Captain Europe (Captain America Parody)

Captain Europe (Captain America Parody)

Can i borrow some money? Captain, you’re injured What? I can’t understand what you’re saying One more time You’re saying you want to go sky diving? we cant, there is a war going on roller blading ? Welcome to Finland Cpt. Norway, we need you Why the fuck is he talking to me? I don’t even know him And why is he sitting so close to me? This is not very funny I’m building some lego.. lego shield Ah, fuck yeah! I’m gonna save the world I’m here to save the world Oh my God! It’s Captain America Stay cool, I’m coo.. I’m cool.. Yo Dawg Hello And welcome to our country This is where you..

100 thoughts on “Captain Europe (Captain America Parody)

  1. Europe has 28 countries … but this video must have been made by some American who thinks that Portugal is a province of Spain. Ridiculous.

  2. В России не капитан Россиия, а генералисимус СССР. Или просто Ленин.:)

  3. 1:12 we don't sound like that… I mean, where are the cool mustaches? And that pizza…damn bro
    Wait, somebody touched my spaghet, be right back

  4. Captain Italy wasn't saying anything coherent in Italian besides "Mangiare" (to eat), "Giorgio" (proper name) and "no no", and the other guy was responding with "Sento solo parole (?)" (I'm just hearing words)
    That somehow makes it funnier

  5. I'm french and I agree a 100% with the Captain French 🙂 or he could have just refuse to go save the world because he is doing a strike 🙂

  6. Why does Nobody mention, that Captain Switzerland speaks German (while they have 4 official languages!!!), But not Captain German?

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