating supply of a newly created electronic currency totally centralized. I am curious about Staking 🏛🎢 early 🐦Now for the value of Gold and Silver when the dust settles, that is my very tough for an upward swing during this reset. The ability to have a Decentralized gateway being built for the physical metals market and 2 of 5 main faucets : Bitcoin and LiteCoin

  47. Perhaps Brian took the post in Coinbase to do research, know your enemy and all that? Maybe not to be trusted? Either way, it might be out of our hands. So back to that question, will this be good for Bitcoin? BTC is a movement – gotta get the word out.

  48. Hi, Atomic Wallet is one of the best crypto currency Wallet to stake , exchange, and store our crypto funds. Please make a video on it to let us know more about it.

  49. Revelation 13:15-18 NASBS
    And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed. [16] And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, [17] and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. [18] Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.

    Consider wisdom.

  50. You NAILED! We were expecting the US to be last to turn to the Digital Dollar, Europe was our 1st pick. We still believe more is to come out of this craziness in the next two weeks. Hint! Hint! EURO

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