32 thoughts on “Capital STEEZ – DOGGYBAG

  1. [Produced by Tommy Mas]

    [Verse 1: Capital STEEZ]
    I said it's hard to fall off, when you're coming in first
    And your mind is at one with the earth
    Chubby nigga so I told 'em that my tummy was hurtin'
    And then they found out I had a chopper under my shirt [uhh]
    I'm not a star, somebody lied
    But if you make another move, I'll turn this bitch into Columbine
    Shit, I'm going off, bomb threat
    And the rest get cut short, like a prom dress
    A.D.D. got me feelin' so accomplished, you novice
    I could make you one of my accomplices
    Ride shotty through Gotham like Robin did
    Just don't touch the gauntlets, kid
    Cult classic, fuck a four five
    Not I, I'd rather be up on cloud nine
    The new ninth wonder, Superfly Snuka of this rap shit
    I'm flyer than a suicide jumper
    And I went and boosted my confidence, from hard rock to hard knock, left the block in astonishment
    Any pro tune, I'mma just have to just body it
    That's for kamikazes in Nagasaki in opposite
    Can't send a boy to do a man's job, 'cause a Tonka Truck's a Tonka Truck, doesn't matter the body kit
    And any way that you cut it, I'm still monstrous, hey dude, he's in grade school, so play cool

    [Verse 2]
    Made fools of Einsteins and wise guys
    Since high school, my IQ's been sky high
    Living savant when I'm spittin' these bars
    Spittin' as hard as I spit it you would injure your jaw
    Dog, just to say the least of it, you tryna take over, I ethered it with my weaker shit
    Man, I swear since day one they couldn't kick it with the styles that I kick it, since I always been a sneaker pimp
    I copped my first Jedi's and De La's at half price, sold them for double, and now I stay fly
    Stylin' on 'em since I was standing about 'Ye high, STEEZ been soaring, all you cats do is hang glide
    Any questions, answered, AI
    Your shit is irrelevant, ever since I started out the smartest kids weren't gettin' it
    Questionin' how to get up on this level of excellence
    I just tell 'em its natural and they started respectin' it
    But, since then, I've been giving them trouble
    You couldn't find my logic even if you was Hubble
    I mean, J-Steez been sick with this diction
    I learned half these words in 5th grade detention
    A problem child in the smartest class
    Got 'em mad since they heard a prophet in my sonogram
    If you ain't heard about it, you should probably ask
    Its toetags and bodybags
    And then we throw the scraps in the doggybags

  2. https://soundcloud.com/vengifted/capital-steez-doggybagg-vg any feedback anyone has is hella ppreciated, RIP the greatest to ever do it

  3. Its like listening to a god especially now that he's passed, truly amazing how nice he was and how his legacy will always live on. 47 shit. RIP King Steelo

  4. Why focus on the fact that he is dead? R.i.p steez. He wouldn't want that to be the only thing talked about, he'd want to see the rap game blow up even more so than it already is. So pick yo fucking pencils up and keep yo fucking mouth shut❗

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