Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism Compared

Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism Compared

I’m Mr. Beat and now I’m gonna say some dirty words Capitalism. Socialism, and Communism Hey, will you stop censoring me? Doppelganger: Oh sorry. Thank you. Now, capitalism, socialism, and communism Steven: woah woah woah watch your language I am offended Anyway, let’s first hear what the critics have to say about capitalism. Piers Morgan: You’re very, very successful a very rich filmmaker among everything else you do In a way, that is capitalism I mean, you’ve got a business Michael Moore: Is it really? Isn’t it in its purest sense? What pure? There’s nothing pure about capitalism. Is it not, though? NonCompete: Unfortunately, over time capitalism has spun wildly out of control transforming rapidly from a force for positive social change into a brutal system of oppression that’s holding humanity back and destroying billions of lives. BadMouse Productions: So how many people in contemporary society let alone capitalism’s long history died due to this economic system? Capitalism is global. and around the world 8 million people die from lack of clean drinking water Roughly another 8 million die from hunger. And on top of that, another 3 million died from vaccine-treatable diseases. Adding in room for error, let’s just take it to a grand total of 20 million deaths per year due to the lack of food, water, and vaccines. Uh-huh, nice. Now let’s hear all the great things people have to say about socialism. Karl Rove: Socialism has failed every place it has been attempted. Greg Gutfield: How many people under 30 and 40 know so little about the legacy of socialism and the suffering it’s caused? Socialism is grim It’s old and it offers you no tomorrow. Joe Rogan: Socialism is going to win. What does that mean and what is socialism? Peter Schiff: Well it could win at the polls. That’s the problem It’s very intoxicating. to people who don’t know any better. Joe: Cause rich people they have too much money. Peter: Yeah The interesting thing about socialism is that no matter how many times it fails people expect it to succeed. Watter: Now let’s look at the facts about socialism, shall we? Venezuela, a rich country blessed with bountiful natural resources is now a hell hole. Tucker: What happened in Venezuela? They call that democratic socialism. but they don’t have toilet paper. and it’s less equal than ever. Glenn Beck: As we’re now seeing in Venezuela all of the promises that the Left told us and we warned against now are shattered People are starving to death. Venezuela, eh? Ok. Ok. Well, what about communism? Prager: Why is communist so much less a term of revulsion than Nazi? Communists killed more than 70 million people in China More than 20 million people in the Soviet Union not including about 5 million Ukrainians. and almost 1 out of every 3 Cambodians. And communists enslaved entire nations. In Russia, Vietnam, China, eastern Europe, North Korea, Cuba, and much of central Asia They ruined the lives of well over a billion people. Stossel: Guevara in the name of communism killed lots of people. He said “We executed many people by firing squad without knowing if they are fully guilty.” Lauren Southern: Why is it that the atrocities of communism are almost completely ignored by our teachers? and dismissed as just a blip in history by most? 100 million people perished under communist dictators in the last century. Alright then Communism. So it appears a lot of people have strong opinions about these three words. But there is confusion about what they mean. These three words have also been weaponized. People often use these three words to attack and marginalize others. People misuse these three words. They conflate them with other words. For example, often people seamlessly interchange communism and totalitarianism, or capitalism and fascism, as if they mean the exact same thing. Dude, you’re mixing an economic system and a political system, for crying out loud. And there’s also this false dichotomy. Tomi: There are some…Democrats mostly…who think socialism should replace capitalism. Do you think that’s ever going to happen? Replace capitalism with socialism? Who the heck is proposing that? Do you think that’s ever gonna happen? You know what? I’m starting to get worked up about this, we need some dictionary definitions dangit. I need a dictionary! Can anybody get me a dictionary please? Thank you. Lydia: Your welcome. Alright, let’s look up the definition of capitalism and put that up on the screen, ok? Capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market Ok, so let’s break this down. First of all, it says “economic system,” meaning a way resources get around and trade stuff. By private or corporate ownership…ok let’s just say private ownership of capital goods. Ok, what are capital goods? Goods used to make other goods. Alright…let’s go on. By investments so basically folks trying to get rich that are determined by private decision, prices, production and distribution of goods determined by competition in a free market….ok let’s simplify that. Folks trying to get rich by competing with each other. Everything else is implied, isn’t it? If you are competing in a free market, there is no government stopping you when trying to make money. You are making decisions on prices, production, and distribution in order to make a profit, and you are competing with others for customers. This is capitalism. Steven: woah woah woah…capitalism? More like late stage capitalism. It will die soon you greedy scum of the earth capitalist pig. All you care about is yourself. Come at me bro. Anyway, capitalism has been around for hundreds of years. By the 1500s it really caught on and there has been no turning back. A word used as an insult lately probably more so than capitalism is the word socialism. Steven: woah woah woah so now you’re a dirty socialist. You know, socialism killed 100 million people, I mean. Venezuela? Hello? Well crap. We’ve got three different definitions in the dictionary, ok? Socialism:
1. a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole. 2. procedure or practice in accordance with this theory. (Ok well we don’t have to go over this definition, do we?) 3. (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles. So first, it’s a theory OR a system. Why is socialism considered a theory and capitalism not? Probably because it’s never been fully practiced. But it is another economic system. But instead of private or corporate ownership we are talking about the community as a whole as the owners. With capitalism, it’s about owning capital goods. But with socialism, it’s about owning the production, distribution, land, everything…and everyone owns that. The community as a whole makes economic decisions, not the individual. Based on that definition, have we ever had that? No, not really, not since farming became a thing at least. Now, that third definition is the historical definition of socialism, and often leads to even more confusion about what socialism actually means. Marxist theory? Yeah, socialism, even though it had origins throughout human history, was first articulated by two dudes named Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Get it? MARXist because it was named after him? To this day, Engels is still mad it’s called Marxism and not Engelism, by the way. Anyway, the two criticized capitalism and said it would eventually be overthrown by a new economic system, aka socialism, and eventually communism. Socialism was just a transition from capitalism to communism. Marx and Engels said socialism would consist of everybody owning the means of production, and that the workers would control and manage it. By the way, Marx is the reason why we even have the terms socialism and communism. Steven: Communism? Don’t even try to talk about communism you un-American Commie. I always knew you were a Red. You probably are a spy for the Soviet Union. aren’t you? Mr. Beat: But I have to give a definition of it to educate the viewer. Steven: You’d HAVE to do a whole lot MORE living in a communist society! Well not necessarily. Ok, so the dictionary says…. communism:
1: a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed 2: a theory advocating elimination of private property Now remember, that’s “communism” with a lowercase c. So pretty similar to socialism, ain’t it? Again, it’s both a system and theory. Again, a theory originally by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Goods are owned in common, meaning, you take what you want and you share everything. And yeah, no private property. Pretty ambitious and unrealistic in this day and age. Have we ever seen communism in practice? Well, we’ve seen it tried, but it failed miserably. It needed totalitarianism, and I don’t think Marx would have been a fan of the Soviet Union or China because he wanted a stateless society. Steven: That’s what a communist WOULD say, you dirty socialist. Anyway, so let’s review, shall we? Capitalism is an economic system in which there’s private ownership of capital goods, and competition in a free market. Socialism is an economic system but also a social and political theory, where the means of production is owned by the community as a whole. This usually means the government has to step in, which is why you hear libertarian-type folks freak out about it. Communism is an economic system but also a social and political theory, where private property is completely gone and we share everything.
Cool? Ok, ok. But here’s the thing. Those three words have been so tainted over the years, and their definitions have morphed and evolved, to a point where they’re almost meaningless, ok? They aren’t always just talking about economics. Karl Marx was talking about a political upheaval just as much as he was talking about an economic one. Which is why it’s better to learn about economic systems in a more accurate away. In reality, when looking at factors of production, or what goes into producing stuff, there are four economic systems. Number one…Traditional economy- customs and traditions guide the factors of production. It’s informal, and there’s usually no currency. Number two…Command economy- It’s top down. A central authority, usually the government, guides the factors of production. There is usually little input from the people. Number three…Market economy- I mean, capitalism in its purest form, basically. Consumers generally guide the factors of production. It’s bottom up. Number four…Mixed economy- A mix of all the other three, man. And guess what? It’s what the majority of the world has. Sometimes the government steps in to try to manage the economy. Sometimes it’s a completely free market. Sometimes it’s even based on traditional values. Steven Crowder: Because there’s a difference between a public good and a commodity. Could you explain the difference between a public good and an economy? Yusef: Well, in economics a public good is a good that I believe is non-excludable and non-rivalrous so…exactly…yeah It’s also important to know the difference between the four categories of goods in economics. It looks like this on a table. So we’ve got rivalrous, meaning if someone consumes a good it prevents someone else from consuming it. It’s zero-sum game. Excludable meaning you can prevent consumers who haven’t paid from accessing it. So on the table here, we’ve got private goods Examples include food, clothing, cars, personal electronics. that are excludable and rivalrous And we’ve got club goods like cinemas, private parks, satellite TV that are excludable and non-rivalrous And then we’ve got Non-Excludable. This column here has the rivalrous, which is common goods. Fish stocks, timber, coals, as examples. and public goods here with the non-excludable, non-rivalrous such as air and national defense. I mean the public goods spot here. Let’s pay close attention to that area. many people do start to freak out and call somebody a socialist when people want to add things to the public goods category…such as healthcare. Is healthcare a public good? That’s a great debate to have, but one for another video, as it’s time to wrap this baby up. So there you have it. the difference between capitalism, socialism, and communism. Steven: Well…I think you’re a fascist, actually. Nope, that’s another video I made. And remember, when folks use those three words, ask them what they mean when they say them, because chances are, their definitions are all over the place. Thanks for watching. A shout out to my my newest Patreon supporter, Soud Alkuwari, who pledged at the George Washington level.Thank you Soud! My next video is actually be released on Saturday, November 24th, as it will be part of a huge collaboration with a bunch of other history Youtubers. You’re gonna like the way it looks. I guarantee it.

100 thoughts on “Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism Compared

  1. Overall this is pretty good, although as a Socialist myself, i do have a few criticisms.
    Feel free to point any criticism towards me as well, i am always open to discussion 🙂

    Communism as in the definition provided by the dictionary, has never been tried. As those states
    who supposedly practised it and failed, fail to even reach the qualification of being socialist.
    Because as you mention socialism has not really been much of a thing since primitive communes,
    therefore it can hardly be argued that they ever attempted to get even close to socialism, let alone communism.

    Even further credence to this fact, is the fact they were even authoritarian in the first place, as communism
    is in it's nature an anti-authoritarian ideology, as evidenced by the introduction on Wikipedia:

    "Communism is the philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology and movement
    whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society,
    which is a socio-economic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production
    and the absence of social classes, money and the state."

    Heck as you say, Marx(and Engels) would not have liked the Soviet system, as evidenced by this sarcastic quote:
    “What a beautiful model of barracks communism! Here you have it all: communal eating, communal sleeping, assessors and offices regulating education, production, consumption,
    in a word, all social activity, and to crown all, Our Committee, anonymous and unknown to anyone, as the supreme dictator. This indeed is the purest anti-authoritarianism…”

    As for socialism being the government just intervening more, i refer you to this quote:
    “State ownership and control is not necessarily socialism. If it were then the army, the police, the judges, and the jailers would all be socialist functionaries…
    The ownership by the state of all the land and materials of labor combined with the cooperative control by the workers of such land and materials, would be socialism.”
    — James Connolly

    i.e one of the key aspects missing from this video, is workers control of the means of production, hence the emphasis
    on the the community as a whole.

    Have a nice day Mr. Beat, and to anyone else who decided to read this.

  2. Thank you for telling people that Karl Marx wanted to use socialism as a stepping stone to communism to me that is all the information you need to know about socialism and why it exists

  3. No one has the right to steal my stuff or hit me. I’ve just described the Non-Aggression Principle. In other words, all human interactions should be voluntary, without violence or coercion.

  4. Socialism never existed!! Communism was number 1. There Always have been a king or some ruler or general who made the orders or control a land/population in history. Which is communist. In the past 200 years capitalism was made to basically stop wars and give the poor a decent chance at a decent life. If not the poor/oppressed would turn on the generals

  5. Socialisim did work……
    IN 1965-1981
    It did work in the Philippines,boosting its economy and making one of the highest GDPs in Asia at the time under Ferdinand Marcos, a socialist and a progressive dictator using martial law in 1972 as a way to build a "New Society".

  6. great video champ, this should be taught in schools, and on every news channel all over the world before any discussion on these issues

  7. Good work one of the only videos that have seen on the subject of communism and capitalism broke it down 4 people who don't live there life studying economics

  8. Mr. Beat do u know you elder great grandfather the great slave owner who owned 500 little people called Master Beat?

  9. There have been primitive communism, when we were hunter gatherers and the Native Americans, as well as some early American colonies. There are more, but they aren't really well known.

  10. Capitalism… blyat! Does not work, so many people end up living off government… food stamps, and section eight living communities…. and then there is Сommunism! Everyone get chance to make a living!

  11. If you look at the countries that are socialists and what has happened in these countries
    Take Cuba and other countries, the people have no say in their country.

  12. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Nobelprize winner:

    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred, they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But without Jews, there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”

    Brutal! Drawings from Gulag:

  13. Socialism and communism are the same process of using the state to plan the economy and they always fail miserably whenever tried. They also only ever function as well as they can siphon money from the capitalist endeavors the state has. There is no working alternative to capitalism. Nothing else works on a large scale.

  14. How many casualities has capitalism made? And continues to make. It's a lot more than communism. If "number of people killed" is the metric, than communism is much better lol

  15. Communism is perceived as bad because most people do not like sharing and like their privacy and private property.

  16. Capitalism is best, purely because its about voluntary trade. Dont like something? Dont buy it. Thats capitalism. As for blaming hunger, lack of water, etc on capitalism is over simplistic. How many of those occur under corrupt dictatorships that are autarky and not capitalist at all.

  17. Racist one-sided video when they the same shit overseas Agent Orange , Atomic bombs, Depleted Uranium ,Drone strikes ,white phosphorus. By Americans.

  18. So baaaasiiically communism and socialism are good in their theory but utterly useless and impossible because humans are just flawed. The best we can do is integrate small sections of socialism into a capitalist society, like social education/healthcare/transportation, and leave it at just that.

    I mean don't get me wrong, communism sounds pretty lit but I could only imagine it working with very few people instead of a country's worth.

  19. By definition Socialism and Communism are both THEORIES of mind that eventually failed in almost every country. Socialism sounds like it wants to grow up and become Capitalism. I try not to think of where failed Capitalism will lead us back too. I guess life itself is the best commodity to own…

  20. We call people socialist when they say that manufactures cant make guns and different types of guns

  21. If health care as a public good is socialist…then the post office and police are also dirty socialist scum……Something to think about Laura Ingram….

  22. Communism is prison. The government controls you. They say everything is owned by the public. Then why were people in communist Russia dying to get out? Did the Soviet Union have an illegal immigration problem? Of course not! The USA has an illegal immigration problem because capitalism is freedom. You work you get the money. People want to be in the USA. Socialism is you work and the government taxes you heavily and gives your money to lazy weed smokers who want free health care.

  23. Good video, but you should have pointed out the distinction between private and personal property. We commies don't want to share underwear, for instance.

  24. You don’t share everything under socialism and communism. There is a difference between private property and personal property. People ain’t sharing a toothbrush

  25. Capitalism works because it enables pensions to make sure that pensioners can pay off some of their debts and can also pay rental fees which helps everyone else to maintain a positive economic course. Utopians disagree, and cite communist and socialist resources to justify a constant flow of chaos, which they think benefits society by creating what they call utopia.In a capitalist society that really wants to be successful,political party members which oppose a public pension system and thus social security must be abolished, unless the social security can be replaced by a more successful payment model. Any self – respecting capitalist thus respects pensioners, thus the disabled, the elderly and so on.An ideal capitalist society is against utopia and therefore supports robust welfare programs on one hand, and banning paying people minimum wages and banning companies from doing things like polluting the environment, using multiculturalism to divide and conquer large masses of populations, supporting basic income and so on. Communism and socialism are utopian while capitalism is against utopia. A utopian society is one where everyone is a slave and everyone has to do what the person in charge says – example 1 – nazi Germany – example 2 – Discovery Communications.It would be effective and have good impact on the economy if capitalists banned Satanists, Antifa and so on from joining the armed forces.Once capitalists stop paying people the welfare they earn society starts to collapse and we have economic chaos and therefore utopia.

  26. Honestly it's so silly both capitalism and socialism are fine. Communism is even fine on a very, VERY small level. I would have zero issue with a town forcing any business therein to be worker owned, to collectively fund a local medical clinic etc. And if people truly want communism, I assume they'd be willing to open a business or set up a practice in a communist city or county. Social programs, when funded locally, tailored for the community needs, watch dogged locally, implemented locally, can work wonderfully. The problem is when you have to send your money to the belly of the beast, you can't watch dog it because it's too big, you can't track the outcome, you can't tailor it to your community's needs, and it's too hard to scrap a program if it proves unsuccessful. And you certainly will have a hell of a time getting any of your local power back once you give it to the Feds.

    Local focus makes people more socially in tune with one another and more responsible. Federal focus makes people less socially interactive, less responsible, more apathetic etc. because they're just cutting a check rather than being a part of the process.

    In short, LESS power to federal government, MORE power to local government. This is America, we have 50 states, more counties, and even more cities and towns; let's see some diversity in governance style and structure and make America interesting, liberated, and overall the most amazing nation on earth.

    Imagine being able to drive and visit, in one day, a community that's totally communist, or a totally free market community, a hyperconsumerism community, a minimalist community, a community where only used and upcycled things are sold, or a community that's like a miniature version of Norway etc. You could have county or state coalitions that share forests or wetlands and share revenue for that program etc.

    Just less federal control, and more local. We need to end the cronyism and the only way to do so is keep it small and keep it local. ✌🏾️

  27. Capitalism with fair taxes is by far the most successful for the community as a whole. Long may it continue.

  28. So capitalism isn't a theory that was created by people of john Locke,adam smith, and davy Ricardo. There's no such thing as a mixed economy. The government stepping in to save capitalism has been happening in America since before Hamilton.

    this was very sloppy presentation of the social theory and how capitalism works

  29. That moment when Lenin says socialism is communism.

    But political theory says otherwise.

    Excuse me what the hec

  30. Capitalism: for the man who is willing to work

    Communism: for the man who is angry people who put more effort in get payed more than he does because he is a farmer

    Socialism : for a lazy person who wants the government to be Robbin hood but instead of preying on the rich they prey on the middle class and up

  31. I disagree with you little chart there because the difference of excludable and non-excludable is an easily blurred line. I can define a good as being in any position with enough of a stipulation including putting air and national defense into the private goods section under personal defense and security.

    probably what you should ask is where is a resource best suited to be treated as. Air and national defense is at lowest cost when the bulk of it is paid for as a collective and without rivalry, the same for roads and general infrastructure (the literal materials that supply common resources) but there are still situations when that should be paid for as a private good such as a need for personal defense and private roads, with Disney parks being an example. this is why the health care problem are so difficult is because you have two basic camps, people who think that 100% of resources should be collectively supplied and those who think 100% of resources should be supplied as a private good.

    the thing that sets of libertarians is that they want as much rivalry to take place as possible, as in accordance with capitalist theories the more rivalry the better market competition is which produces, cheaper more effective goods. there is an issue called regional monopoly that occurs in the US and it is mostly based around utilities like electrical, gas, and water suppply. because of the way many of these resources have been implemented they are set up under a purely socialist system where in there is no rivialrous alternative. if you have ever lived out in the country and hadd only the one internet provider you probably have a feel of what I am taking about.

    as an example of a more common resource, Water. water was up until a few years ago a private or common good but under certain legislation running water like rivers, streams, or bodies of water cannot be used for private or common consumption. sic Obama EPA’s 2015 definition. this has been corrected for another alternative as of recent. the dichotomy of the issue is under-economic terminology externalities, or the effect of what you do has on other people. everything has an external effect, some good, most is seen as bad.

    a lot of purist capitalist theorist have started making a simple check list of when making a collective purchase is appropriate and it needs to meet a few factors:

    >everyone has a need for it.
    if only some or most people need it, then it is best as a separable good and you should only charge people who use the good, if most people need it you can have it as a public utility but you must only charge those who use the good, this is where roads are contested, and is the linchpin of the public road argument.

    >it isn't competitive
    when you apply supply and demand the price remains the same, basically a natural monopoly. some theorist stipulate that for some resources it is an issue of implementation like water and power, but haven't been able to provide a resolution.

    >it is non-excludable
    this is more of a retroactive look, if implementing this thing means people benefit who don't contribute then it is non-excludable. again like competitive, it is sometimes seen as an issue of implementation, in the case of air and national defense the resolution to try to make it rivalrous because of its non-excitability is the pentagon.

  32. I think what would make your videos better is to not chop up your monologue so much. It's a bit jarring and unnatural. Other than that, great video. Thanks for doing it.

  33. What about Botulism? Is that what you get when you take the red pill and realize all 3 "isms" are the same exact fucking thing?

  34. As Chinese myself we learn from the TEXTBOOKS that the party did do bad in the 60s but is now on the right track.

  35. July 20 19 11:21 am SAT 👍
    I Believe In Freedomism Today In America 🇺🇸 🖐✌😃
    Great Video { GV } LW 1964

  36. Goods in the definition is talking about a product or service also pointing to a single failed country is a bad take on what the critics of socialism are saying

  37. Okay, can someone explain what socialism and capitalism are? I’m a kid and I don’t understand..

  38. Great Video, especially on the Mixed economy part (great point) but i want to add something democratic Socialism as an economic system has been implemented to great sucess in Denmark , Norway and Venezuela ( who btw did not fail because of Socialism but because of US sanctions and western intervention in the way it sells oil ).

  39. before anyone even use one of these 3 words, they should have watched this video in full. people are just misusing words, spreading false info everywhere and have meaningless debates on things. ridiculously pathetic.

  40. Why every time I see you, I think of Blue Clues but this video is open on debate. Socialism is a lesser communism but had a welfare state ideologies. Capitalism stem from feudalism which can be Slave Society in what early period of America. Mix economic structures can be beneficial only if its don't overstep its use…

  41. Socialism is impossible without the use or threat of of violence. It must be enforced with the gun. If you advocate for socialism you advocate for the use of violence against the citizenry.

  42. The only way we can have a perfect society is through communism. The only way communism can produce the perfect society is perfect leaders. All we have to do is elect the perfect leader and we’re fine! As long as everyone stops being free thinking or deviates from the ideas of the leader. Or maybe the leader could stop them by burning books andOOOooooh waaait

  43. If you do not clearly know just how many times Socialism And Communism have failed is because they we're not fully communist, Let me explain, So this is how it would have worked IF the Presidents, Or Prime ministers, Or even possibly a Supreme Leader we're not so greedy and actually lead the country the war Karl Marx showed in his book "The Communist Manifesto" Is to not be a total Jackass

  44. The bottom line is some people, mostly conservatives misrepresent what they believe in and put forward a false choice by claiming that all capitalism is good and all socialism is bad. Conservatives also put forward a false premise that self-regulating lassies faire free market based primarily on the laws of supply and demand exist. But the fact is the conservative belief in a "self regulating lassies faire free market" is a totally mythical concept that in reality has never existed except in the imaginations conservatives and libertarians. 

    If you don't think so try to find even one example of a "self-regulating lassies faire free market" that has ever existed in all documented human history. You can't because no such market has ever existed due to one key element conservatives always leave out of all their economic models. That key element is GREED that inevitably leads to corrupt schemes designed to manipulate and game the free market in order to dominate, monopolize and control it for personal gain inevitably at the expense of everyone else participating in the market. At which point the entire concept of a "free market" evaporates like a mirage and what's left is a scene out of Lord of the Flies. Which is why some gov't regulation is required to make sure everyone participating in the market is playing by the same rules so the playing field is level.

    Furthermore when it comes to socialism despite what they say conservatives are also much bigger advocates and recipients of big gov't socialism than liberals. If you don't think so just look at the Federal Budget to see where the most tax payer $ dollars go to the already bloated budgets of the military industrial complex and to pay for perpetual wars based on lies supplied by crony capitalist looting the U.S. Treasury with "no bid" war contracts in the name of National Defense. War a few get rich everyone else PAYS. Mission accomplished!

    Furthermore look at the corrupt Wall St. bankers that first bought off politicians in order to get them to "deregulate" the banks which in turn allowed the banker to engage in fraudulent pump and dump pyramid scheme so massive they bankrupted global markets. Instead of being arrested and sent to jail Bush/Cheney gave them a $28 trillion dollar gov't bailout paid for by the middle class taxpayers whose 401K retirement plans they looted! Socialism for the rich designed by the advocates of free market capitalism who weren't ashamed to stand in line to collect their $ trillion dollar gov't welfare checks.

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