Capitalism for the Profits, Socialism for the Cleanup

Capitalism for the Profits, Socialism for the Cleanup

Anthony sent me a very interesting story
out of North Carolina and the story is about North Carolina
Governor Pat McCrory now remember he’s the guy who campaigned on not doing any abortion-related stuff if he’s elected
governor then he pushed a bill to prevent the teaching love up certain type you are did you to legislate how abortion is
discussed or maybe it was gay marriage I forget now on a social issue when he was called out on hey hold on a
second governor mccurry you campaigned I’m not passing any bills about that he
said I’m not passing any bills about that issue I’m passing education bills that was his
explanation now we have a situation in North
Carolina where we have to do figure out what to do with some call ash
sites around North Carolina and the Attorney General Roy Cooper who
is expected to challenge Pat McCrory for governor in 2016 said
earlier in the day that he’s opposed to allowing Duke Energy to
charge utility customers for the removal ovitz call ash ponds and the chief
executive Duke Energy says that hey I we’re going
to put the cleanup bill for the ash spill in the Dan River but we’re
going to seek to recover those costs from consumers if we’re forced to remove or relocate the coal ash from 14 sites around the state Anthony sum this up
perfectly in his email to me saying David you see how this works capitalism is just fine and dandy for
the profits yet when they’re told to clean up their
mess they want to transfer those costs to the people the company will seek to recover those
costs from consumers what are we saying here they want to
socialize the cleanup costs this is yet another example I’ve capitalist a capital as governor in
this case who is very very anti-communist and a capitalist company who is against
any kind about that regulations state involvement who says well we have a right to all of our profits in
spite of the fact that we have socialized a lot of the
negative side effects of our business but when something goes wrong socialism
we’re all in this together and will run the cost but then we will recoup
them from all OVR consumers its amazing the double standard that
exist in this country with with this socializing over losses but
privatization of profits yeah and if this happens II I don’t know from the Ru up this story I mean coal ash being strewn all over
the place in North Carolina and people living downstream from Amin this whole
thing is just I mean I can’t believe this is happening
I in our country it’s just it’s mind-blowing its face it’s a diff
ridiculous terrible situation that instead of really putting the money into
the development of alternative energy renewable energy we’re still doing all this fossil fuel
stuff it’s bad for the environment that’s that’s layer 1 layer 2 is that we
have a system in place that not only has government subsidies
for a lot of his non-root renewable energy we privatize the profits those stay with the company but then the losses the
mistakes are then we cookin socialized from
consumers it absolutely sickening it is the the epitome up what we point out is
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30 thoughts on “Capitalism for the Profits, Socialism for the Cleanup

  1. Honestly, David, I'm surprised you are still doing environmental videos. I just kinda assumed global warming washed away the east coast.

  2. They created the crap when they worked with the coal, so they can take the clean up costs out of past profits! If not, they should be dissolved as a company and the officers not be allowed to be officers in any other company for at least ten years!

    They made the profit, let them cover all the cost of cleanup!

  3. Fly Ash ponds are huge.  It's called a "pond" but some of them are the size of city blocks and bigger.  It's nasty shit, smells like melted rubber and hot asphalt.

  4. Don't worry, our corporate heroes are working to stop forcing the American tax payer to pay for their clean-up by eliminating environmental agencies and regulations. If a corporation dumps cancer-causing agents into a residential area, the residents of the area have the liberty to pay private corporations to clean up the area and will also have the liberty to not have the toxic waste cleaned up if it happens to be more expensive than the local residents can afford and they'll even have the liberty to relocate! Why should Peter Schiff and John Stossel be forced at gunpoint by liberal fascists to pay for a toxic spill that doesn't affect them?

  5. Easy way to solve this. After they have cleaned up the mess they have caused, revoke their license to operated.

  6. Sorry I am a little confused? The energy company either they "recover" the cost from their shareholders, consumers or the entire public (through the government). Only the last one can be construed as "Socialism for the Cleanup".

  7. Nice to see you're coming along David. Indeed capitalism is a chump's game that benefits only the rich and powerful. Now it's time for you to renounce your capitalist ideology of liberalism and join us true progressives fighting for liberty and equality for all!! Cuz we are the future, truth, freedom and equality can be repressed but never defeated! Popular education is guiding millions out of there ignorance and servitude. It's a great time to a voice, it's just you need to use it correctly.

  8. ultimately people who need to consume a product that is made partially by damaging the environment are the one who should pay the price no? 

  9. Kill the fuckers.  Make them bleed.  If they think they can go unpunished when they hurt people and the people have no legal protection then they have no reason to respect their right to not be harmed.

  10. how can anyone lose against this guy just hey voters he wants you to pay for his screw ups but  if you need food stamps or health care he says no. hell I'm  about to cut my hair put on a suit and run on the platform I'm not that guy.

  11. I don't have a problem with the company saying that they will have to recoup the cost through increasing rates. The US has an issue with properly charging for our current energy because of the externalities that are afforded to the fossil fuel industry. If those externalities were properly priced into the cost of fossil fuels we probably would have switched to renewables 20 years ago.

  12. Even if we had not moved to Danville last fall, I would still be with you 100%.  So keep plugging.  You're not even putting a dent in the brainwashing these clowns have firmly rooted in their little brains.  Cause, Ya Know Vut?  Uh-uh.  No, you see people here don't care.  These conservative will never see capitalism as anything but good.  It will kick their teeth out and they'll just say, "Hey, we deserved it.  Long live capitalism and the American Way of Life!"  Third time today I say it:  We are getting what we deserve.  Are we that stupid?  You bet we are.  And the penalty is death.

  13. The state should take over the clean up. Send the owners of the coal company to a gulog. Then the union guys, then the homeless,retarded,and jews to the gas chamber. Then the teachers, then the students, then people who wear glasses. No need to invent the wheel, just follow north korea's anti-capitalism lead. Long live the dear leader where everyone is equal and some are more equal. Socialism always leads to despotism.

  14. Were I king, and I found out that some irresponsible man was polluting my (and since I am the king, the front of the public, by extension OUR) rivers on an industrial scale, I would:
    Unfortunately I am not king, and no-one is ever punished for ruining our wondrous world.

  15. I completely agree.
    But MCC is still a lie but it yields other benefits for humanity.
    But a lie is still a lie.
    It is sad to know that humanity needs lies to find motivation to take care of the environment.

  16. Part of capitalism business expenses is clean up. Yes, companies pass that expense onto the consumer. Now, unless you show that this company is having the government or somehow getting money from non-customers this is not socialism, it is the way capitalism is done. I try to come to more educated people on the internet for a better view of the news. However, if you are going to be as bad as faux news or msnbc perhaps i will find some other channel. There is a problem here with how the power industry continues to rely on coal and other problematic methods to get energy.

  17. If we really wanted energy independence, we should nationalize all energy companies. That way we the people get to decide what to do with that energy. 

  18. Capitalism holds back progress as well. For the most part companies only think short-term, instead of looking into the future. We'd already being using Cold Fusion technology if they invested their money into research and development instead of lobbying the Government.

  19.  Health care is another example of privatizing profits & socializing costs.  Private companies insure those under 65 who get sick infrequently making $$$$.  Once profits are made the state cares for those over 65 where the cost are high, costing tax payers $$$$.  

  20. Environmental economics offers the policy solution: an annual tax on land holdings equal to the full potential annual rental value of those holdings, exempting whatever improvements are made by the land owner. When applied to across-the-board to all land holdings this has a dramatic effect on the behavior of land owners. The opportunity to pollute without cost disappears.

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