CAQ wins big in Quebec! A majority of Canadians have turned their back on Justin Trudeau!

CAQ wins big in Quebec! A majority of Canadians have turned their back on Justin Trudeau!

you don't remember in that first debate in 2015 with Stephen Harper or Thomas Mulcair and Justin the long-haired macdaddy Trudeau and the Mac Daddy ended he made his closing remarks and he stated that you know if you have to be Prime Minister you have to love Canada you have to feel it in your bones you have to feel it in your flesh and all this sort of stuff y'all meant when he said that and everybody mocked him for it well the thing about it is is that people always tell me oh you know not a Trump he's such a horrible person look at what he's doing he's crazy like tell them I mean I sometimes depending on what mood and I'll tell them that I'm outwardly listen I love that ultram I love this man you know if I'm just in a mood to just be chill and have good vibes around me and not in any mood for conversation but I will say to them I'd rather have somebody who loves their country and wraps their themselves around the flag than someone who puts other countries before their own country and that's what the Mac Daddy does Justin Trudeau he has put every other country just about including recently the United States he has put every other country before Canada but that's another topic for another video the thing I want to say is that a majority of Canadians from New Brunswick to Saskatchewan they Quebec Ontario a majority of Canadians have now effective as of yesterday have turned their back on the politics of Justin the longer that Danny Trudeau son of scene they have turned their back on globalism they have turned their back on liberal elitism they've turned their back on putting other countries before their own cut lead the provinces of Canada my majority of them Quebec just last night elected a province first government caq a well yeah I mean I wouldn't say Nationals but regionalist populous too the right government France while ago and the Iranian nation endorsed France on the gladness caq and it was happy Ontario recently elected my man Doug Ford and the ER animation worked hard for Doug Ford Saskatchewan the Saskatchewan party the New Brunswick not only did the New Brunswick now right now it's a minority but that's not a surprise I mean having a conservative and not just conservative a populist government in a place like New Brunswick would be like having that in in Connecticut or Rhode Island you know very one of those establishment northeastern states but New Brunswick did something very interesting yes they elected a majority not a majority they they but they wanted to vote in a Progressive Conservative government but they elected a PC minority government because I'm sure the people who New Brunswick said well you know we like the PCs and all but you know we need to keep them in check because these Eastern PC parties they're very left you know they're almost there pretty much centrist they're not they're not province first the country first thing they kind of act like the Liberals but they call themselves PC so we're gonna put the People's Alliance to keep a check on them which is which is a province first populist government so he's not just conservatives that are be voted in but populous country first province first type of governments that are being elected all over this country but the point I'm making is that a majority of Canadians I've turned their backs on the longer Matt deck if we are smart enough if we are smart which I don't think we are and I'm talking to you conservatives and I'll tell you why but if we're smart then 2019 could be the biggest but whooping that the Mac Daddy has ever received in his life even worse than when his mama gave him a good butt whooping at two years old when he went into the cookie jar I mean this is literally he's gonna be dragged to the woodshed and be porn up with a big their belt until his skin peels off by the people of Canada it could be a massive massive butt whooping I mean if all the people who voted for the caq in Quebec voted for let's say the Conservatives in 2019 if all the people in Ontario who voted for my man Doug Ford and the PCs vote conservative in 2019 if all the people in Manitoba voted for the piece who voted for the PCs back way back when voted conservative in 2019 if all the people in Alberta who plan on voting for the UCP who I'm just gonna say let's just say they're gonna win big I mean that's just that's not that's in the bag but if all of them who plan on voting for Jason Kenney vote for the conservative 20:19 that's a massive huge beautiful landslide against the long hair in maket it would be finished he would never show his face in politics again you wouldn't dare he will go sit on the side of the road and he would start shining shoes and collecting garbage just to make a living providing that his trust month trust fund money hasn't run out yet which I mean how long has his daddy died for he's been to times I mean I'm sure that trust fund money's run out by now but the thing is the only thing that's stopping that the only thing that's stopping it you can't blame the few horns that are still wrapped around the Mac that is finger you can't blame that enough of them there's not enough there are not enough Trudeau supporters for him to win outright they do that enough love you most of the whores that voted from in 2015 have been transformed or there are being mapped by the NDP which is being mapped by the Liberals the NDP is being mapped by the Liberals so I guess you could still say there being that by the true but not directly or they have decided to go with the Conservatives there's not enough Trudeau whores out there it's that's done his it's over for him but the only thing stopping a massive butt skin whooping in the woodshed to the long-haired Mac that it is you stupid foolish dumb conservatives who are splitting up he was sure you would have seen some sign of it in the polls but it and yeah you can see the pool of faith yes they are fake and I agree with you but they're not gonna be that state where he's not going to be even on the radar I mean Trump at least was on the radar brexit was at least on the radar even faith it Goldie who I interviewed which was a great success and everybody loves it let thanking me for even she's on Marita Maxine bring a new party is not even on the damn radar it's gone it's like not even do I mean the libertarians are probably gonna do better than that seem but the thing about it is is that and god bless it too because the better he does the better Trudeau's gonna do I'm just telling you that right now the better Maxine does there's no way he's gonna book but that's the but let me tell you something let me tell you something here I understand and I'm not a fan Andrew Shearer I'm not even a registered conservative I was the one who supported Maxine Berg a when everybody was there telling me how are you supporting another Frenchman vote for this Andrew Shearer he's not French like Maxine Bernie he he looks like my daddy and my granddad my old stock ancestors vote for him this Frenchman Oh even though the French came before the English I don't know no French do you know these shallow reasons not to vote for Maxine maxine because he is the one who is the most populous the most country first but the good ideas i mean i don't agree with him on everything but that's the one who i put first on my battle I'm not a buck kiss or the Conservatives or registered conservative I mean I would get I would dump the Conservatives in a minute but it has to be something lethal for me to say you know what I give up on the Conservatives not gonna happen most of the time you can fix these things internally and I told the Stephen faith gold I told her and she agreed though I think she said yes and other stuff like that but Maxine Bernier should have tried to deal with Andrew Shearer within the conservative party making another party rarely ever works and that is like the last resort that's like when you've tried everything and nothing else is gonna work and you know you're gonna lose just like when Patrick Brown was there and everybody tried everything we tried to get rid of we tried not just said to myself you know what we're gonna lose anyway let Patrick Brown I'm gonna go for true and then Doug Clark came in and dr. Brown was thrown out Doug's working in look what happened you know things usually work out and he would have won even better the Chilean party was on there he runs and a lot of more Scarborough C's so that's the thing making another party is a last resort and Maxie Bernie likes to talk about oh well look what happened in France at McCrone he created a new party but the thing is just France as a different electoral system they have run-off elections so if nobody gets a majority of the vote in the first round the top two go into the second round so it's easier for people to make new parties because people have more faith in voting for new parties because they feel okay you know if this pardon weren't the first time I'll go for something else the second time we only have one one election in Canada so it's read really written it almost never works in America and Canada and England it never works because our electoral system isn't designed for too many different parties it just doesn't work not that work so that's the only thing stopping the ultimate humiliation of the long-haired macdaddy Justin Trudeau son of Satan who I have been dead against from the very very beginning I knew he was gonna be a man I called him a Mac Daddy the moment he set foot on the national scene I pulled it I called it I told you Canadians you didn't have it any better than you did with oper the richest middle class low taxes jobs left right and center and you took it you do it all the way off for this long-haired son of Satan I'm gonna legalize marijuana Matt gallium marijuana isn't even all that legalized yet yes it's legalized but not as legalized beer or cigarettes you try and bring a truckload of marijuana into Canada and see what'll happen to you thank you but and you bring alcohol and it's a totally different thing it's like nothing ever happened so I'm not even legalized yeah y'all didn't even get that fully but the thing I'm trying to make is that a majority of Canadians are sick of Justin the long and magnetic you know Quebec Ontario Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba New Brunswick Nova Scotia that's they still got they late I still got some work to do PID off so that's some work to do Newfoundland I don't know there's gonna be election team in next year we'll see what happens British Columbia I mean you know that all sick a majority of Canadians want to get Justin the long and macdaddy Trudeau and he's not gonna come anywhere close to winning what he did in 2015 and he could be deeply humiliated if only we keep our senses only but if we don't he's gonna win with the few little left behind Trudeau whores that he's got there you know those few little that he's got those few little boys and girls that he's got there who still are hanging on to the mack daddy and are still being pimped up you know those fuel you know they won't they won't win it for him but it's gonna be us the Patriots the majority who want a country first government real Canadian can cannot government we who split up and work together to try and destroy the son of thing instead we're destroying ourselves we're the ones who are gonna make the Maddy win again we should stop fighting with each other we all want the same thing I know and Russia isn't perfect I know and I don't you that do when you all were telling me don't vote for a friend I bow to that but he's what we have now and if you want to do something about it you need to get we need to get him we need to deal with him inside the party internally like what Boris Johnson is doing in the UK you don't see him forming a tea party because he has more sense he's gonna deal with Theresa May internally but if we fight ourselves the majority of Canadians who want change real Canadian patriotic change we find ourselves the mack daddy and his whores are gonna win again and I am Michael Aranda and this is a nation

27 thoughts on “CAQ wins big in Quebec! A majority of Canadians have turned their back on Justin Trudeau!

  1. Groper has got to be sweating now but wait he is probably so stupid he thinks everybody still loves him. Can't wait to see him dragged by the ear to the woodshed! Lol!

  2. Canadians have finally seen the true side of Little Sir Trugrope and they are paying the asshole back for all his treasonous acts.

  3. want to see liberals wiped out completely a pc minority with max as opposition would be good max can keep pc in there place and can work together to put Canada back together

  4. You have NO idea what you are talking about? You have anger issues… Seek help! Relax my friend! Your arguments are all over the reason of argument. Watch yourself? You have no argument except yelling!

  5. Thanks ….there is still hope….ban socialists, liberals and comunist. That crap is not needed. Whant to take care of the people…put up a ministery for humanitan issues in the goverment….but nobody needs political partys of that crap ideology. Get rid of them….the sooner the better. And ….there must be a law that prohibits…these partys….becouse they are not democratic. What sence is in having them….if they always end up as liber + socialism…dictaduras and comunism…really? And we vote for them? We are nuts. Get them disolved….an put them to help people….give them carer jobs or whatever….but not politics. Period.

  6. Trudeau is too busy keeping his head in a money bag that outsiders gave him ,,, his own people is irrelevant ,,

  7. This what he gets for destroying Canadian values and culture by allowing Invaders in the country and when they assault and rape he did nothing he tried to bury the crime,he got what he deserved and hopefully he will be voted out

  8. pretty good rant there eh? I am an American and I don't know everything about your political system up there but I know Trudeau does need a good spanking for what he's done to your beautiful Country. I'm pretty sure Trump could handle that. Wouldn't that be fun to watch?

  9. My husband saw the first commercial ad with Sheer and he asked me who he was!!! And we live in Alberta! BTW! It was a terrible ad, he looks like a smirking chipmunk. We’re doomed!

  10. I still cant believe what Trudeau is trying to do with bill C-71, that has to be stopped. it does absolutely nothing for gang violence.

  11. All of these people immersed in judgement criticiscim forgot GOD's instruction to love one another . Humility Compassion. Love they neighbor. Love GOD

  12. the cpp cant work? we'll make it work… believe, or we fail. andrew shier is simply a different form of the same problem… a globalist shill who wants to keep bringing in immigrants and wash out our heritage.

  13. So we "throw the bums out",what then? Not so long ago we threw the Conservatives out,and before that Liberals,and before that the Conservatives.YouTube has some good videos on a twentieth century Historian named Carol Quigley also may I suggest the author G Edward Griffin .I found both quite accessible,and could direct the Arana Nation on a more productive path.

  14. come this spring there will be no liberal provincial governments left except for bc and some of the maritimes, notley is going down and now manitoba rejects the carbon tax. provinces unite against a tyrant, finally we get to show trudeau what unites us. canada first, we owe the rest of the world nothing.

  15. you're going to make trudeau put on some makeup and cry again… just watch out for his deadly assault eyebrows.

  16. I don't believe the PPC (Canadian Conservative Party) is any different from Trudeau's leadership. Although it is a long story to explain the context on how Andrew Sheer got elected as their leader in the first place, I believe if Maxime Bernier get his new party on shape and at time for the 2019's elections, we will get the change Canadians wants.

  17. Our government opposition has the same agenda as the Libtards, so don't be fooled! If not, why didn't they have him arrested, charged, and tried for treason?! He has done everything possible to gut our country from the inside out, infiltrating it with insurgents rather than refugees! Someone should perform a citizen's arrest on him, the scum! Elections in Canada have been rigged for almost 100 years; there is no such thing as a private ballot, as my own premier told me! Don't be fooled! They're all the same cat's kittens; with different colors and once they get into power, they'll all scratch and bite just as hard or harder than the tiger(s) before them!

  18. We have to take back Canada, kick out the illegal aliens, restore order to our country and vote in Conservatives.

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