Cases for Political Art | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

Cases for Political Art | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

23 thoughts on “Cases for Political Art | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

  1. Ummm…you've got the wrong Georgia there. US states are not allowed to negotiate separate trade agreements. ;^)

  2. I’ve been watching your videos and I want to thank you for helping me wedge some space in my mind for interest in art. And can we get a batch of the hidden rose hoodie in grey pretty please?

  3. The Case Against Political Art in one sentence: if you don't agree with the politics the art becomes instantly irrelevant or pernicious.

  4. The Art Assignment: Book Club Suggestion
    Thesentür: Conscientious Objector to Formalism By Theodore A. Harris
    Thesentür: Conscientious Objector to Formalism is a series of minimal, image and quotation based works that uses poetry to confront mainstream art criticism, art history, to look beneath the surface politics of aesthetics and formalism in a presentation of art that is not self-referential or to put a Black face on the art history of imperialism.Formalism functions as the cosmetics of art criticism like aluminum siding on a slumlord’s property. It is an attempt to disguise what is crumbling beneath the surface politics of its proselytizing church bells,ringing, in the mega church / museums and galleries where there are more Black bodies guarding the white cube then exhibiting in it.What marginalized artist know is that canon formation is a battlefield and critical art is the weapon! In the crossed out words of Basquiat to repel ghosts.

  5. True art is free of all politics, religion etc. The moment you add any kind of ideology, it automatically becomes propoganda.

  6. This was a great video. One thing though: I don't think all art should be considered political. Everything does not need to be about politics. But I loved the video

  7. Pity that they focused so heavily on 'oppression art' which, while a valid and interesting form of political art, is just one type of it.

  8. As a historian I think it is very telling that this video showcases such an unusual diversity of artists, compared to your videos on modernism and other art movements. It speaks to the fact that war and suffering is geographically universal, but also closer to women's and other marginalised group's history and experience.

  9. The Japanese couple and their beautiful work brought me to tears.. Tragedy captured so beautifully

  10. i never leave comments on youtube videos, ever. but this! is amazing. diverse, profoundly interesting…thank you!

  11. "Have you got the idea that war is bad yet?" Depends who you're talking to out here lady. If it's me I'd say, "Yes it's bad" in a heartbeat, because I want my heart to go on beating. If you're asking some powerful war monger like President Bush, or the other WMD chicken hawks with their greedy eyes on Middle East oil plunder. If you're asking some executive from the the massive US militery industrial complex. If the question is aimed at militery men champing at the bit for another fabricated war to justify America's massive military spending… Then those guys would have to say, "War is good for business. Napalm strikes on women and kids and babies and all."

  12. All left-wing. Of course, the right-wing is incapable of making good art. I say that as someone who voted for Trump in my first election.

    Political art is just another form of self-satisfaction, seeing your acceptable beliefs validated and reinforced, knowing that you aren't a toothless, uneducated, inbred, illiterate, parochial, white trash red neck. It's all partisanship.

    It ultimately doesn't matter. If you're white, you either have the option of being the respectable slave constantly prostrating yourself before others, a life of never-ending self-deprecation as your existence is whittled away, or you get to be the subhuman redneck who polishes his guns while he mumbles about the revolution that will never come. All that remains is nihilism.

    It might be for the best if AI removes humanity from the world.

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