32 thoughts on “CAPITAL SUPREMACY MAPS in 4K | Star Wars Battlefront II Cinematic

  1. Too bad the ships are pretty much the same. They could have done a banking clan frigate against an acclamator

  2. It's shots of Geonosis like this that make me want a Droid Factory map. Plenty of environmental hazards, loud, metallic clanging, machinery grinding as the music swells, and plenty of verticality. It'd be a dream map for Rocket Troops, or a nightmare for the unskilled…

  3. Is there currently still a way to run cinematic tools in Battlefront 2? The latest tool seems to crash the game on loading.

  4. These shots should be the multiplayer loading screens for the game. The live backgrounds would give the game a more immersive feeling when you’re choosing your soldier type.

  5. coruscant would look soo fucing amazing. the city at night? with all the lights? jesuss…im hyped for how felucia will look <3

  6. This is how far Battlefront 2 have come. Congrats Dice on making a fun and immersive game for Star Wars fans all over the world. And thanks Cinematic Captures for this beautiful video.

  7. I definitely like this soundtrack from episode 3, when Obi-wan leaves Coruscant. Thanks for so atmospheric video:)

  8. One of the most cinematic games I’ve ever played! This game is such an immersive experience that puts you right in to the Star Wars universe. The locations, the sounds, the characters, the explosions, the vehicles, the chaos, everything goes so well together to make the experience so immersive. Well done Dice, well done👏👏👏👏 And also, great video as always!

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